Low-Cost Internet, Mobile Plans and Tech for Military & Veterans

best internet for military

Internet plans can cost a lot, they can even hurt your bank balance if you don’t have that much need for high-speed internet. If you’re a military veteran, then you can get even cheaper internet, mobile plans, and another tech. There are countless internet deals for military that you can advantage of. In this article, we will tell you which internet service providers, mobile phone carriers and organizations help U.S military military members and get even low-cost tech. Here is our list of internet discounts for military.

1. Quality for a Veteran Lifeline Discount

The FCC’s Lifeline program aims to provide affordable telecommunication services to make sure low-income American families get access to high-speed internet. Military veterans can become a part of Lifeline discount on internet and home phone services from major internet service providers and get best internet for military. You can only qualify for the program if you receive a veteran’s pension and survivor’s benefit.

Those who qualify for a Lifeline discount will get a $9.25/mo subsidy on plans from providers who are providing internet or phone services. You can get either an internet service or phone service, but not both. Lifeline discount has a lot of internet providers with military discounts. Let’s say you choose a plan that costs $29.25/mo then the Lifeline program will pay $9.25 and you’ll have to pay just $20.

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2. Discounted Internet for U.S. Military Members and Veterans

Below we are mentioning a list of internet providers with military discount or those offer their own discount program for military members and veterans.

ProviderStarting PriceSpeed
Frontier Lifeline$10.74/mo.Up to 6 Mbps
Windstream Lifeline Program$10.74/mo.Up to 4 Mbps
Xfinity Internet Essentials$9.95/mo.Up to 15 Mbps
  • Frontier Lifeline

Veteran families can get discounts from Frontier if the families qualify through the Government Lifeline program. With the Government discount, the plan from Frontier costs around $10.74/mo on an internet plan with up to 6 Mbps speed. If you want, you can even use your lifeline discount on phone service from Frontier, although you can’t use it on both phone and internet services. This is one of the best best internet for military.

  • Windstream Lifeline

Windstream is also a part of the federal Lifeline discount for veterans. You can use your Lifeline discount for either internet or phone service. Households residing in federally recognized tribal lands are also eligible to receive additional discounts. Windstream is another provider of internet plans for military.

  • Xfinity Internet Essentials

The internet from Xfinity costs around $9.95/mo for qualifying veteran households. You get up to 15Mbps download speed with in-home WiFi included. You don’t require contracts, credit checks, and installation fees. Including WiFi, users also get 40 hours of nationwide WiFi hotspots every day for 30 days. Another great perk is that Xfinity also offers low-cost computers which veterans can buy a laptop or desktop for $149. Get the FiOS military discount with Xfinity.

3. Military and Veteran Discounts on Cell Phone Plans

Assurance WirelessFree monthly data, free monthly minutes, unlimited textsLifeline
AT&T25% off each Unlimited & More wireless planActive duty military
Sprint50% off family linesVeterans, active duty military members and reservists of the U.S Armed Forces
T-MobileSave up to $20/line on Magenta Military plansVeteran and Military families
U.S Cellular15% off individual or family plansActive duty military members, national guard, reservists and veterans

Organizations That Help Military Members & Veterans

Apart from internet service providers and federal programs, many organizations help military and veteran families solve internet connectivity by connecting problems by connecting them with low-cost internet to almost every home. Military veterans can also receive free tech and exclusive discounts. 

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1. Cell Phones for Soldiers

These nonprofit organizations have the simple goal of providing free communication services by connecting military members, veterans, and their families with phones, domestic calling, and some international minutes. Cell Phones for Soldiers also provides one-time emergency funds for returning veterans to make the transition to civilian life a bit easier. 

2. EveryoneOn

It is a national nonprofit organization that allows you to connect everyone with low-cost internet. Veterans that participate in the veteran pension program can qualify for internet and computer discounts. You can visit the EveryoneOn website and enter your ZIP code and search for discounts. EveryoneOn has internet providers with military discount.

3. Human-I-T

This organization partners with EveryoneOn to make sure that the customers can choose the most affordable internet provider and apply for internet discounts. Households can even choose to purchase a mobile WiFi hotspot device for a one-time cost of $99.99 and also pay for a low-cost internet plan at just $14.99. Human-I-T’s mobile WiFi hotspot is a brilliant option for those living in an area where no major internet provider offers veteran discounts. 

4. PCs for People

PCs for People can provide veterans with low-cost internet and computers. You can buy a WiFi hotspot for as low as $11.25/mo. The 4G LTE hotspot comes with unlimited data and speeds that won’t be throttled. The only drawback of this is that you’ll have to pay $96 upfront for the device. Veterans can also buy low-cost refurbished computers from PCs for People. 

5. Veterans Advantage

People who qualify for VetRewards through Veterans Advantage can receive special discounts for internet and mobile service. Those who are active military members, veterans, and military families can even apply for VetRewards. Using Veterans advantage you can get internet discounts for military.

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Using this organization, active military members can get discounts between 10-30% on computers and other devices from Apple, Dell, Lenovo, Microsoft, and Samsung. 

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