How to Set-up Wi-Fi on Satellite Internet Connection?

how to connect satellite wifi

Satellite internet connection isn’t the best type of internet service you can get for your home. But when it comes to internet connectivity in remote areas Satellite internet is your best bet. But for the complete internet experience with Satellite internet service then you need to set up a Wi-Fi service. If you have been wondering How to Setup WiFi on satellite Internet connection then you are at the right place.

Setting up Wi-Fi on satellite internet service is a much simpler process than it sounds. We’ll guide you through the right process of setting up a WiFi satellite connection. Plus we’ll also help you pick the best router for a Wi-Fi connection.

What is Satellite Internet Connection?

Unlike other internet connections, satellite internet connections don’t use physical cables to deliver internet options. You have to mount a satellite dish on your roof to send and receive internet signals. While the network goes all the way to an orbiting satellite and comes back to your satellite dish. As the distance between the satellite and the satellite dish is so much the internet speed is slow! You have to use a wired connection to use the satellite internet connection. To get the full benefit of satellite internet service you should get a Wi-Fi service with your satellite connection.

What You’ll Need?

To setup WiFi service on satellite internet connection, you will need a few things. You won’t have to buy anything, your internet service provider will provide you with everything you need to setup WiFi on satellite internet connection. Here’s the list of things you need.

  • Satellite internet service
  • Satellite Dish
  • A Modem
  • A Wi-Fi router
  • Ethernet Cord
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Setting up Wireless Satellite Internet Service

There are only two major satellite internet service providers. HughesNet and Viasat are the only two internet providers who can offer you satellite internet. Viasat offers better internet speed but it is more expensive than HughesNet. HughesNet offers better service at a lower price range but Viasat has better price options for business packages. To take advantage of your satellite internet service follow these steps to set up WiFi service on satellite internet.

Ethernet: The first thing you’ll need is to connect an Ethernet cable to connect your device f you don’t want a Wireless internet service. After your satellite provider installs your satellite internet service, plug one end of the Ethernet cord in the modem and plug another end into your computer to connect to the internet service.

Wi-Fi Service: Getting wireless service on your satellite Internet setup is very easy. If you’ve already chosen one of the two service providers, here’s how you can add a Wi-Fi service.

  1. Choose a Wireless Router: You can’t set up a wireless satellite internet without a wireless router. A router is usually offered by your internet service provider, if he doesn’t offer it you can buy or rent your own.
  2. Plug the Router in an Outlet: Plug your wireless router in a wall outlet and let it boot up! The process might take a few minutes based on the router model the process will vary. Check the instructions that came with the equipment on the box.
  3. Connect the Router to Modem: If you have a separate device for a router and modem. Then you are gonna need to connect the modem to the router. Use an Ethernet cable to connect your Modem and Router. However, chances are that HughesNet and Viasat offer you a combined device.
  4. Configure Your Network: Once your router is connected to the Modem you’ll have a wireless connection showing In the list of available wireless connections. The network won’t be password protected and it will have a generic name.

    Access your router’s configuration panel, you get an instruction manual with the router. You just have to type in the router’s IP address in a browser and you’ll be able to access the configuration panel. 

    Enter the name you want to keep for your Wireless connection, set up a strong password so it’ll be difficult for someone who’s trying to break into your wireless connection.
  5. Log in to Your Wireless Connection: Once you are through with the process, open Wi-Fi settings on your smartphone or computer. Find the name you selected for your Wi-Fi and enter the password. You’ll connect to a wireless connection on your satellite internet connection.
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Pros & Cons of Satellite Wi-Fi

A satellite Wi-Fi connection has a lot of pros and cons. There are not many things different about satellite internet. Here are all the Pros and cons of satellite Wi-Fi service.

You can move your device around your home freelyHigh latency makes online gaming difficult
Can connect multiple devices at onceWi-Fi networks are prone to signal interference
You can enjoy the wireless satellite experience

Choosing the Best Router for Your Satellite Internet

If you decide to buy a router rather than use the one that your provider offers you then you have a lot of options. But you need to keep a few factors in mind while choosing a Router for satellite internet service. It’s not a good idea to go for the best router and the most expensive router. You wouldn’t want to spend $500 on a router for a slow satellite internet connection. Here are all the factors you should consider before buying a router.

  • Are you a Gamer?: If you are a gamer then you need a router that can reduce the ping and latency as much as possible. A gaming router like NETGEAR XR5000 can add a brilliant performance boost to your satellite internet service. 
  • Multiple Device Connectivity: One of the biggest factors in the speed of satellite Wi-Fi service if the number of connected devices. If you have too many devices connected to the Wi-Fi then you should choose a router MU-MIMO feature are better at handling a lot of devices at the same time. 
  • How Large is Your Home?: Another deciding factor is how big your home is? Huge homes or huge business areas require a router that can spread the networks over long distances. Whether you buy a router or use the one that’s been offered by your provider, you can access the satellite internet Wi-Fi service with ease. Follow our simple steps to set up a satellite internet Wi-Fi service every time you get a new satellite internet service.
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