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High Speed Mediacom Internet Plans

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Test Your Internet Usage

Internet 60


60 Mbps

Download Speed

40 GB

Data Cap

1 Gig Internet Plan


1000 Mbps

Download Speed

50 Mbps

Upload Speed

6000 GB

Data Limit

Internet 60 + Variety TV


60 Mbps

Download Speed



400 GB

Data Limit

Benefits of Choosing Mediacom

Mediacom phone service price

Reasonable Prices

Don’t want to burn a hole in your pockets? Mediacom TV and internet bundles are cheap and perfect for saving money.

mediacom customer support

24/7 Support

Mediacom unlimited internet plans come with an offline and online customer service 24/7.

mediacom high speed internet

Incredible Speeds

Mediacom internet plans speeds range from 60 MBPS to 1000 MBPS, which means you don’t have to worry about buffering while watching your favorite movie.

Lightning Fast Internet Plans With Mediacom

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Mediacom high speed internet plans for home and business are perfect for you. It is one of the most trusted internet service providers in the nation. Enjoy high speed internet services with reliable Mediacom internet for home and business.

Mediacom internet service provider is one of the top internet available services provider in USA. With our help you can compare Mediacom internet and phone package in your area. Call our internet experts today!

Mediacom internet plans near me
Mediacom cable TV service

Reinvent the Way You Watch TV

Mediacom TV only plans come HD channels under most reasonable price. Mediacom cable TV service certainly keeps up with the needs of consumers. If you don’t wish to spend too much time watching TV then you can get Mediacom basic TV Service. That’s not all, Mediacom TV only plans range from basic to premium TV packages.

If you are from some other country other than the United states, Mediacom allows you to watch TV from wherever you are. Mediacom gives you entertainment and sports from Europe, Asia, Russia, France, Philippines, Korea and Vietnam. While these extra features sound good, they also charge extra money.

Mediacom Phone Service

With Mediacom phone services, you can stay connected to friends and family worldwide. Mediacom telephone service provides several features that most consumers would find great. According to customer reviews, Mediacom phone service offers superior voice quality, unlimited nationwide calling facility.

If you love being connected to your family, then Mediacom Phone service also offers a home security plan with some Mediacom internet and phone package.

Mediacom telephone service

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Plan Price Download Speed Data Cap
Internet 60 $39.99/mo 60 MBPS 400 GB
Internet 100 $49.99/mo 100 MBPS 1 TB
Internet 200 $59.99/mo 200 MBPS 2 TB
Internet 500 $69.99/mo 500 MBPS 4 TB
1 Gig $79.99/mo 1000 MBPS 6 TB

Mediacom Internet Plans & Prices

When it comes to high speed internet plans, Mediacom has no limit of variety of speeds. There is a 60 MBPS plan which is often perfect for most users who live alone and have a limited internet usage. For families with 2-3 members, the Mediacom high speed internet plan that offers 200 MBPS is perfect. With that much speed you can easily watch shows and movies online and play games.

There’s even a 1 gig plan and it is more than enough to handle any usage you throw at it. Compare the price with other fiber plans and Mediacom fiber optic internet does a fine job.

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Is Mediacom Internet Right for Me?

Mediacom internet service area is not too wide if you compare it with the top cable internet providers. But Mediacom has a strong grip in southern America and selected rural areas. If you reside in a Mediacom internet service area then you can choose from a wide range of high speed internet plans.

Mediacom speeds go all the way up to 1 GBPS, however download speed is just a number. Choosing the right internet provider involves other factors as well. Some cable internet service providers can offer you speed good enough to get you through any activity during peak hours without slowdowns. Some providers on the other hand only offer 10% of their advertised internet speed.

So where does Mediacom fit in? According to FCC’s 2016 report, Mediacom provides internet speed between 61 to 95% internet speed. To simplify, some customers received the exact speed that they paid for, while others just got 60%.

There’s on thing you should note. There are no Mediacom unlimited internet plans. All the packages come with a data limit, even the Gig plan has a data limit of 6TB per month. While 6 TB is more than enough for users with huge internet appetite, but if you have a huge family or if your connection is for business, you can exceed the data limit. You will have to suffer with slower speeds till your month ends and you will have to pay an overage fee.

Overall, Mediacom does a fine a job with the speed and price it offers to the users. If you are in a Mediacom internet service area then you should try it. If you aren’t sure about Mediacom internet plans in your area, give us a call.

Mediacom Service Update

During this recent pandemic, Mediacom has discontinued its TV and phone services all across the nation. To keep everyone safe and secured, Mediacom has stopped the installation of Phone and TV services. High speed internet is still available throughout the country.