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AT&T Internet Price & Plans

Most people aren’t aware but AT&T offers only two kind of plans. Fiber plans and DSL Plans the type of connection that you get for your home largely depends on where you live. Before you get your hopes up, let us tell you that if you don’t live in a huge city then you’ll only get DSL internet plans.

We always advise you to go for a Fiber internet plan if you can but if you only have AT&T DSL internet available in your area then the 5-100 MBPS plan is pretty good as well. As DSL internet speed relies on how far you live from your local internet service provider. Here’s a breakdown of internet speeds on different connection.

  • DSL Internet Plan

AT&T offers only one DSL internet plan. While it is very convenient for users, it can be a little frustrating if you need higher internet speed. Most people think that 5-100 MBPS plan is not good but you can usually receive 100 MBPS download speed

AT&T Internet 5-100 $49.99/mo 5-100MBPS 1 TB

Most of you must already know that DSL internet service is slower than Cable Internet service. The reason is that DSL Internet uses telephone cables to deliver internet and Cable internet uses copper cables to do the same. Both of the connection face issues as you move farther from your local ISP. That’s why Fiber internet is recommended as is uses glass cables to deliver high speed internet.

  • Fiber Optics Internet

Fiber internet is great overall. No connection drops, symmetrical upload and download speeds and no internet downtime during peak hours. Fiber internet service uses light weight glass fiber cables for sharing networks to everyone. So when you choose fiber internet service, you choose the absolutely quality that AT&T has to offer.

Internet 300 $50/mo 300 MBPS 1 TB
Internet 1000 $49.99/mo 940 MBPS Unlimited

It is obvious that Fiber internet offers better value than DSL internet. It is faster, more reliable and you have a variety of speed options to choose from. If you want to experience what truly fast speed is then you can even opt for 1000 MBPS plan. With true speed you don’t even have to worry about hitting the data cap! AT&T offers unlimited data on its top Fiber internet plan.

Fiber internet is perfect for whatever your internet need is! If you have a huge family who love to stream and download content or play games all at the same time then there is no better option than Fiber internet connection. You don’t have to go all out, even the internet 300 plan can keep up with your huge internet usage!

Plus if you have smart devices at your home then Fiber internet can manage equal distribution of bandwidth for all the devices without causing trouble for any user in the house! Not just internet, AT&T also offers a wide variety of exciting bundle deals for households that have a huge appetite for internet and entertainment.

AT&T TV & Internet Packages

Unlike other internet service providers, Bundling services with AT&T can actually save you money. So if you want to work on internet calmly without your kids disturbing you, opt for an AT&T TV & internet package. You can do your work and your kids can indulge in their favorite cartoon. You will have a choice of bundling your DSL internet or Fiber internet connection with either U-verse or DIRECTV. The bundle packages can also add a home phone service if you want. Here are top AT&T Internet, TV deals for home and businesses. Keep one thing in mind, the plans and prices may be different where you live. Packages and prices tend to change based on location.

DIRECTV SELECT All- Included + AT&T internet $79.98/mo 100 MBPS 155+
DIRECTV CHOICE All Included Package + AT&T Internet $89.98/mo 100 MBPS 185+
DIRECTV PREMIER All Included Package + AT&T Internet $154.98/mo 100 MBPS 330+
U-Family All Included Package + AT&T Internet $79.98/mo 100 MBPS 180+
U300 ALL-Included + AT&T Internet 1000 $124.98/mo 100 MBPS 485+

AT&T Internet Speed & Data Restrictions

If High speed internet service is your only goal then AT&T has got you covered, but if you need a little less power in your internet plans then you can always try other providers. Although you’ll end up paying almost the same amount for slower internet speed. A little more internet bandwidth doesn’t harms anyone!

It doesn’t matter if you are a casual internet user or a heavy internet user, AT&T’s DSL internet plan works for all types of needs. Whether you need normal speeds for checking email or browsing social media or if you need better speeds for online gaming or streaming online content, AT&T 5-100 MBPS plan is the right choice. Here’s a breakdown how much speed do you need based on your usage!

Usage Download Speed Upload Speed
Email, Casual Web browsing 5 MBPS 1 MBPS
Couples or solo users: Gaming, Music streaming,Video steaming 50 MBPS 5 MBPS
Small Families: Streaming online content & Gaming 100 MBPS 20 MBPS
Heavy users: Gaming, Streaming HD videos, Live Streaming 300 MBPS 100 MBPS
Large Families: Gaming, Streaming HD videos, Live Streaming, hosting servers, Smart devices. 1000 MBPS 1000 MBPS

That’s all that AT&T has to offer in terms of speeds. Whether you need mere 5 MBPS or something as fast as 1000 MBPS, AT&T Internet is the right choice as an internet service provider. It doesn’t matter whether you live alone, with your better half or with a huge family! AT&T internet has different speeds for all kind of users. You can choose your own plan and speed by simply calling on @ 1 (855) 320 9419.

As for Data caps, AT&T imposes a data limit of 1 TB on all its internet plans apart from Internet 1000. If you are not using the internet 1000 plan then you don’t have to worry about hitting the data ceiling. Even if you stream online content 10 Hours a day, you still won’t hit that data cap!

Does AT&T Keeps up on Its Advertised Speed

While most consumers complain about not getting the advertised internet speeds. While AT&T does a great job on keeping up with its advertised internet speed. One thing that you should know about internet speed is that it depends on a lot of factors. If there are no external factors affecting your internet speed then you will receive the exact speeds you are paying for.

DSL internet is more prone to interference. If a lot of people around your house are doing heavy internet based activities then you’ll experience an internet speed drop. According to a survey conducted by FCC (Federal Communication Commission) AT&T received a score of 109.3% on delivering the promised internet speeds. This means that AT&T over delivered the speeds they promised to their consumer. If you were still wondering whether or not to pick AT&T as your internet service provider, then you definitely should.

AT&T Additional Charges

No internet and cable TV service provider is clean when it comes to additional charges. Whichever provider you choose, all of them have their own set of additional charges. With AT&T, you have to sign a one year contract for whatever service you choose. If you break the contract and end the service before the year ends, you will have to pay an overage fee that can cost you up to $500. Here’s a list of all the Additional charges you’ll have to bear with AT&T.

  1. Installation and Termination Fees
  2. There’s no getting away from these charges be it AT&T or any other internet service provider. Here’s all you’ll have to pay with AT&T

    • Installation Fees: To get your services installed you have to pay $35 activation fees if you want to install the services yourself. If you want a professional to do it for you, you must pay $99/mo.
    • Early Termination Fees: AT&T’s early termination policy is clear and simple. You must pay $15 for each month left on your contract.
  3. Equipment and Rental
  4. If you Sign up for AT&T internet, you’ll get a WiFi gateway (Modem and Router combined). You may have to pay up to $15 as monthly rental for the equipment. But some Local internet service providers waive off that charge if you can negotiate well.

Conclusion: Is AT&T Internet Really Good?

The first thing you should consider is price, AT&T offers a good service for the price they ask. They also have exciting bundle deals for all kind of users so that’s a plus point as well. When it comes to equipment and extra charges, AT&T is just like any other Wireless broadband provider. The charges are fixed and you have to pay them no matter what.

  • AT&T DSL Internet: It is widely available and the speed tops out at 100 MBPS. The price is fair enough, although the plans come with 1 TB data cap and a 1 year minimum contract period.
  • AT&T Fiber: While the Fiber internet connectivity is limited, the speed is not! AT&T Fiber internet speed tops out at 1000 MBPS, which is fast enough to handle continuous heavy internet usage of a large family.
  • AT&T TV & Internet Deals: AT&T has a wide variety of bundle deals and they are great if you are looking to save money. Plus, you get the opportunity to choose between U-verse and DIRECTV as your Cable service. Overall AT&T Bundle deals are a great choice.