What Is The Difference Between DSL and Broadband Internet?

dsl and broadband difference

Deciding what type of internet you want can be really tricky as you will come across terms that will go over your head mostly. When you search for home internet service providers, you will encounter a lot of terms that will be highly technical. It gets a lot easier to search for a home internet connection when you know what you are actually searching for. You must know your internet options like cable or DSL internet but do you understand the difference between DSL and Broadband Internet?

All the internet connections are defined with some type of jargon so it would help you in choosing the ideal internet connection if you understand the terminology. You will also learn which is faster DSL or Broadband.

Let’s get on with this article and learn what is the difference between broadband vs DSL internet connection. The difference is vast so read till the end hopefully you’ll be able to choose the right type of internet connection for yourself.

So What is Broadband Internet Service?

Regardless of popular opinion broadband wireless service isn’t any one kind of internet connection. Broadband is an electronics engineering term that generally refers to the wide bandwidth and data transmission. To make things easier to understand, Imagine that data is traveling on a road, narrow roads with too many cars would mean slow transmission and wide bandwidth (open roads) would result in faster internet speed.

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Broadband internet is basically a huge highway that transmits data both way. This transmission of data is known as download and upload speeds. In common terms, the Broadband connection is referred to as an internet service that is always on. Broadband connection can be transmitted to homes, businesses, or any place via telephone wires, copper cable wires, or Glass fiber wires. There are benefits and drawbacks to all types of internet services, but all of them can help you with fulfilling your internet needs.

What is DSL Internet Connection?

Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) is a type of broadband internet connection that uses copper telephone lines to deliver your internet connection. DSL is easily available everywhere as most households already have a landline connection. Don’t confuse the DSL connection with Dial-up as you can use both telephone service and internet service at the same time. Most people choose DSL internet because it is easily available and you can get speed as much as 100 MBPS on some plans. Now, if you are wondering which is faster DSL or Broadband connection then you should understand that Broadband is a wide term used for all sorts of internet services. So broadband can be faster and slower than DSL.

Another reason for choosing DSL is the price. DSL internet service is very affordable and much less expensive than fiber and cable internet service. With the help of growing technology and infrastructure, users can enjoy speeds that can compete with cable internet. If you are lucky enough you can get symmetrical download and upload speeds on your DSL internet service.

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Is Broadband a Better Choice Than DSL Internet?

Broadband service uses TV lines to deliver the internet to homes. Most providers have already lines spread out in most areas so TV providers can easily deliver incredible speeds to users using the same lines. Some Cable internet providers are taking things to the next level and they are using hybrid cables that include cable and fiber mesh wires to deliver internet service. That means users will get faster and more reliable internet services. If you live in a neighborhood where DSL internet is slow and not worth paying for then Cable internet service is the perfect connection you can choose for yourself. 

Should You Choose for DSL and Another Broadband Connection?

If you are wondering, which is better DSL or broadband and if you are planning to invest in another service with DSL then don’t. Paying twice the amount for the same service doesn’t make sense, instead, go for a high-end DSL internet plan. The DSL and broadband difference is hard to understand but one thing is for sure that whatever your needs for internet service is, DSL internet can fulfill it with ease. 

Conclusion: Broadband vs DSL Internet Connection

If you live in a DSL internet service provider dominated area then you have no choice other than to choose a DSL internet service for your home. Now that you understand which is better DSL or broadband, you can choose the right type of internet service for yourself.

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