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Best Bundle Packages for TV, Internet & Phone

Provider Price Channels Download Speed
Xfinity $49.99 - $159.99 260 60 - 500 MBPS
CenturyLink $85 - $235 330 10 - 1000 MBPS
RCN $29.99 - $119.99 295 25 - 1000 MBPS
Spectrum $59.98 - $144.97 200 200 MBPS
Suddenlink $44.99 - $144.99 340 100 - 1000 MBPS

Xfinity: Best for Most People

Package Price Channels Download Speed
Performance Plus Saver Double Play $49.99/mo 140+ 60 MBPS
X1 Starter Pro Double Play with Performance Pro Internet $79.99/mo 140+ 150 MBPS
X1 Preferred Double Play with Performance Pro Internet $89.99/mo 220+ 150 MBPS
X1 Starter Pro Triple Play with Performance Pro Internet $119.99/mo 140+ 275 MBPS
X1 Starter Pro Triple Play with Blast Pro Internet $139.99/mo 220+ 275 MBPS
X1 Premier Double Play with Extreme Pro Internet $144.99/mo 260+ 500 MBPS
XF HD Premier Triple Play with Blast Pro $159.99/mo 260+ 275 MBPS

CeturyLink: Fastest Speed for Bundle Plans

Package Price Channels Download Speed
DIRECTV SELECT ALL INCLUDED + CenturyLink Internet 80 MBPS $108.99 155+ 80 MBPS
DIRECTV SELECT ALL INCLUDED + CenturyLink Internet 100 MBPS $108.99 155+ 100 MBPS
DIRECTV ENTERTAINMENT ALL INCLUDED + CenturyLink Internet 20 MBPS $113.99 160+ 20 MBPS
DIRECTV CHOICE ALL INCLUDED + CenturyLink Internet 100 MBPS $118.99 185+ 100 MBPS
DIRECTV XTRA ALL INCLUDED + CenturyLink Internet 20 MBPS $124.99 235+ 20 MBPS
DIRECTV SELECT ALL INCLUDED + CenturyLink Internet Fiber Gigabit $124.99 155+ 940 MBPS

RCN: Best TV and Internet Bundles

Package Price Channels Download Speed
Digital Basic + 25 MBPS Internet $34.99 70+ 25 MBPS
Digital Basic + 155 MBPS Internet $44.99 70+ 155 MBPS
Digital Basic +1 GBPS Internet $64.99 70+ 1000 MBPS
Signature TV + 155 MBPS Internet $89.99 295+ 155 MBPS
Signature TV + 330 MBPS Internet $99.99 295+ 330 MBPS
Signature TV + 1 GBPS Internet $109.99 295+ 1000 MBPS

Spectrum: Best internet TV bundle deals

Package Price Channels Download Speed
Select Double Play $89.98 125+ 200 MBPS
Select Triple Play $99.97 125+ 200 MBPS
Silver Double Play $114.98 175+ 200 MBPS
Silver Triple Play $124.98 175+ 200 MBPS
Gold Double Play $134.98 200+ 200 MBPS
Gold Triple Play $144.97 200+ 200 MBPS

Suddenlink: Internet TV Bundles Best Deal

Package Price Channels Download Speed
Value TV + Internet 200 $69.99 225+ 200 MBPS
Select TV + Internet 400 $89.99 290+ 400 MBPS
Select TV + Internet 1 Gig $119.99 290+ 1000 MBPS
Premier TV + Internet 1 Gig $139.99 340+ 1000 MBPS

What are the Best Cable TV and Internet Bundles?

Choosing the right bundle plan can be a really tricky task, first your need to sort out your priorities as to what you want most from best deals for TV and internet service. Primary factors include internet speed, channel count and obviously price. Here’s our pick of best Internet TV bundle providers based on various factors:

  • Best TV and Internet Bundles overall: The famous Xfinty brand name can be found anywhere across the USA. It has the best internet and TV bundles near me. Xfinity falls in the middle ground pof price and value for money.
  • Fastest Internet and TV Bundle Deals: If fast internet is your only aim then CenturyLink is the provider you are looking for. The prices are competitive and the speeds are incredible.
  • Most Affordable TV and Internet Bundle: looking to save money? Bundle packages can help you to do so! Choose RCN if you want great TV and Internet Bundle without burning a hole in your pockets. Although it isn’t as widely available as other Providers.
  • Best for Huge Families: Are your one of those families who have too many devices connected to the internet all the time? TV and internet Spectrum is your best bet. You get access to high speeds, no contract options and plenty of TV channels, all that at a very competitive price.
  • Best No Contract Bundle Packages: Suddenlink is the provider you are looking for if you don’t like staying at one place and contracts aren’t your first choice. Suddenlink is widely available so you shouldn't have no problem finding it with ease.
TV Bundle

Best Bundle Packages In my Area!

You can choose a premium lifestyle for you when savings is your best friend. You have the power to choose savings over expenses. Why should you pay for Internet, TV or Home Phone separately? When you can combine all of them and save a great deal. Bundling all the services together is a great choice when you have all the services at your home.

You can choose from a wide range of Internet Bundle Packages, TV Bundle packages, bundle packages cable internet phone, cable bundle deals and much more. But do you know how to pick the best bundle packages for Phone,TV, Internet? Club HDTV helps you in finding all the best bundle deals in your area.


Find the Grab Reliable services and plans of Bundles Now


Enjoy unlimited and high-speed Internet with download speed up to 500 Mbps in selected areas. Play online games and stream live videos and music with Internet service from clubhdtv.


Receive TV packages ranging from 125 to 225+ channels. Also, grab free HD DVR, and record up to six shows and enjoy entertainment like never before.

Home Phone

Stay connected with your loved ones through free nationwide calling. Talk to anyone without worrying about the cost as you get voice calls from clubhdtv bundle packs at affordable Price.

TV Bundle Packages

Watching TV is the favorite time pass of all human kind. No one likes hindrance in your peace time. You deserve a TV quality that makes the images come to life. You can increase the joy of watching TV if you know you are saving multiple dollars every month by simply choosing Satellite TV & Internet bundle package.

Bundle packages come in all shapes and types. Which one would suit you? That’s all up to your need. You can choose cable bundle deals if you love Cable TV. Or you can go for Satellite TV & Internet bundle deal.

TV & Internet Bundle Packages

TV & Internet bundle packages can help you save more in long term. Choose High speed internet & brilliant TV services over your ordinary internet and standard TV services. What’s the reason for choosing such services? You get a lot of benefits with Bundle packages. First of all you get the best services from the top providers from all around the USA. With TV bundle packages you get:

  • More channels than ordinary plans
  • Better download & Upload speeds
  • No data limits
  • Save up to o $30 per month

Affordable Bundle Deals In My Area

Searching ‘Best bundle deals in my area’ won’t do the trick. You’ll have to do research in and around your neighborhood to find that perfect service provider. A service provider that can offer you perfect cable bundle deals, internet bundle packages, TV bundle package & bundle packages for cable internet & phone.
At Club HDTV you can find and compare internet service providers side by side. Club HDTV assist you in finding the best service providers based on your location or zip code.

Comparing Best Bundle Packages Providers

What if the service provider you have right now isn’t meeting your expectations? Would you go and buy the next bundle deal you find? Researching & Comparing is the crucial part of choosing a service provider. With Club HDTV you can compare best bundle packages and providers in an instant. All the biggest service providers like, AT&T, Spectrum, Verizon & Xfinity offer bundle packages for Internet, Cable & Home Phone. But how to find out which one will meet your needs? That’s where Club HDTV comes in. We aim in helping everyone find the services they deserve.


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Gold Pack

$89.99/ Monthly

  • Internet + HD TV
  • 190+ HD Channels & Internet
  • Internet Speed upto 100 Mbps
  • HD DVR & Wifi Equipment Included
  • for 12 months + Taxes

Platinum Pack

$109.99/ Monthly

  • Internet + HD TV + Digital Home Phone
  • 190+ HD Channels & Internet
  • Internet Speed upto 100 Mbps
  • HD DVR & Wifi Equipment & Digital Home Phone Included
  • for 12 months + Taxes

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