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Taste the Incredible Google Fiber Internet Service

Speeds ranging up to 1000 MBPS

Unlimited Data Cap

Plans Starting @ just $60

Test Your Internet Usage

Remarkable Internet Speed

Google Fiber is known to deliver the best speed out of all Fiber internet providers. Test it for yourself right now.

Variety of Plans

Regardless of the limited availability, Google Fiber offers variety of internet plans that are suitable for all kind of users.

Unlimited Data

What could make fast internet better? Unlimited Data for your huge internet appetite. Watch, Surf, Play & Download without worries.

Pick Quality With Google Fiber Internet Plans

What do you ask from your Fiber internet service provider? Fast speed! Fortunately for you, Google Fiber is known as a provider that provides lightning quick internet connectivity. Google Fiber internet speed should be reason enough to get the connectivity for yourself.

If that doesn’t impress you then how about reliability? According hundreds of thousands of real time Google fiber internet reviews, they always keep up on their promise of incredible speed. Identifying and solving problems in your internet connection also lands on top of their priority service. What more can you ask for? Place your order with us today!

Google fiber basic internet plan


google fiber data cap

Zero Data Caps

Lightning Fast fiber internet and just you, choose your ideal package and use as much internet as you want. Google don’t apply any data cap.

google fiber internet and tv bundle

No Contract Boundation

Google Fiber basic internet plan come with Month to month contract options. Don’t want to be stuck to a single provider? Choose Google Fiber!

google fiber internet and tv bundle

Bundle Deals

Limited Bundle deals but they come equipped with great service. If you are a fan of Bundle services, give Google Fiber Bundle plans a look.

Say Goodbye to Boring plans & Choose Google Fiber Internet Options Call Us to Know About Plans Details

Google fiber internet availability

Is Google Fiber Available In My Area?

If you have a little knowledge about internet service providers in the USA then you know that Google Fiber internet availability is limited. Only a handful of residents are fortunate to get their hands on Google fiber internet provider.

Back to the question “Is Google fiber available in my area?”. There is a simple way to check if Fiber optic internet Google is available in your area or not? You can call our team of internet analyst and they will help you check if Google Fiber internet options are in your Zip code or nearby your Zip code.

Pros & Cons of Google Fiber Internet Provider

One thing is for sure, when you switch to Google Fiber internet service, you will get the quality of service you actually dreamed of. Google fiber internet cost per month, speed, Reliability and customer service is all top notch. It keeps up with all the hype that's created around the brand.

But it isn’t all good with Google Fiber internet Plans. As Google is relatively newer in the field as a telecommunication brand, it still has some issues. The biggest issue out of all is the limited availability. Let’s not wait any longer and jump right into the pros and cons of Google fiber gigabit internet.


  • Unmatched Speeds
  • Affordable packages
  • Month to Month Contracts
  • Symmetrical Speeds


  • Google Fiber Internet Availability is Limited
  • Bundles can be a little expensive
Google fiber internet speed's pros and cons
google fiber internet and tv bundle

Google Fiber Bundle Plans

Google is slowly growing in the field of telecommunications and let’s just say that their internet standalone packages and bundle packages describe that. Most of you may even be hearing about Google Bundle plans for the first time.

There’s zero all in one bundle package with Google. You can either get a home phone with Fiber optics internet Google or a TV package with internet. So you will have to choose between the two services.

Plan Price Download Channel
Fiber 1000 + TV $175/mo   150+
Home Phone $10/mo N/A N/A

Google Fiber Gigabit Internet Plans

The price that Google asks is fair based on the kind of services they offer to consumers. As for the plans, Google has just 2 packages: Fiber & Webpass. Both of the services are fiber based and Webpass is a very unique solution to Google’s Limited availability solution.

Google has limited variety when it comes to their plans. You get only one speed option that is 1000 MBPS. If you are in a Fiber optic internet Google serviced area then 1000 MBPS is more than enough to keep you small or medium business running. If you are in a Webpass based service area, your download speeds ranges from 100-1000 MBPS based on infra and location. So we are sure now you understand how much is Google fiber and what is Google fiber internet cost per month.

Google bought in a company named Webpass in order to extend its reach into service areas like Miami, Seattle and Atlanta. In case of Webpass, Google Fiber internet plans don’t rely on a running a cable through your area. Webpass has a gigantic network of towers that extends the fiber networks through an area. It is perfect solution for businesses that are spread over a large area.

Plan Price Download Channel
Fiber 1000 + TV $175/mo   150+
Home Phone $10/mo N/A N/A

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