5G Internet Vs Fiber: Difference Between Fiber and 5G

5g vs fiber internet

With the launch of 5G, there has been a lot of speculation among users about which is faster. The 5G internet vs Fiber debate has been going on since the launch of 5G. 5G vs fiber optic speed is quite easy to compare. The basic thing is that both these services offer a lightning-fast internet connection. Before we start the 5G internet vs Fiber comparison, you need to understand how fiber internet works & How 5G internet works. Here’s the basic difference between fiber and 5G.

  • Fiber is still in its early stages in terms of availability and depends on expensive wired infrastructure.
  • 5G home internet is also in its early stages, as the technology is completely wireless and it will grow faster than fiber internet.

In the next few years, both 5G internet vs Fiber will cover more ground all over the country. But which one has better capabilities to meet your needs. Well, for the complete comparison of 5G internet vs Fiber, we have listed the main difference between fiber and 5G. Read this guide till the end and find out the 5G internet pros and cons and fiber internet pros and cons.

5G vs Fiber: What’s The Difference?

Fiber internet is an incredible piece of technology that uses optical fiber cables to deliver lightning-fast home internet connection. The only drawback of the fiber optics internet is that those fiber optics cables are expensive and cost a good deal of money. On the other hand, 5G home internet uses the power of small cell antennas that are placed throughout your town and city. Even though they are wireless, they still very expensive to set up. Each node’s range is quite small so a lot of them need to be placed all over the city to provide enough coverage. This is the main difference between Fiber and 5G. All of us use a mobile phone and you already know a lot more about 5G than you realize.

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How Fiber Internet Works?

Fiber internet relies on the power of light to transfer data at incredible gigabit speeds with the glass mesh fiber cables. The primary reason why the connection is so fast is that the light travels ultra-fast and the speeds don’t slow down over long distances. That is one of the main differences between 5G Internet vs Fiber. 

The downside of fiber optic internet is that it is available in limited locations. If you definitely want a fiber connection in your area then you can put in a special request, but bear in mind that the fees can be high due to your special request. 

How 5G Internet Works?

5G internet requires mobile companies to attach small cell towers or nodes to wired fiber networks. These nodes then send digital data to your home router. Then your wireless routers send data to your devices. In some instances, the 5G network is almost as fast as fiber internet, but it’s still prone to network congestion and weak signals. To fix this trouble, you just need to install more towers in densely populated regions.

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5G Vs Fiber Internet: Installation Process

Both the 5G home internet and fiber internet need you to use a router and a WiFi modem to provide internet connectivity to your homes. With the 5g installation process, the technician can’t install the services if your home doesn’t have a weaker signal area. However, that problem can be solved with WiFi Extenders. 

With the fiber internet installation process, you are dealing with a few issues. The first issue is the super high installation fees as they need to lay down the fiber cables right down to your home. You can get fiber to the curb internet which lays down the cables directly to your home, or you can get Fiber to the neighborhood internet. The Fiber internet installation process for the fiber to the neighborhood is different as it is technically not fiber internet. It’s 90% fiber internet and that’s why speeds drop down a bit. If you are experiencing a dead WiFi zone then you can use the best WiFi extenders to boost the signals.

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5G Vs Fiber Internet: Equipment Requirements

Fiber Internet

  • Some installation fees can be near $1,000, make sure you read the fine print before signing up.
  • You’ll need a modem and a WiFi Router, some fiber companies will allow you to rent the equipment from them.
  • Once your wired connection is activated, you can either pay professionals to install your services or you can do it by yourself.
  • If your home is bigger than 1,600 sq. ft, you may need additional WiFi routers to ensure there are no dead zone in your home.

5G Home Internet

  • Just like any other internet connection, you require a modem and router for the 5g installation process.
  • The tech is in its early stages, it’s likely that you will need an additional tech for 5G home internet installation. Though it will change in time.

Use WiFi extenders to prevent you from any dead zones in your home.

5G Vs Fiber Optic Speed

True fiber internet and 5G plans are almost equal in terms of speed. Each of those connections is good enough to surpass the gig speeds. Although in terms of speed, Fiber internet has better speeds and connection reliability. 

You need to make sure that the plan you are getting is the true fiber internet plan. Some customers might sign up for a “Fiber Plan” that’s not really fiber internet connection. If the cables that reach your home isn’t actually capable of Gig speeds, then you won’t have any benefit of spending extra money. The only thing that matters while using fiber internet plans is what kind of cables are reaching your home. Nothing else matters at all between choosing 5g internet vs fiber.

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The case isn’t the same with 5G wireless broadband. Now that you know how 5G internet works, you must also know that there are so many things that can impact your signal strength and network congestion. Even though your 5G home internet can surpass fiber speeds, they will slow down if there aren’t enough network nodes in your tower. The good news is that you will notice fewer issues as soon as more network nodes are installed in your area.

5G vs Fiber: Pros and Cons

If you find fiber internet plans that have a low advance fee and offer true fiber connectivity then it comes down to availability. Both 5G home internet and fiber internet are great options but if you have fiber internet in your area then we suggest you choose that one. Here are the fiber internet pros and cons and 5G internet pros and cons.

If you find fiber internet plans that have a low advance fee and offer true fiber connectivity then it comes down to availability. Both 5G home internet and fiber internet are great options but if you have fiber internet in your area then we suggest you choose that one. Here are the fiber internet pros and cons and 5G internet pros and cons. 

Fiber Home Internet Pros and Cons

Ultra-fast and can surpass gig speeds.Plan descriptions can be misleading.
Low-cost plan options usually available.Some provider upfront fees can reach up to $1000.
Bundle deals with phone and cable TV.Limited availability
May offer a low upfront fee in some areas.Not available in rural areas.
fiber internet plan deals

5G Home Internet Pros and Cons

Easy installationLimited availability
Superfast internet serviceCan be affected by the weather.
Reasonably pricedNo landline options.
 Small cell towers may not look good enough.

Conclusion: Which Is Better 5G or Fiber

The fiber internet is obviously better than the 5G internet. If you don’t have a fiber internet connection in your area then 5G home internet comes in as a close second. Now that you know which is better 5G or Fiber? Club HDTV helps you find the true fiber internet packages in your zip code.

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