No TV Signals? How To Clean Your Satellite Dish

Snow Off Satellite Dish

If you have satellite TV, the chances are that you are no stranger to occasional blackouts during storms. These things will pass, but what about the season of snow? When the snow sticks to your satellite TV dish. All you can do is shove the snow off your satellite dish. Check out these tips and tricks to watch non-stop TV this winter.

How to Keep Snow Off Your Satellite Dish

Cleaning a satellite dish is a task that needs gentle hands and precision. Be gentle with the dish, clean it only when it’s last resort. Plus, don’t use any harsh substance or material that will harm the surface. Here’s a detailed way on how to keep your dish clean:

1. Find The Safest Way to Reach Your Dish

We usually place satellite dishes atop roofs, railings and deck edges to keep them out of the eyesight and also to help them get a good reception. That’s what makes them hard to clean! Find out the safest way to reach the dish and use caution at all times.

2. Gentle Brush Work

Use a small brush to softly clean the debris off your satellite dish. Remove any sticks, feathers or any kind of stones that might be on top of the dish. Make sure to not to scratch the surface.

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3. Wipe The Satellite Dish With Wet Cloth

Use a wet cloth or sponge with warm water and use a very mild dish soap and gently wipe the surface of the dish. Don’t spray water directly on the dish, wipe it. Make sure you are gentle you wouldn’t want to knock the dish out of position.

4. Dry Dish with Cloth

Drying the dish with a cloth will help keep the dirt off the dish. Don’t rub it too harshly as it may damage the dish. Anyway, the dish will get wet soon.

Removing Snow Off Your Satellite Dish

If you can safely access your dish then you just need a small broom. Simply brush away all the snow that’s accumulated atop your dish. You can even use your hand but again be gentle with your satellite dish. You can even buy an extending broom if you can’t access your dish. Extending broom is a great option to clean your satellite dish.

If you are tired of cleaning the dish again and again then you can buy dish covers, they are made of fitted Nylon material. The cover is too smooth for ice and snow accumulation. There’s another option of dish heaters they are more effective than dish cover but they are also more expensive than satellite dish covers. Once the snow is cleaned off your dish, You can kick back, relax and enjoy the benefits of your Satellite TV Services. Rest assured your TV service will be as good as ever.

Your Safety Matters The Most

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You should only clean your satellite dish when it’s absolutely necessary! If you are getting fair reception even in snow then there’s no need to hop onto a ladder and clean a dish. If you can’t access the dish then it’s better to call someone who can clean your dish for you! Your safety comes first while cleaning the dish.

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  1. I never thought about how a dirty satellite could interrupt service! My wife and I are moving out to the country and we want to make sure we still have our TV programs. We’ll be sure to keep your tips in mind as we search for providers!

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