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CenturyLink Phone Internet TV Bundles

$49.00 PER MONTH

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Life 40


40 Mbps

Download Speed

Double Play Fiber Gigabit


940 Mbps

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Triple Play Fiber Bundle

$149.99PER MONTH

940 Mbps

Download Speed





Why Choose CenturyLink Internet Service Plans

centurylink cheapest internet plan

Price For Life Guarantee

CenturyLink internet deals come along with a price for life guarantee. That means no matter how long you use your internet services for, you will have to pay the same price that you got the plan for.

centurylink business internet data cap

Huge Data Caps

CenturyLink offers 1 TB data cap on all their maximum internet deals. Pick any of the CenturyLink Internet Plans and get huge data limits.

centurylink internet plans no contract

No Contracts

Don't want to be stuck with your internet provider? Get CenturyLink Internet TV Bundles, and enjoy your quality services without contracts.

CenturyLink Internet Service Provider

Plan Price Download Speed Connection Type
Price For Life 15 MBPS $49 15 MBPS DSL
Price For Life 20 MBPS $49 20 MBPS DSL
Price For Life 40 MBPS $49 40 MBPS DSL
Price For Life 80 MBPS $49 80 MBPS DSL
Price For Life 100 MBPS $49 100 MBPS DSL
Price For Life 15 MBPS $65 940 MBPS Fiber

CenturyLink Internet Service Plans

CenturyLink Internet Deals only has 6 plans for internet, but a wide range of speeds. You may have seen that five of the CenturyLink Internet Service plans come at the same price. CenturyLink does the same thing AT&T does with their 10-100 MBPS plan. Based on your area, CenturyLink Internet deals offer different speeds under the same price. You can even get 100 MBPS for just $49 or you can get 10 MBPS speed for $49 per month.

If you are worried about what speeds you’ll be getting, then all you have to go and search online "CenturyLink internet service in my area". Or you can Contact our team, and we can provide you complete information about "CenturyLink internet service for low income families".

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centurylink internet service plans

CenturyLink Internet Deals for Home and Business

CenturyLink internet deals for home and business are perfect for almost everyone. Doesn't matter what kind of internet user you actually are, CenturyLink has great plans for almost everyone.

CenturyLink offers it's internet services in 36 states and it serves million of consumers. CenturyLink Internet service in my area is good enough for casual internet usage, HD streaming, competitive gaming and almost all the internet activities.

CenturyLink Internet Service Near Me

Another great thing about CenturyLink internet TV bundles is that you can get the services almost everywhere. The speed and services that's offered is great and customers are not bound with a contract and sudden price hikes. CenturyLink rural internet packages, offer competitive prices among their consumers. Whatever your needs for internet are, CenturyLink can fulfill your internet packages.

If you live in a CenturyLink Fiber internet connection are then you can even get 1 GBPS plan for just $65 per month. CenturyLink internet service for low income families is great and you can even speeds that are enough to carry a small business.

centurylink internet service in my area

Cox Internet Plans and Pricing

CenturyLink has only one Fiber internet package, which offers 1 GBPS speed and it can fulfill all your internet needs. At $65 a month, CenturyLink internet rural areas are a great replacement to satellite internet connection. The best thing is that CenturyLink offers one of the most competitive speeds for fiber internet. The only provider that comes close enough to that speed under that price is Xfinity internet.

Provider Monthly Price Download Speeds
CenturyLink $49 - $65 15 - 940 MBPS
AT&T Internet $40 - $50 5 - 100 MBPS
Cox Internet $19 - $99.99 10 - 940 MBPS
Suddenlink Internet $34.99 - $74.99 100 - 1000 MBPS
Windstream Internet $28.99 - $90 25 - 1000 MBPS
Xfinity Internet $29.99 - $299.95 15 - 2000 MBPS

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Pros & Cons of CenturyLink Internet Deals

CenturyLink mobile internet, CenturyLink internet TV bundle & CenturyLink Internet Deals are perfect for all of them. There’s one thing you should understand, No Internet service provider is perfect. Same is the case with CenturyLink. You can get Incredible speeds, No contract obligations, and a price for life guarantee. Among all the great things, CenturyLink has some issues as well as an internet service provider. Here is the complete list of CenturyLink TV packages and internet service Cons and Pros.


  • No sudden price Hikes
  • No Contract Options available
  • Gig Fiber Internet Speeds available
  • Free Access to Over 17,000 WiFi Hotspots


  • Below Average Customer Service
  • Download speeds are either hit or miss

CenturyLink Fees, Contracts & Equipment

As stated above, CenturyLink Internet Service Plans don’t ask for Contracts, No early termination fees. CenturyLink just charges you for your Modem and Installation. Unlike most Internet service providers, CenturyLink doesn’t forces you to sign on a dotted lines to get the internet speed you desire. Best thing is even if you cancel CenturyLink internet rural areas packages you don’t have to pay for the cancellation fees.

Instead of keeping customers hooked with contracts, CenturyLink keeps you connected to them with their price for life guarantee. All the CenturyLink Internet deals come equipped with price for life guarantee.

centurylink internet deals
centurylink cable tv packages

CenturyLink TV Packages

CenturyLink doesn't just offer Internet services, it also offers HD TV services. There aren’t much packages for TV, but whatever CenturyLink offers is great. CenturyLink TV packages are available in limited areas & you get all the basic cable and entertainment channels or just $45 per month.

With CenturyLink TV packages, you get HD channels with lifelike picture quality. Unlike other TV service providers out there, CenturyLink offers limited channels but whatever it offers it comes with no contracts, no cancellation charge and no additional fees. So if you are looking for an affordable TV package then contact us and we can help you get Ideal CenturyLink Phone, Internet, TV bundles.

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