How Can I Watch Live Sports Without Cable TV?

Live Sports

If you are a sports junkie like the rest of us and can’t bear the cost of cable TV every month then you’ve arrived at the right place! There are some great solutions for watching sports without cable  TV. You can watch all major sports networks like, ESPN. You can choose from a variety of sports as well, Basket ball, Hockey, Soccer and much more.

Let’s take an example of Sling TV, Its a gift for all the sports fan around the world. You can get all the major sports channels at the fraction of their original price. Not too bad for someone who’s trying to save money eh?

Here’s how you can watch live sports without Cable TV.

Watch Local & Broadcast Sports Channels On Free Broadcast TV

Hey, what’s better than free right? Free broadcast TV is a great option you get great quality channels and all of them absolutely free. If you are living in a big city then you are more likely to find all the channels, both local and broadcast. You can get all of that with a simple Indoor or Outdoor Antenna. With HDTV antenna you’ll get all the league  sports as well as local sports with college sports channels.

NFL Games On Mobile Apps

Love NFL sports? Then this option is the  best way you can watch live sports  without Cable TV. You can download official NFL app for Android and iOS for free. With the app you can easily watch all the  local and primetime games for free!

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NFL & NCAA Basketball on CBS

Another great option to watch live sports without cable TV is the CBS streaming service, “CBS All Access”. You can watch NFL , NCAA Basketball and other sports on this streaming service. The cost is $5.99/month including ads. If you want to go ad-less then you would have to pay $9.99/month. The cost is still the one fifth of what you may have been paying to your cable TV provider.

Get ESPN On Sling TV

If ESPN is your first choice when it comes to sports then this one is just for you! You can watch live sports without Cable TV by getting ESPN on sling TV. You Won’t just get ESPN, You’ll be getting other channels as well such as ESPN2, AMC, A&E and the history channel. You’ll need an internet connection, a computer or an iOs device or a set-up box like Roku. Once you’ll set it up you’ll be able to watch ESPN, under a minor cost.

If you want to watch ESPN on one device then you have to pay $25/month, But if you want the recording features and want to watch ESPN on multiple screens then you’ll need to get a Orange+Blue plan at $40/month.

ESPN and Local Channels on YouTube TV

YouTube TV is a great option. You get access to all the major sports network like ESPN, ESPN2, Fox network and much more! You can watch live sports without cable TV as YouTube TV is compatible with both phones and streaming boxes.

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What’s Your Say?

What do you think? Are these options suitable to you? If you’ll subscribe to all the services it’ll be as costly as cable but if you subscribe to just one or two then it’ll cost much much less. If you want to find few of the best streaming service or internet packages to help you stream your favorite sports, then you can head down to Club HDTV and find the plans that suit you best.

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