Best Cable Internet Providers – Pros & Cons

Best Cable Internet Provider

Cable delivered internet may be over 1 decade old, but it still prevails today in speed & reliability. Cable Internet is still the most steady and successful way to reach the web. If Fibre internet is not available in your area, then cable internet is your best option to get high-speed internet.

There are multiple providers for cable internet we have picked top 5 providers based on ratings, speed, pricing and coverage!


Xfinity, part of Comcast is the king of the cable internet world. It has the widest coverage and availability out of all the providers listed here.

Being a TV service first, Xfinity will offer you a bunch of bundle plans,  it is completely up to you if you want them or not. As an internet provider, Xfinity has some great high-speed internet plans.

We recommend Xfinity’s Performance Pro plan. In this plan you get 150Mbps of download speed @ jus$54.99/mo.

Pros Cons
Wide availability Slow Upload Speed
Multiple plans Terrible Customer Service


For, the wide range availability spectrum is second best next to Xfinity. For service, you can find brilliant reviews about the service in Northern, western & eastern parts of the US. The service is awesome and reliable.

We don’t know if it’s the best or the worst plan but spectrum only offers one cable internet plan.

The plan, offers a download speed of 100Mbps at just $44.99 a month. We recommend this plan because it is the only one this cable internet provider offers.

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Pros Cons
Affordable prices One plan
High speed Brand Confusion


Cox is one of the top Cable internet provider, the only bad thing about Cox Is limited availability. Cox just covers 18 states mostly in the southwest region of US

Although it is not the most available provider still cox promises a download speed of 300Mbps.  The plan is a little costly @ $69.99/month. But considering the speed and service it’s fine. Cox also offers three cheaper alternatives plans.

For Cox, we suggest the “Internet Preferred Plan”. The plan offers 100Mbps internet speed with a pretty good bandwidth for just $49.99/month.

Pros Cons
Wide range of bundle Limited availability
High speed


Mediacom cable internet is available in more than 20 states, in Midwest & the Southwest. The price range is almost similar to all the providers reviewed here. The lowest Speed plan of Mediacom promises a 60Mbps speed @ $39.99/month.

The recommended plan for Mediacom is “Internet 60 Plan” or “Xtream 100” Silver plan which include 10Mbps of download speed, 170 channel + Home phone services.

Pros Cons
High download speeds Limited Plans
Low Prices Slow Upload Speed


Pros Cons
High speed Limited availability
Low cost Expensive bundles

Optimum provides cable internet service to just 4 states, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania & Connecticut. Incredible internet speed is Optimum’s greatest selling point, plans start at 200Mbps ending up to 400Mbps. The prices are low when compared with speed. The speed is not like fibre optic but still, it’s good enough for a cable Internet service.  

For Optimum, we recommend the “Optimum 200” cable internet plan.The plan delivers a 200Mbps download speed and almost 35 Mbps upload speed @ just $44.99/month

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And What about Data Limits?

Beware of Data Caps always. Depending on the Cable Internet Providers and plan going over a fixed Data limit (typically 1TB) will cost you extra.

Agreed that 1 Tb is a lot of Data, you can consume that data in about 120 hours of continuous HD video streaming. Still, it is better to have no data caps at all. You never know when you’d start craving to watch all 8 seasons of your favourite show!

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