How to Self Install Verizon FiOS Internet Connection?

verizon internet self installation

Verizon is one of the most well-known Fiber internet service providers throughout the USA. Verizon is the only provider that offers internet speed up to 2 GBPS. That means that you can even run a small business on your Verizon internet connection. If you have already chosen Verizon as your internet service provider then the only thing that is standing between you and incredibly fast internet is installing your internet service. You can either choose to do Verizon FiOS self-installation or you can go with professional installation for your Fiber internet. The perk of Verizon FiOS self-installation is that you can install your services at your convenience and in the meantime, you can also save money on professional installation. If you are looking for a step-by-step Verizon FiOS internet self-install guide, then read till the end to learn everything.

Pocket-friendly PriceLimited availability in the USA
Symmetrical internet speed 
No annual contracts

Verizon FiOS Internet Installation Process

The company has a lot of internet packages to offer to its consumers in terms of various internet plans. Verizon internet self-installation is your only option as of now as the service provider has halted their process of internet installation to minimize the spread of Covid-19. If you have bought your internet connection from Verizon then you have to Self install Verizon FiOS yourself.

1. Recheck Your Equipment

The first step in Verizon FiOS internet self-installation is to either get your equipment home delivered or to pick it up yourself. Once you receive the box, check whether or not you have everything you need for Verizon internet self-installation. The Verizon Self installation kit includes a WiFi Gateway, a power cable and adapter, one Ethernet cord, and a Coaxial cable.

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2. Fix a Spot For Your Equipment

To get the most out of your internet connection, you have to find the best spot to place your WiFi equipment. You wouldn’t want to get constant interference with your network connection. You must choose an ideal spot for an internet WiFi gateway.

3. Plug In the Coaxial Cables

Once you have found an ideal place to fix your router, plug in your Coaxial cable to the wall plug. Plugin another end to the WiFi gateway to start the self-installation process.

Self-install Verizon FiOS Internet

4. Connect the Power Cable

Connect the power cable to one end of the Equipment and connect the other end to the WiFi Gateway.

5. Follow the Verizon FiOS Internet Self-Install Guide

Depending on the type of internet connection you have chosen for yourself, the self-help guide will lead you through the additional steps for Installing your internet service.

Activating Your Internet Connection

Once you have completed all the steps of setting up your Verizon Internet connection, all you have to do is to activate your Internet connection. That may sound tricky to do but it is simple to do so.

Here are all the steps you should follow to activate your internet services.

  • Connect your computer or laptop Via Ethernet Cord
  • Open your preferred browser
  • Type in the search bar
  • Type in your credentials to log in to the page
  • Once you log in, you’ll be redirected to the activation page
  • Check all the details to complete the activation process

Professional Installation vs Self Installation

Verizon Professional installation and Verizon Self-installation both have their pros and cons. It is up to you which way you wish to go. Till now you must have learned how to self-install Verizon internet connection. Verizon has suspended its professional installation services due to the spread of Coronavirus. Here are all the pros and cons of Professional and Self Installation.

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Professional Installation

Quality of Service: A professional visits your home to complete the installation of your Verizon Internet. Quality is guaranteed with professional services.High Cost: Based on your Verizon internet packages, you may or may not have to pay a hefty price to have a professional visit your home.
Complete Tech Support: Even if you run into some kind of problem during installation then you will have a professional on spot to help you through it.

Self Installation

Comfort: You can choose to install your services as per your timing and preference. Your home, your equipment, and your effort.No Tech Support: Installation for every service is different, you may run into trouble while completing your installation. Without the help of a professional, you may get stuck.
Money-Saving: When you choose to complete the Verizon FiOS internet installation process by yourself. You can install your own services without paying a dime.


Verizon offers a plethora of internet services and you can choose any of them for personal or business use. Now that you have learned Verizon FiOS self Installation, you can install your Verizon internet service anytime, anywhere.


  1. Q. Can I install FiOS myself?

    A. Opting for Self-Installation presents a convenient method to set up your Fios Internet, TV, and Phone service(s) at your own convenience.

  2. Q. Is Verizon Home Internet easy to install?

    A. Setting up your system is a breeze, and we're ready to assist you every step of the way. Just download the My Verizon app, which will serve as your ultimate resource for easy-to-follow setup instructions and comprehensive support.

  3. Q. Can I get FiOS without a box?

    A. Absolutely! You have the option to watch Fios TV without a set-top box if your TV is relatively new, approximately from 2006 onwards. Without the need for a set-top box, you can still access local channels by using your TV's scan function.

  4. Q. What comes in the Verizon self-install kit?

    A. Certain equipment comes with Verizon self-install kit given in the table below.
    ● Verizon Quantum gateway
    ● Coax cable
    ● Power cable and adapter
    ● Ethernet cable.
    ● Gateway manual
    ● Splitter

  5. Q. Does Verizon charge to install FiOS?

    A. Verizon Fios offers a $99 installation fee, which can be waived if you choose to install your equipment independently and sign up for their service online.

  6. Q. How long does Verizon FiOS installation take?

    A. A standard installation usually requires 4 – 6 hours once the Verizon Technician arrives at your residence. It's essential to allocate sufficient time for the installation process. Throughout the installation, an adult capable of making decisions about equipment placement and computer configuration options should be present for the entire duration.

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