Best Satellite Internet Providers USA – Viasat, HughesNet, etc

Best Satellite internet service provider

High-speed satellite internet is your sole choice for an internet connection if you reside in the remote parts of the USA. Best Satellite internet service can be accessed from anywhere, satellite internet connection is the only internet that isn’t based on location. If you are tired of searching for Satellite internet near me, then you should stop looking for satellite internet service providers.

There are only two satellite internet providers in the USA. So instead of searching “satellite internet near me” call any of the two providers and get the best satellite internet service for your home or business. The simple reason for such a low competition is the fact that satellite internet sucks! In the age of Hybrid DSL and Fibre Optic Connections, satellite internet is an old piece of technology that no one wants to use.

What’s Wrong With Satellite Internet?

Satellite internet service providers offer you internet connectivity via a satellite dish instead of copper or fiber cables. This is the reason why satellite internet service is so slow and this is also the reason why satellite internet service providers can offer you the internet anywhere you are. Satellite internet sends and receives signals via a roof-mounted dish. When you search for something on the internet, your dish sends signals to a stationary satellite in the sky and the satellite sends back the signals in the form of information you searched for! Due to the distance, satellite internet tends to be slower than other internet connection.

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Many things apparently, unlike other connections Satellite Internet has had no significant changes since the ‘80s. The speed is just horrible and full of lags, the only reason satellite internet is still a thing is that it can provide internet to the areas where DSL or fiber can’t reach. Just like your satellite TV, Satellite Internet uses a satellite dish to send and receive signals. Let me assure you the similarities end there. On one hand, you can easily watch Game of Thrones in HD on satellite TV while whereas Satellite Internet will struggle to play even a single episode of BBT.

The Best Satellite Internet Providers

The list is surely not big, only two providers out there with Satellite Internet Service. Satellite Internet is also more expensive than a land-based Internet. Although Satellite Internet has gotten a bit better in recent years, Satellite Internet now has the bandwidth that almost matches DSL (Direct Subscriber line). Although DSL is also a thing of past, hybrid DSL & Fiber connections are the only thing that matters now! Let’s compare satellite internet providers so you can make an educated decision.


In 2018, ViaSat made new headlines by achieving download speeds up to 100 Mbps. The speed itself isn’t that impressive but in terms of satellite internet, it’s twice as fast as any other satellite connection. If you are going by speeds, Viasat offers the best high-speed satellite internet.

It also costs almost double when compared to DSL connections. Viasat may have cranked up the bandwidth up a little but the biggest issue still remains, the data travels all the way to space and back to land so the latency and lag are prone to happen.

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The best part about Viasat is speed. Viasat only has 5 plans out if which 4 offer unlimited internet but that statement isn’t entirely true. You’ll run out of data somewhere after 200GB. Also When you choose Viasat, you have to sign a 2-year contract and they’ll bump the price after 3 months. The price range for all plans is between $50-$150/month.

Still, Viasat is as good a deal as you will get in the satellite internet world.

High Speed & Data AllowancesConstant price hikes
Low cost ComparativelyLimited “Unlimited Plan”


The second and the only other provider of Satellite Internet is HughesNet. The only thing that’s HughesNet holds over Viasat is transparency, the plans are simple and pricing is clear and easy to understand. HughesNet’s price range varies according to data allowance, not data speed that’s because HughesNet only has four plans and it offers the same speed across all four, 25Mbps. If you go over your set data limit in a month, then your speed will be bumped down to 1-3Mbps. Which is pretty much equal to torture?

The best part about HughesNet is that you don’t have to deal with any surprises after signing the contract. Unlike Viasat, HughesNet is upfront about its plans and policies. Read them carefully before signing up. You can either choose speed and get a price hike every few months, or you can choose low speed, and pay the same amount as long as you’re with them.

HughesNet also has an upcoming 5G plan for its users. HughesNet 5G plan comes with a built-in Wi-Fi option. You can easily connect all the devices in your house at once.

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Simple, clear pricingSlow download speed
Transparency with customersLittle data allowance
Satellite Internet Plans: Viasat & HughesNet

There are only two best Satellite Internet service providers, the competition level is always high. You can always be sure to find the best satellite internet plan between the two service providers. The best part about limited providers is that you can keep a check on all the latest plans. Here’s a list of best plans offered by Viasat & HughesNet.

Viasat Satellite Internet Plans

Unlimited Bronze 12 Unlimited Silver 25Unlimited Gold 50
Speed up to 12 MbpsSpeed up to 25 MbpsSpeed up to 50 Mbps
35 GB Data limit60 GB Data limit100 GB Data limit

HughesNet Satellite Internet Plans

10 GB Plan30 GB Plan50 GB Plan
10 GB Data limit30 GB Data Limit50 GB data Limit
Speed up to 25 MbpsSpeed up to 25 Mbps Speed up to 25 Mbps
$59.99/mo$99.99/mo $149.99/mo

HughesNet plans may seem more expensive, but they are better for saving money. Most of the plans offer great discounts to consumers, maybe to ease the pain of slow internet. Right now, you can save up to $100 on every new plan you purchase from HughesNet.

Final Take:

We have to give Viasat a win over HughesNet because of speed and data limit, If you are a casual internet user, then HughesNet is probably a better option for you. Choose carefully based on your needs, and yes you will need to brush the snow off the dish every single internet season, so be prepared for that as well. We hope we helped you find the best high-speed satellite internet option.

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