Cox Internet Self Installation: Step by Step Guide

cox cable internet self install

Cox communication serves over twenty-one million customers all over the USA. Cox offers a plethora of digital services, High-speed internet, TV services, Digital telephone, and some home automation services as well. The company offers 100 MBPS speed and it’ll allow you to play video games, stream videos, and download content all the same time. If you buy internet services from Cox communications then you are faced with a choice, whether you wish to get professional internet installation or you do Cox Internet self installation.

How to Install Cox Internet Yourself?

Cox has a lot of internet packages to offer to consumers, regardless of the package you choose, you have to go through 5 steps. After you complete the first 5 steps of the Cox internet self setup, you have to follow the instruction for your Modem and Cox Gateway. If you opt for the cable internet then you’d get the Modem and If you any other connection then you’ll get a Cox gateway to help you with Cox self installation. Here are the 5 basic steps you need to follow.

1. Check the Equipment

Whether you get the equipment shipped to your home or you pick it up at a local Cox Communication store, make sure you check your equipment box before you start with the process of Cox communications self-installation internet. The Cox internet self activate kit should have a Modem/ Cox Gateway, coaxial cables, a power adapter, an Ethernet cord, a cable filter, and an instruction manual.

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2. Find the Perfect Spot for Your Modem

Make sure you have a perfect place in your home where you wish to set up your modem. We suggest you find a central location at your home so you don’t run into any interruptions while using your internet connection.

3. Turn off Your Computers and Laptops

To prevent unexpected power surges mess up with your setup. Make sure that you turn off all your computer and devices to save yourself from calling the Tech support. 

4. Plugin the Coaxial Cable 

Once you have found an ideal location to fix your Modem/Gateway. Plugin the Coaxial cable into the wall plus and plug in the other end to the port on Modem.

5. Connect Power Cable

Plugin the power cable to the wall socket and then into the modem.

6. Follow the Cox Internet Self Setup Guide

Depending on the type of internet connection you choose, you’ll have to follow various steps to set up your Cox internet. Find the corresponding section for your equipment below.

Cable Modem Self Installation

1. Wait for Internet Light to Blink

With a cable Modem, you should wait until the internet light becomes solid. The process could take a few minutes and the modem will boot itself a couple of times. It is part of the process, make sure you wait till the light turns solid. 

2. Use the Ethernet Cord

When the light on your Modem turns solid, Connect your modem to a laptop or computer via an Ethernet Cord. 

3. Activate Your Cox Internet

Once you are through the above-mentioned process, turn on your device, and activate your Cox Internet connection.

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Gateway Self Installation

1. Wait for Internet & WiFi Lights

The WiFi gateway is a combined modem and router so you have to wait for both Internet and WiFi lights to turn into solid. Same as the cable Modem installation process, the gateway will take a few minutes and it will also reboot several times.

2. Connect to the WiFi Network

Once the lights turn solid, Connect to the WiFi network, you can use any WiFi compatible device to connect to your internet connection.

3. Enter Your Credentials

Your provider often provides you with a “Quick Reference Card” in your cox internet self-install kit. It contains your network credential, if you haven’t received your card then you should look at the bottom of your equipment, you’ll find the network name and password there to connect your internet connection.

How to Activate Your Cox Account?

The final step in the cox internet self install guide is to activate your internet services. The process is simple and easy. Here’s all you need to do to activate your Cox Internet connection.

  1. Open any browser
  2. Type in your address bar
  3. Click “Next” when your page loads
  4. The next page may ask you a lot of details including your address.
  5. Input your phone number or the number you used to set up your service.
  6. Verify your contact information and make updates as required
  7. Check the box labeled as “All my equipment is installed at my Address”.
  8. Review the Cox communications Privacy policy and choose the option “I Accept”.
  9. Click on Activate
  10. The next screen will show you a progress bar which will show you that the activation is under process. Don’t navigate to any other page, if you do, you’ll have to start the activation process all over again. 
  11. Once the process is complete, a new page will open and you’ll see a button “Register Now”. Click it to finish the activation and add any remaining details.
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Self Installation Vs Professional Installation

If you are getting a Bronze or Silver Bundle from Cox communications then we suggest you choose the professional installation as it is free of cost. If you are getting an internet-only plan, however, we suggest you go with cox communications self-installation internet if you don’t want to pay hefty fees. Here’s a basic difference between Self-installation and Professional Installation.

Professional Installation

You get the complete assurance of quality with Professional services. You know you won’t have to deal with any trouble with professionals.Depending on the type of internet connection, you may or may not have to pay for getting your services installed professionally.
You get complete on Site tech support, if something goes wrong with your Cox internet installation then you have a professional to deal with it.The time frame is huge, you have to wait for the technician to arrive, install the equipment, and activate your services. The whole process can take a huge amount of time.

Self Installation

Cox cable internet self install process will teach you how to install your internet service yourself and you can save money in the future whenever you switch to another provider.Even if you follow every single step of the cox internet self install guide, you can run into any unexpected troubles. With a self-installation, you have to go through the troubleshooting yourself.
With Cox self installation, you can choose services as per your convenience. You can choose your installation time frame.Some installation processes are more complicated than others. You may run into a lot of troubles while installing your internet service yourself.

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