TV Cable Splitters: Get TV In Every Corner of Your Home

cable splitters for internet and tv

Fan of watching TV but don’t want to stay stuck to one particular location? Or if you have multiple TVs in your home but don’t wish to pay separate TV bills and buy separate TV boxes, cable splitters are the thing you are looking for. In this article, we will teach you how to install TV cable splitters and also use the right kind of cable splitters. We have compiled a list of 2-way cable splitter, 3-way cable splitter and 4-way cable splitter that can help you watch TV anywhere in your home. 

Pros and Cons of Coaxial Cable Splitters

Cheap pricesNo independent channel viewing
Easy to installChances of signal loss

Cable splitters are affordable but they aren’t an ideal solution for everyone out there. If you have a family that has different viewing habits, then you don’t need TV cable splitters. Usually, extra cable boxes for bedrooms cost you around $5 – $12 extra each month. If you need extra channels and different channels on different TVs then you should upgrade to a better plan.

How to Install a Cable Splitter?

Installing a cable splitter to set up TVs in multiple rooms is something only a cable installer can handle. It’s obvious that it would cost you extra, and they’ll suggest you buy or rent more cable boxes instead of installing TV cable splitters. 

Although if you know how to screw up a coaxial coupler sleeve and your TV viewing needs are simple, then you can install the cable splitter by yourself with ease.

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Best Cable Splitters

1. Extreme 2-Way HD Digital 1 GHz High-Performance Coax Cable Splitter

This is one of the best coaxial cable splitters on the market right now. Coaxial cable splitters take in a cable signal line and channel it out into multiple signals. The signals are usually a couple of TVs and a high-speed cable internet modem. Whether you’re using a plain 3 plug metal block or a multiple port device, almost all the TV cable splitters do the same thing, redistributing information and signal. 

2. Extreme 3-Way Unbalanced HD Digital 1 GHz High-Performance Coax Cable Splitter

This here is one of the cable splitters for internet and TV. If you want to watch TV in another room or in your bedroom, the signal will have to be copied. To achieve that signal, you need to attach a cable splitter between the output of your main cable box and the first TV. The next step includes you running one or more secondary lines to other TVs in your home. 

The downfall of the cable splitters is that the splitters will be used alongside the cable box. That means all the split TVs attached to the same network will be turned to the same channel. While the solution to watch TV using the cable splitters for the internet and TV isn’t efficient, it is cheap and a workable solution. 

3. PCT MA28PN RF Amplifier Passive Return CATV Amp 8-Ports

This cable splitter amplifier is a brilliant device that provides the feature of multiple connections. The device comes equipped with 8 ports that offer a +4dB boost for every single port. Which makes sure that you receive great signals through your every watching. 

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The cable splitter amplifier is ideal for use with Over Air Antennas or any other service providers that can prevent signal loss to various locations. This a multi-port cable splitters for internet and TV which amplifies the signal to a great extent. The great compatibility for all the cable services makes it one of the Best cable splitters for TV and internet. 

4. Cable Modem Coaxial 2-Way Splitter RG-6 RG-59

This particular cable splitter offers an industrial-grade product that provides a seamless two-way broadband application. It is compatible with all multimedia devices and offers smooth performance all the time. 

Its low modulation design offers an improved frequency of 5.42 MHz. This way, it prevents the high cable modem from affecting the transmission. This feature makes this TV cable splitter perfect for many applications like telephone, transmission sensitive digital signals, video signals like IPTV, and more. 

5. Extreme 8-Way HD Digital

Another great TV cable splitter on our list is the Extreme coax cable splitter. It is a well-designed horizontal mounted coax device that delivers smooth performance and low signal loss. The signal is made with zinc die-cast housing and is soldered to perfection which makes sure to provide the finest electrical performance from all 8 output sources. 

The device is built with precision and the best electrical components. All this makes sure that your device lasts for a long long time however you use it.

This cable splitter is perfect for those who want to watch TV in multiple-use but don’t want to use multiple cable splitters. It provides a cleaner look to your house as no cables are lying about. As it works perfectly with cable modems, TVs, and other devices you can use it for any purpose you want.

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Things to Look Out for With Cable Splitters

You should know that if you’re running a secondary coax cable any more than 50 feet, you are sure to experience extreme signal loss. You should consider getting an amplified cable splitter/booster to cover the distance you need. 

Since cable internet modems require a fraction of TV signal, they don’t really work well alongside amplifiers and boosters. To get the ideal signal strength from a cable splitter, use a splitter only with the number of outputs required. 

Final Take: Don’t Burden Yourself With Boxes

If you don’t wish to spend extra monthly rent for additional cable boxes in your house, there are several ways to save money. The viewing options are limited, but you get what you pay for in these times. 

An inexpensive cable splitter is still less costly than a cable box. Using the right type of transmitters, you can save a lot of money.

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