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HughesNet Unlimited Plans for Your Home & Business

$59.99 PER MONTH
Starting Plan for HughesNet Satellite

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One Connection! One Home! HughesNet Satellite

Plans Name Price Speed
10 GB $59.99 25 Mbps/ 3Mbps
20 GB $69.99 25 Mbps/ 3Mbps
30 GB $99.99 25 Mbps/ 3Mbps
50 GB $149.99 25 Mbps/ 3Mbps

Features of HughesNet Internet Services

hughesnet internet service in my area

No Hard Data Limits

Even after you exhaust your monthly data, enjoy internet connectivity at reduced speeds. Say goodbye to hard data limits.

hughesnet internet service plans

Monthly Bonus Data

Enjoy the benefit of additional data every month during non-peak hours. Get up to 50 GB data every month.

hughesnet internet service near me

Data Tokens

Wish to return to normal internet speeds after exhausting your data? HughesNet offers you data Tokens for additional data consumption.

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is hughesnet internet available in my area

Availability of HughesNet Internet in My Area

HughesNet is one of the oldest Satellite Internet service providers in the USA. HughesNet provides satellite internet to more than 40 states. HughesNet internet plans and pricing are rated the best among all Satellite internet service providers. With Club HDTV you can find and compare HughesNet internet in your area. HughesNet unlimited data plans for all those who wish to stay connected all the time with high-speed reliable internet speed.

You can get access to unlimited data plans and exclusive offers with Club HDTV. We sit through thousands of rows of data to bring you the best HughesNet Deals and plans for your home and business.

Pros & Cons of HugehsNet Satellite Internet

If you have been using Cable or DSL internet service then you would see a change in internet services. Where cable internet is quick as a rabbit, Satellite internet is a little laggy at places. But still, satellite internet services have come a long way. HughesNet Unlimited plan may probably make you change your mind about satellite internet services.

There's a reason to Hughes Internet, the easy to understand plans are nothing less than a bliss. There are no brain scratching plans available with HughesNet satellite. But there are Pros & Cons of everything! Check out the Advantages and Disadvantages of HughesNet Satellite Internet service.


  • No Mid Contract Price Hike
  • Clear Plans & Prices


  • Maximum Speed 25Mbps
  • Low Data Limit
pros and cons of hughesnet internet
hughesnet internet plans for home

Get HughesNet Satellite Internet For Home Today!

Stay connected wherever you are, with all new HughesNet Gen5 plans. HughesNet Internet plans for home keeps your home connected with Quality internet services. Hughes Internet Service is most probably the leading Satellite Internet service. HughesNet plans and pricing also offer, exciting discounts and benefits.

Gone are the days are here when you couldn't rely on satellite Internet, now you and your family can easily rely on HughesNet Internet. Hughes Internet service can give a brilliant satellite internet service for your home or business.

HughesNet Business Internet Plans and Pricing

If you have a home-based business in a remote area then you can rely on HughesNet Satellite internet for your business functioning. HughesNet internet plans for business range starts from $59.99. There are several HughesNet Deals available for your usage. You can use these plans to help your business run smoothly and seamlessly!

Take a look at the exclusive satellite internet business plans.

Plans Name Price Speed Contact Us
Business 35 25 GB Daytime Data + 10 GB Anytime Data Ideal for users with multiple devices and basic internet needs. +1(855) 352-5313
Business 50 25 GB Daytime Data + 35 GB Anytime Data Ideal for 5 users with light to high business internet usage. +1(855) 352-5313
Business 75 25 GB Daytime Data + 50 GB Anytime Data Ideal for up to 5 users with more immense business connectivity needs. +1(855) 352-5313
Business 150 50 GB Daytime Data + 100 GB Anytime Data Ideal for up to 10 users with heavy internet usage daily. +1(855) 352-5313
Business 250 50 GB Daytime Data + 200 GB Anytime Data Ideal for 10+ users who need to stay connected all the time for extreme business functioning +1(855) 352-5313

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Additional Costs - Hughesnet Internet Connection

All of us are aware of the fact that satellite internet is expensive for most users but it is essential for those residing in remote areas. Satellite internet is your only option of being connected to the internet. HughesNet Internet connection is one such option. With constant reliable speeds, you and your family can rely on HughesNet unlimited plan for the best internet experience in your area.

HughesNet internet connection locks you in a 2 years contract period. Under HughesNet plans & pricing you won't have to deal with a surprise price hikes. Satellite internet connection comes with additional costs. First off, Satellite internet connection is a pain to set up! HughesNet Satellite Internet is very expensive to set up! A small price to pay for internet connectivity I Believe!!

To set up a satellite internet connection you need a satellite antenna and a modem. You can either buy this equipment from HughesNet or you can lease it.

  • Renting Antenna & Modem for 24 Months: $14.99/mo
  • Purchasing Antenna & Modem for 24 Months: $449.99/mo.
hughesnet gen5 plans
hughesnet gen5 plans

HughesNet Gen5 Plans For Better Connectivity

HughesNet Gen5 is an unlimited satellite internet service that offers reliable internet service. Even in the most rural areas, HughesNet Deals keep you connected with high-speed internet service. HughesNet Gen5 can keep you connected all the time to the world around you! HughesNet plans ranging from 10 GB to 50 GB data per month can keep up with your every internet need. Be it business or home, HughesNet unlimited plans are right there with you! Get more of everything you do with HughesNet Gen5 Plans.

  • 25Mbps Download speed
  • 3Mbps Upload speed
  • Built-in Wi-Fi Service
  • Unlimited availability
  • 50GB of Bonus zone data per month (2 A.M - 8 A.M)

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HughesNet Internet And Phone Bundle

Not only Satellite internet, but HughesNet has also made its name for phone plans. HughesNet Internet and phone plans are the best for people residing in rural areas as HughesNet packages deliver quality. If you are tired of the worst quality of Internet and phone services then you can order HughesNet online right now!

Get unlimited calling in the domestic USA and Canada. Experience crystal clear calling quality with HughesNet Voice plans. HughesNet Voice uses advanced Voice-over-IP (VoIP) technology to deliver a feature-rich phone service over your satellite connection. After Subscribing to HughesNet's phone plan you’ll receive a device named ATA (analog telephone adapter), which will route your phone calls through the satellite modem and dish installed at your home. It’s easy to make and receive phone calls.

Hughesnet satellite internet and phone packages

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hughesNet internet and phone bundle

HughesNet Bundles For all Your Needs

Not satisfied with just HughesNet Internet? Well, now you can choose more with HughesNet Bundles. Be it home, Business or any other purpose. HughesNet packages promise quality services wherever you are. Use HughesNet Internet or VoIP features for all-round connectivity in most remote corners of the USA.

HughesNet Bundles also help you in increasing your savings. You can save up to $50 every month with few Selected HughesNet bundles. Select from a variety of plans on ClubHDTV and give yourself a chance at savings.

Top 10 Cities with HughesNet Satellite Internet Connection

AVAILABILITY BY STATE Download Speed Upload Speed
New York, NY 25 mbps 3 mbps
Los Angeles, CA 25 mbps 3 mbps
Houston, TX 25 mbps 3 mbps
Philadelphia, PA 25 mbps 3 mbps
Phoenix, AZ 25 mbps 3 mbps
Dallas, TX 25 mbps 3 mbps
San Jose, CA 25 mbps 3 mbps
Jacksonville, FL 25 mbps 3 mbps
Austin, TX 25 mbps 3 mbps
San Francisco, CA 25 mbps 25 mbps