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Why Choose Windstream Internet Plans?

windstream internet plans near me

Great Rural Availability

Windstream is your solution to slow satellite internet speeds, Pick Windstream over slow internet and experience luxury.

windstream unlimited internet

Unlimited Data

Download, surf, stream, upload and play as much as you want with cheapest Windstream internet and Unlimited data.

windstream internet and phone bundle

No Contract Options Available

Don’t like being stuck with same internet provider for long? Windstream internet packages come with No contracts.

Windstream Internet Service Provider

Windstream Internet Only Plans & Prices

It’s definitely tough to put a specific price tag on a specific plan of Windstream as the price fluctuates a lot based on where you live. Windstream Internet only plans are highly affected by location, someone may be paying $45 for 25 MBPS speed while someone two towns over may be paying $60 for the same plan. In some areas you may be even eligible for Windstream internet discount. Here’s a break down of basic Windstream internet prices.

Some of the Windstream unlimited internet plans don’t have an exact speed but a speed range. Windstream claims that once you sign up with Windstream business internet plans or residential plans, they will tell you the exact speed you’ll be getting.

This approach to Windstream phone and internet deals is similar to AT&T’s internet 5-100 plan. Basically you get the speed that infrastructure in your area can handle with ease.

Plans Name Price Download Speed Data Cap
High Speed Internet 25 MBPS $45/mo 25 Mbps Unlimited
High Speed Internet 50-100 MBPS $55/mo 100 Mbps Unlimited
High Speed Internet 200 MBPS $45/mo 25 Mbps Unlimited
High Speed Internet 300-400 MBPS $65/mo 400 Mbps Unlimited
High Speed internet 500 MBPS $65/mo 500 Mbps Unlimited
Kinetic Gig $70/mo 1000 Mbps Unlimited
Provider Monthly Fee Download Speed Data Cap
Windstream Internet $28.99 - $90 25 - 1000 MBPS Unlimited
CenturyLink Internet $49 - $65 15 - 940 MBPS 1 TB
Suddenlink Internet $34.99 - $74.99 100 - 1000 MBPS Unlimited
Xfinity Internet $24.99 - $299.95 15 - 2000 MBPS 1 TB Unlimited

Windstream Internet Plans Comparison

One more thing you should keep in mind is that all the prices you see on the paper are the advertised prices. The Windstream internet prices will go up after 12 months. Make sure you are ready to pay extra money once your promotional period ends.

Once you compare CenturyLink, Suddenlink and Xfinity it may be a little on the expensive end. Once you compare Windstream business internet plans with satellite internet then Windstream internet will always come out on top.

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Windstream Internet And Phone Bundle

Windstream has a small variety of bundles and let’s be honest with each other Windstream phone internet TV bundle are not that great. Also chances are that you won’t find too much of those out there.

Windstream is a great substitute for internet in rural areas but if you are a fan of bundles then Windstream is not the right choice for you.

windstream phone and internet deals
windstream internet discount

Windstream Internet Pros and Cons

Overall Windstream is a fair internet service provider. It offers a wide range of speed and the best part is your don’t have to be bound to a contract to get internet services. Windstream offers DSL and Fiber internet connection.

Windstream is perfect for surfing at 4K quality across multiple devices and the best part is that you get unlimited data for unlimited entertainment. Let’s go through all the pros and cons of Windstream internet service provider.


  • No Contracts
  • Unlimited data on all plans
  • Rural internet Availability


  • Price hike after one year
  • Poor customer service
  • Limited Bundle offers

Windstream Service Areas

If are unsure if you have Windstream in your area or not then chances are you are in a rural area. Windstream is trying their best to keep their homes connected. To get an idea whether Windstream is available near you or not, here’s a coverage area of Windstream.

windstream internet plans near me

Best Windstream Internet Plans In My Area

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