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Get all kinds of high-speed internet with Broadband internet service providers. Speeds ranging from 5 MBPS to 2000 MBPS.

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Broadband Internet cable is spread all over the USA. No matter where you live, you can get access to internet broadband WiFi Service.

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What is Broadband Internet?

Broadband internet service is a broad term referring to an internet connection that is always on. If you are part of the generation that has seen the internet crawl to become what it is today. Then you must already know that the early technology of the internet could be turned off with ease.

Today, services like at&t broadband internet & spectrum broadband internet are always turned on unless you plug out the router. Basically, any kind of WiFi service that you are using today can be considered as a broadband internet service. Best broadband provider offer speeds that can reach up to 2000 MBPS.

what is broadband internet service
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Best Broadband Internet In My Area

We're sure now you must be asking yourself "Which is the Best broadband internet in my area?" There are roughly 3000 internet broadband WiFi service providers in the USA. So chances are your area will have 5 or more than 5 ISP. That's where we come in.

ClubHDTV is one of the leading internet experts in the market and we help people find the ideal internet plans and packages based on their needs. Our team comprises of internet enthusiasts who love everything that comes along with internet services. We filter through thousands of rows of data every day and help you find the perfect internet service provider at just the right cost.

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Types of Broadband Internet Service

Broadband internet is of several types. As a user how do you differentiate between a broadband internet service and an internet service that is not considered as Broadband? The simple difference is internet speed offered by a connection.

According to FCC (Federal Communication Commission), any internet connection type that offers more than 25 MBPS download speed and 3 MBPS upload speed is considered as a broadband connection. Let’s take a look at all the types of internet broadband WiFi service.

types of broadband internet
Plans Name Provider Price Download Speed
Vantage Internet Frontier $24.99 6 MBPS
Price for Life 100 MBPS CenturyLink $49 100 MBPS
AT&T 5-100 MBPS AT&T $45 5-100 MBPS
High Speed Internet 50-100 MBPS Windstream $55 50 -100 MBPS
Price for Life 80 MBPS CenturyLink $49 80 MBPS

DSL Broadband Internet

Digital Subscriber line or more commonly known as DSL internet is a type of broadband internet connection. The DSL internet uses telephone lines to deliver high-speed internet connectivity to homes and businesses. DSL is the slowest type of internet connection out there as it uses copper telephone lines. The speeds you will get will also depend on several factors like location, provider, weather, and electrical interference. DSL internet speeds max out at 100 MBPS. Here’s our pick of top DSL broadband Internet Service.

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Cable Broadband Internet Service

The best broadband provider probably deals in Cable internet or Fiber internet service. The cable is available in almost 80% of the nation and it is incredibly fast. If you compare it with DSL then cable broadband internet service is much faster than DSL.

Cable internet uses Cable TV lines to deliver high-speed internet to your doorstep. In terms of availability, cost, speed, and, reliability of cable internet wins clearly. We at Club HDTV make sure you find the best cable broadband internet near me. If you go out looking for the best cable providers then you will come across providers like Spectrum broadband and AT&T broadband internet. Here’s our pick for the best Broadband service.

Plan Provider Price Download Speed
Performance Starter Xfinity $24.99 25 MBPS
Performance Pro Plus Xfinity $49 $49.99 MBPS
Gigabit Xfinity $84.99 1000 MBPS
Internet 100 WOW! $34.99 100 MBPS
Internet 500 WOW! $54.99 500 MBPS
Cox Internet Starter Cox $19.99 10 MBPS
Cox Internet preferred 150 Cox $49.99 150 MBPS
Spectrum Internet Spectrum $49.99 100 MBPS
Spectrum Internet Ultra Spectrum $69.99 400 MBPS

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Plan Provider Price Download Speed
Gigabit Xfinity $84.99 1000 MBPS
Internet 400/400 Verizon $59.99 400 MBPS
FiOS Gigabit Connection Verizon $79.99 940 MBPS
Internet 1000 AT&T Fiber $49.99 1000 MBPS
CenturyLink Fiber Internet CenturyLink $65 940 MBPS

Fiber Broadband Internet Service

Fiber internet is without a doubt, the fastest internet service available in the USA. If speed is your sole concern then the best internet broadband WiFi service will be available via fiber internet service providers. Fiber internet providers use thin glass strands and fiber mesh cables to deliver the internet at the speed of light. The data transfer time is incredible. If you are an online gamer then choosing fiber internet connectivity can make all the difference. While fiber internet service seems perfect, it isn’t, the sole drawback of fiber internet is the availability. Fiber optics cables are super expensive to set up so Fiber internet is available to a limited area.

The speed range for fiber internet starts from 100 MBPS and ends at 2000 MBPS. WiFi capabilities of fiber broadband internet service are incredible, that is the reason most organizations rely on Fiber internet connectivity for their day to day operations. Here is our pick for the best Fiber broadband provider and plans.

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How To Choose The Best Broadband Provider?

Choosing the perfect Broadband provider can be so tough. You have to think about tons of factors. Availability, cost, the speed provided, and most importantly customer service. If you have more than 2 internet service providers in your area then it is natural to get confused between the options. You can either ask around in your neighborhood for the ideal broadband internet service provider or you can simply talk to our experts and we will help you find the best broadband provider based on your requirements. Finding the best broadband provider has never been this easy.

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