How To Replace Home Internet With Sprint Hotspot?

sprint high speed mobile hotspot

Sprint high-speed mobile hotspot is great for replacing your home internet. To make things better T-Mobile and Sprint are now merged. The talk was going on for months and finally, in April 2020, Sprint was acquired by Sprint. Sprint stores all over the country are now labeled with “Part of T-Mobile signs and billboards. Current Sprint customers can keep their plans and pricing. Now coming back to the main topic, “Can you replace home internet with Sprint Hotspot?” 

Sprint’s unlimited premium offers the largest 4G LTE hotspot data allotment of any major carrier with 100 GB data. While 100 GB sounds like a lot of data to work from home completely, but it may not be enough to support streaming, downloading, and uploading. Sprint customers already know this but they don’t exactly have the best coverage. However, in Metropolitan areas, consumers can get good enough reception to use mobile hotspot for working from home. Sprint mobile hotspot internet speed is also good enough to keep your emails coming and going seamlessly. Home internet packages are extremely costly, they also have to be installed, and based on your provider, you may need to pay rent on the equipment. In this guide, we will teach you about the best Sprint hotspot plans, and can you use them to replace your home internet?

Replacing Home Internet With Sprint Hotspot?

Before we jump straight towards if you can or can not use sprint mobile hotspot internet speed to replace your home internet. Let us tell you how you can leave your home internet behind to replace your home internet. You just have to follow 5 simple steps.

  • Check your monthly internet bill to find out how much data you use each month.
  • Then find a Sprint plan with enough hotspot data to meet your needs. 
  • Enable Sprint hotspot in your phone’s settings.
  • Connect all your devices with your phone’s mobile network.
  • Cancel your monthly home internet plan
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Best Sprint Hotspot Plans

There aren’t multiple plans that would be able to fulfill your need for home internet usage. But the Sprint’s Unlimited Premium plan offers 100 GB of monthly hotspot data. That’s not all, it also offers consumers subscriptions to Amazon Prime, Hulu & Tidal. If you don’t need that much data to use every month, then you can use the Unlimited Plus plan that is cheaper and offers 50 GB monthly hotspot data. 

Other Sprint Hotspot Plans

Sprint has limited dedicated hotspot plans, if your smartphone or iPhone doesn’t support the hotspot feature then you’ll have to get a device that does support it. Let’s talk about other Sprint high-speed mobile hotspot plans. These plans come with hotspot data allowances of 10GB, 50 GB, & 100 GB, and all of these plans range in between $30 – $60 per month.

Is Sprint Hotspot Good?

A lot of consumers all over the USA ask the same question regarding Sprint’s hotspot speed & reliability. Before we answer your question “Is Sprint hotspot Good?” We need to ask, are you aware of how mobile hotspots work?

When you turn on the mobile hotspot feature on your device, your device creates a WiFi network out of your own mobile data. All the internet connectivity capable devices can connect with the hotspot network using the username and password. Now that you know how Mobile hotspot works, you must know is Sprint hotspot good?

Sprint doesn’t have the best reputation when it comes to network coverage. If you live in a huge metro area then you will have good enough reception. It offers 4G LTE Speed which is more than enough to handle the load of 2-3 devices. 

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Can Sprint Hotspot Handle Working From Home?

The answer to this question can be broken into 3 different parts. What makes any mobile hotspot great is Data Allowances, Network Strength, and internet speed. Let’s break these down in terms of Sprint Hotspot.

1. Sprint Hotspot Data Allowances

Almost all of us depend on the internet for our day-to-day activities. Internet connectivity is also crucial to stay connected with colleagues while working from home. If you too are working from home then most mobile hotspot won’t be able to handle your usage, but Sprint Hotspot plans may be an exception. You get 100 GB 4G LTE data per month which is more than enough if you have limited internet usage. If you love streaming content then it won’t be enough. So Sprint is good enough for working from home. 

2. Network Strength

As discussed above, Sprint doesn’t have the best network coverage in comparison to its counterparts. Now that Sprint has been acquired by T-Mobile things will turn around for good. Sprint used to be on number 4th in terms of network strength but according to reports, T-Mobile will now serve almost 99% of the country.

3. Internet Speed

Sprint mobile hotspot internet speed doesn’t have the best reputation as well. In some parts of the country, they may rank higher as connections are different based on location. Regardless of all that, Sprint’s average 4G speed is around 30 MBPS. This concludes that Sprint’s internet speed is more than good enough to work from home.

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