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Benefits of Cox Communications

cox internet plans

Huge Data Cap

All Cox Internet deals come with a huge 1 TB internet data cap. 1 TB data cap is more than enough for any internet need to download or upload anything.

cox cable internet

No Installation Charges

You don't have to pay for any internet installation internet charges for Cox residential internet plans. That means they provide free installation.

cox cable WiFi plans

Self Installation Kit

You get a free Dual Band WiFi Modem self installation kit with all Cox internet deals. You can install the service yourself if you technology.

Cox Internet Plans for Home and Business

Cox Internet Near Me

Cox Internet plans have one downfall, they are not widely available, but when it comes to speed they offer the best speeds and reliability. All Cox internet provider offer you plans with limited speeds, but whatever you opt for, you get that particular speed. Cox internet prices are few of the most competitive price out their. Cox internet plans can keep up with all your internet needs whatever you may be having.

If you dontt want to pay more than what you are getting then cox cable internet is just the thing for you! Cox charges less than its counterparts and offers reliable internet speed. Cox internet deals start at just $30 per month for 10 MBPS plan and 30 MBPS per month is just for $10 extra. While 10 & 30 MBPS may not seem like much but if you use internet for basic things like social media and meails then it is more than enough to use.

cox cable internet near me
cox internet plans for business

Cox Business Internet Plan

Cox just doesn't offers Cox residential internet plans, it also offers a wide variety of Cox business internet plans. Cox business internet can help you sustain all your business needs. You can connect multiple devices and still won’t feel a drop in the internet speed. You can work effortlessly and increase productivity Cox internet plans. Cox doesn't showcase their business products out loud. So if you are looking forward to getting a Cox business internet plan you should talk to our internet experts @ +1 833 515 1917 who can help you find the best plans!

If you are internet enthusiast and you think that mere 30 MBPS speed is not suitable for you then you don't have anything to worry about as Cox cable Internet highest internet speed is a 1000 Mbps. 1 Gigabit speed is enough if you love playing games, downloading and streaming stuff.

Pros & Cons of Cox Cable Internet

Cox Communications internet connection is both great and a little annoying at times. There's one thing you should know about Internet service providers, no ISP is perfect and so is Cox internet provider. Cox communications internet plans aren't available everywhere but where it is available, there's no need to look for any other internet service. What makes Cox cable internet plans so great? Let's find out.


  • Budget- friendly low cost internet plans
  • 650,000 WiFi hotspots nationwide
  • Simple Internet plans with transparent cost


  • One Year contract minimum
  • Limited availability
cox discounts for existing customers

Cox Internet Plans and Pricing

All of us love the internet and we can't even imagine a day without it. But if your internet experience is ruined every day what is the benefit of the internet service you are paying for! Cox cable and internet is available for everyone. You can take advantage of the great internet speeds and pocket friendly prices.

The basic Cox internet package starts from $30 per month. You can opt for more expensive packages if your pocket allows it, but the thing about Cox cable WiFi plans is that you will definitely get the service you paid for.

Plans Name Price Download Speed
Cox Internet starter 10 $29.99/mo 10 Mbps
Cox Internet Essential 30 $39.99/mo 30 Mbps
Cox Internet Preferred 150 $59.99/mo 150 Mbps
Cox Internet Ultimate $79.99/mo 300 Mbps
Cox Gigabit $99.99/mo 940 Mbps
Plans Name Price TV Channel Count
Cox TV Starter $25/mo 75+
Cox Contour TV $69.99/mo 140+

Cox Cable TV Plans

Cox isn't just a Internet service provider it has impeccable cable TV service as well. Cox cable TV offers a series of cable TV packages to chose from. Cox offer most of your favorite TV channels and a pretty decent channel count in comparison of other cable TV service providers. Cox cable TV packages may be expensive but you can rest assured as the prices won’t drastically go up after the promotional period ends.

Plus, with Cox Contour service, you can save personal recommendation and you can record up to 340 Hours of HD shows with the special "Record 6 DVR" that comes with Cox cable TV packages.

Cox Bundle Plans For Brilliant Savings

Cox Offers cable based internet, TV & Phone services which make up for a lot of bundle plans. You can even combine different service to form multiple Cox bundle plans. You can opt for Cox cable bundles, Cox cable and Internet and much more. Plus you are eligible for Cox discounts for existing customers if you switch to Cox cable deal with internet or phone.

With Cox cable bundle you get a better lineup, better internet speed and you can also get better price for services. Bundle Cox cable packages with Cox internet packages and you got yourself a bundle full of savings.

Cox Internet and Phone Packages

Packages Price Download Speed Digital Phone
Internet Essential 30+ Voice Premier $49.99/mo 30 MBPS Voice Premier
Internet Preferred 150 + Voice Premier $69.99/mo 150 MBPS Voice Premier
Internet Ultimate + Voice Premier $89.99/mo 300 MBPS Voice Premier
Internet Gigablast + Voice Premier $109.99/mo 940 MBPS Voice Premier

Cox Internet and TV Packages

Packages Price Download Speed Channel Count
Bronze Duo $89.99/mo 150 MBPS 140+
Silver Duo $109.99/mo 300 Mbps 140+
Gold Duo $129.99/mo 300 MBPS 250+
Platinum Duo $159.99/mo 940 Mbps 250+
TV Starter + Internet Essential 10 $54.99/mo 10 Mbps 75+
TV Starter + Internet 30 $64.99/mo 30 Mbps 75+
Contour TV + Internet 30 $147.99/mo 30 Mbps 75+