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Sprint Cell-Phone Plans

Sprint is one of the top 4 providers in the mobile industry but it mostly acts as a budget carrier. The company’s prices are lower than other major players. Sprint mobile offers free international coverage, and its phone deals come with a contract.

With all the good that Sprint has to offer, there is some bad stuff too. Sprint’s coverage map shows some holes. Sprint’s internet plans aren’t exactly perfect for rural areas. Hopefully, the coverage issues will be solved with the Sprint/T-Mobile merger.

Pros and Cons of Sprint Cell-Phone Plans

Pros Cons
Cheaper plans than other cell phone providers Lower streaming and gaming quality on cheaper plans.
Tons of unthrottled data Less than optimal rural coverage

Sprint Unlimited Plans

Sprint unlimited plans are basically a buffet of texts, calls, and data for one simple-affordable price. One of the best things about Sprint is the price for its plans, you can get unlimited text and data with almost every plan. If you live in a good Sprint serviced area then it’s a great way to get a premium plan under the average plan price.

Sprint plan structure is simple, pretty much every single plan that the company has to offer comes with unlimited text, calls, and data. The more expensive plans offer better streaming, gaming & hotspot data.

Plan Per Line Cost Hotspot Data
Sprint Unlimited Basic Plan $60/mo 500 MB
Sprint Unlimited Plus Plan $70/mo 50 GB
Sprint Unlimited Premium Plan $80/mo 100 GB

As Sprint claims itself as one of the cheapest cell-phone plan providers, you can compare it to find out the truth. Before you get too excited, remember that the cheap price comes at a great cost, in Sprint’s case, that is spotty service. If you live in a huge metropolitan area then you can save money and get great service. Rural residents however might want to consider any of the other major providers.

Sprint Family Plans

Unlimited data for your whole family sounds great in every way. That is exactly what Sprint offers in its family plans. Out of all the major cell phone providers, Sprint offers the cheapest family plans.  

Even Sprint’s cheapest family plan comes with unlimited data. After 50GB, that data may be throttled but that should be more than enough for everyone in the family to stream music as much as they want. If you opt for a more expensive plan like the “unlimited premium plan”, then you’ll get 100 GB of shared data before you see any slowdowns.  

Sprint Family Plan Pros

  • Great price points
  • Tons of data
  • Nice perks with plans

Sprint Family Plan Cons

  • Poor coverage in rural areas and some cities

Get Sprint Unlimited Family Plans Today Affordable plans for the whole family

What Makes Sprint Cell-Phone Plans Great?

Sprint internet plans can be good, but what makes them great? Here are all the reasons you should choose Sprint mobile unlimited plans.

  • International Coverage:  Sprint’s coverage in rural Utah might not be that good, but if you head towards Spain, you’ll get incredible coverage. Even with the Sprint cheapest mobile plans, you get free texting and data use in most countries. Unfortunately, you’ll get only 2G speeds. However, you will still have to pay for the voice calls, unless you’re roaming Canada and Mexico. 
  • Discounts for Everyone:  While it isn’t exactly discounted for everyone, but Sprint does offer discounts to seniors, military service members (active and veterans), AAA members, AAdvantage members, credit union members, and Walgreens Rewards members
  • Free Hulu, Tidal, and Amazon Prime:  All the Sprint unlimited mobile plans come with a Hulu Limited Commercials plan that costs around $5.99/mo. The unlimited plus plan also gives you a free Tidal music account and a 50 GB LTE hotspot. Get the Unlimited Premium plan and you’ll get Hulu, Tidal, Lookout (mobile security service), and Amazon Prime, and 100 GB hotspot data. 

If these perks aren’t enough to shift your mind towards Sprint mobile unlimited plans then nothing else can.

Sprint Cell Phones and Devices Deals

Can’t download the latest version of your favorite game on your current device? Sprint cell phone deals can help you upgrade. You’ll find also all the top brands and phones including iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, and Google Pixel. Visit the Sprint official website for all the upgrade offers.

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