How to Submit a Complaint to FCC against Your Internet Service Provider?

how to file an ftc complaint

If you are the luckiest person on earth, then your Internet service provider would be perfect for you! Let’s assume you are one from the common bunch like us, then you are most probably unhappy with your internet service provider. The bottom line is that if you feel like your company is violating the terms of your contract, you can file an FCC complaint against ISP. If you are wondering how to file an FCC complaint against your internet service provider, then you are in the right place. We will help you through the FCC complaint process so that your provider treats its consumers fairly!

Difference Between FTC and FCC?

Before registering a complaint you should know that FTC & FCC are two separate organizations working towards a similar goal. So before you go ahead and search how to file an FTC complaint or how to file an FCC complaint. You should know what is it that these organizations do!

The FTC (Federal Trade Commission) focuses to prevent unfair activities conducted by businesses to take advantage of the consumers. The FCC (Federal Communications Commission) has similar goals, but as the name suggests the organization only focuses on policing the telecom industry.

In simple words, FTC regulates fair practice throughout all the industries while FCC works towards implementing fair workings throughout the telecommunication industry. Ever since implementing net neutrality, FCC started loading off a few of its responsibility to FTC. Now that both the organizations are making sure that your Internet service providers follow the fair practices, you can either file an FCC complaint against ISP or FTC. We hope you understand the difference between FCC & FTC.

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How to File an FTC/FCC Complaint?

Before you file an official complaint with FCC or FTC, try to talk to your Internet service provider. Both FCC & FTC advise you to solve whatever problem you are facing on your own first. So make a phone call to your ISP as it will help you in the bigger picture.

If your provider refuses to listen to your complaint and continues with their unfair ways, you should file an FCC complaint against your ISP. Let’s take you through the FCC complaint process.

  1. Contacting the FCC: There are multiple ways you can contact FCC to lodge your complaint, you can visit their online portal, you can write a letter or you can call them. FCC consumer complaint number is (888) 225-5322 if you want to file your complaint directly to a customer representative.
  2. Contacting the FTC: Same as FCC, FTC also offers different ways to connect to them. You can file your complaint on their online portal, or you can call them. We suggest you go through their online portal. The process is simple and your problem with your ISP will be resolved much more quickly! However, if you wish to file a complaint about phone call then you need to use this FTC complaint phone no (877) 382-4357.

What is the FCC Complaint Process?

If you need to go through the easy way, you can find the FTC consumer complaint phone number and wait till you get connected to a customer representative. Although the better option is to file an informal complaint through the online portal. Informal complaints make up most of the major FCC appeals. Informal complaints are the most realistic way of resolving your disputes with your ISP. There is a formal complaint process as well which includes a lot of legalities and usually, it is not worth the time and effort. Let’s continue with the FCC Complaint process.

  • The first step includes you to get in touch with the FCC with one of the methods we have mentioned above. We recommend the online portal for an efficient and smooth process.
  • Once your complaint is submitted your ISP is given 3o days by FCC or FTC to respond directly to you while keeping FCC in CC.
  • We would advise you to keep following up with your complaint if you don’t get a response. Many people have complained that their complaint was disposed of when they stopped following up on it.
  • When you get a response, you can either accept their response or you can offer them a rebuttal, to which they must reply in due time.
  • Once your ISP Satisfies FCC with their response, they’ll close off the case.
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Other Options to Resolve Issues with Your ISP

If your issue is still not resolved even after the closure of your case, there are few other options you can try rather than keeping the FCC complaint process going.

You can always switch to another internet service provider if you are not happy with your current one! Although if you have only one internet provider in your area, then you have no option other than to stick with the same provider.

Another option is a little far-fetched, but if there is only one wireless broadband provider near your home then you may have to choose this option. You can get in touch with your congressperson and talk with him/her about unfair practices pursued by your Local internet service provider. We hope this helps you if you were looking for an answer to how to file an FCC complaint against your internet service provider.

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