Amazon Error Code 1060? Here’s How to Get Rid of It

amazon prime error code 1060

Amazon Prime error code 1060 is a common error that a lot of Amazon Prime users are facing recently. Amazon Prime Video users are complaining that they are suddenly unable to stream and download video content. This error code that is shown on their screens is 1060. This issue is seen recently across many devices including PC, Android, Blu-Ray Players, and a wide section of Smart TVs. The first thing you should do when you come across Amazon Prime error code 1060, is check your Internet connection. 

What is error code 1060 on Amazon Prime Video you ask? It is an error that is caused by unstable internet connectivity. Most of these issues can be resolved either by rebooting or resetting your Modem and Router. 

There are chances that your ISP isn’t able to handle enough Bandwidth to support HD streaming. So what does Error code 1060 mean on Amazon Prime Video? That you either need to change your internet service provider or you need to upgrade your current internet plan. Or you can get a WiFi expander if your signal is weak and you can’t access WiFi in all corners of your home. 

One more thing that you should keep in mind, If you are using a VPN or proxy service, Amazon Prime will end up blocking it So if you are using any VPN or Proxy service then you should disable the service is you don’t want to run into Amazon Video error code 1060 over and over again. Here are all the ways you can Get rid of Amazon Prime Error code 1060.

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Method 1: Reboot or Restart Your Router

One of the main reasons for the Amazon video Error code 1060 is network fluctuations. If that’s the reason for your error then you can solve the problem by rebooting or resetting your Modem and router. So if you don’t wish to lose any previously set settings of your network then just do a network reboot. If that doesn’t solve your error then reset your device.

Doing a network reboot will not cause you any change in your network credentials and it will definitely not override any custom settings you have set up already. To reboot your Router, you have to use the Power button once to turn off your router. Wait 30 seconds and press the button once again, this will make sure the power capacitors are drained.

Once you are connected to your Router again, try to stream Amazon Prime Video on the device that showed you the error code. If you can stream then it’s all well and good but if you can’t then you have to reset your router. 

To perform a Reset on your router, you have to use a sharp object like a needle. You have to press and hold the Router button for a minimum of 30 seconds. Keep on pressing until you see all the LED lights flashing at the same time.

Method 2: Use an Ethernet Cord

If you love to stream then you should know that Amazon Prime Video is the most Bandwidth seeking streaming service (especially on Smart TVs). Amazon Prime Video tries to play every video on HD even on the connection that has limited bandwidth. Amazon Video error code 1060 is most common on Smart TVs if you are connected to a WiFi with limited strength. As stated above, Amazon Prime error code 1060 occurs due to unstable internet connection or slow internet connection.

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If you are trying to stream content in HD then we suggest you switch to wired internet connection instead of WiFi network. If your smart TV doesn’t come with an Ethernet port then you should get a WiFi Expander to strengthen your Wireless connection.

Method 3: Check to See If You Meet Minimum Speed Requirement

According to Amazon Prime, You need at least 900 KBPS to stream content, but that speed limit only applies to small devices. If you are trying to stream content on Computers or smart TV with that speed then chances are that you will come across Amazon Video error code 1060. What does error code 1060 mean on Amazon Prime when you try to stream content on Smart TV. 

It means that you need a better internet connection. The ideal speed required to stream content on Smart TV and other big screens is 3.5 MBPS minimum. If you are trying to stream in HD 1080P then you might need even more speed.

Fortunately, you can check if you meet the requirement of minimum speed or not. You can test this theory by running a simple speed test online. If your speed is lower than required then you should upgrade your plan.

Method 4: Disable VPN if Active

Just like any other streaming service, Amazon Prime Video doesn’t allow the use of VPN for streaming content. If you are getting Amazon error Code 1060 every single time you try to stream content while connected to VPN.

The simple way to get out of that trouble is to disable our VPN and enjoy streaming on Amazon Prime Video without Amazon Video error code 1060.

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