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Cricket Wireless Overview

Cricket Wireless commercials might be annoying but the plans are pleasantly cheap. Cricket Wireless offers best and cheapest plans with more than good network service. You get cheaper wireless plans with coverage all thanks to AT&T Mobile Network.

High-Speed Internet

Enjoy all a lightning fast internet has to offer. Download, stream or play without any hindrance.

Bumper Savings

Cheap wireless plans to get the most out of what you pay each month. Free yourself of unnecessary burden of huge bills.

Excellent Coverage

Experience coverage that are sure to stay with you no matter where you go. Go wherever you want without losing connectivity.

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Cricket Wireless Price & Coverage

Let’s be honest, nothing is more important than price and coverage while choosing a wireless service provider. You would want to get the best coverage at the lowest possible price.

Fortunately for cricket wireless, they’re doing great in both those departments. Single line plans with 2 GB data being at just $30 per month. The price isn’t that different to all the other small carriers available in the industry.

The major difference between other small carriers and Cricket Wireless is that Cricket offers nationwide coverage. According to a survey, AT&T offers 96.3% coverage in the country. It’s a great thing to know that just 4% of population doesn’t gets to enjoy Cricket Wireless.

Another great thing that you should know is that its coverage will be strong and it has a solid network in both the rural and urban areas. While rural areas tend to get a lot of bad reception, Cricket Wireless has a 10/10 score.

The list of great things of Cricket Wireless is endless. You also get unlimited text and calling with all the cricket wireless plans, be it the individual plan or family plans. Some of its plans also include unlimited text and talk to and from Canada & Mexico and unlimited international texting. If you want, you can add unlimited calling, texting and video messages from US and to 36 countries.

Cricket Wireless Family Plans

If you compare Cricket Wireless with its competitors, they offer better savings, affordable plans and a great amount of data on each line. Users get 2.5 GB data per line (10 GB for 4 lines) starts @ $100. This deal is one of the best in the industry for 4 lines family plan.

Same kind of plans with AT&T can reach up to $160/mo. So Cricket Wireless is obviously a better savings deal. The only drawback of cricket wireless is that it doesn’t offer family rollover option on any of their plan. If you don’t use your data, then you won’t get to use it the next month. Big carriers may appeal more to customers if you’re looking for shared data and rollover.

Cricket Wireless Speed

If you’ve used AT&T in the past, then you should know that AT&T offers faster speeds than any other carrier. Cricket Wireless speeds max out at 8 MBPS which is more than enough for basic internet activities and even video streaming. Users will experience slower speeds once you consume your allotted monthly data.

Regardless of your needs, you should be able to get through the month easily with 8 MBPS. Even if you take streaming in account, you’ll need around 5 MBPS speed to stream Netflix. It all comes down to what you need more, speed or lower price?

Variety of Phone Options From Cricket Wireless

Cricket Wireless offers unblocked and eligible GSM phones that support AT&T LTE bands. If your phone supports the AT&T LTE band, then your current device can be used instead of getting a new device.

Cricket also sells a huge variety of phones at MSRP (manufacturing suggested retail price). You can buy the phones online or offline. Although you will need to make payment in full and at the time purchase, the phone you buy will solely be your property and it won’t be under any contract. If you want a phone that is not under any contract, then you should choose any of the phones offered by Cricket Wireless.

Pros & Cons of Cricket Wireless

Pros Cons
Excellent coverage and reliability Limited add-ons options
Attractive & Clear pricing No data roll over option
No billing surprises Slower speeds than major carriers
No overages Slower speeds may impact audio and visual quality
No credit check Reduced speeds after plan’s data allotment
Option to change plans to your needs
Easy to transfer to existing phone
No contractual obligations
Existing numbers can be transferred to cricket devices

Premium Wireless Internet Service at Low Costs

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