Hulu Live TV vs AT&T Now: Which One’s Better?

compare at&t tv and hulu

Hulu + Live TV has all the factors of being the best streaming service, a full on Demand Library. With Hulu Live TV, you get the best on demand library and a lot of shows and movies for cheap. You can also record your favorite live shows. AT&T TV Now has everything exactly opposite of Hulu + Live TV. AT&T TV Now relies too much on its satellite TV origins that are full of over-hyped prices and Pricey Add ons. When you compare Hulu Live and AT&T Now you’ll find out a lot of similarities and differences. If you are looking to get a brilliant live TV streaming service then you have to pick your options from Hulu TV vs AT&T Now. Let’s start and compare AT&T TV and Hulu to find out which one’s the better service.

Free Trials

You don’t have to pay for the services in just one go! You can take trials of the streaming platforms before signing up between Hulu vs AT&T. Hulu Live TV and AT&T both offer just 1 week trial for their services. One week is not enough to judge their services but you can check the collection they have to offer. You can sign up for one week trial and compare Hulu Live and AT&T Now yourself.

Hulu Live TV vs AT&T Now

 Hulu + Live TVAT&T TV Now
Price$54.99 – $60.99/mo$65 – $135
Live Channel Count69125+
Cloud DVR Hours200 Hours20 Hours (30 Days)
Compatible Devices1610
Multiple ServicesUnlimited3
On-demand ServiceYesYes
Original showsYesNo
Customer Rating4.35/ 54.25 / 5
Free Trial7 Days7 Days

Here we have compared Hulu Live TV vs AT&T TV Now on all the basics, you should consider. There are a lot of similarities between both services. Overall, Hulu + Live TV is a better option than AT&T TV Now. AT&T TV now costs more money and offers fewer features like lesser recording hours, fewer compatible devices, and no Original shows. If all these things matter to you then Hulu Live TV is the better option. Let’s keep comparing Hulu live and AT&T now for better options.

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Hulu + Live TV Prices and Packages

The biggest difference between Hulu Live TV vs AT&T TV now is the price range!! Hulu + Live TV has two packages to offer to consumers. The Basic difference between the plans is Advertisements. If you opt for the No Ads option for Hulu Live + TV then you’d have to pay more.

PackageChannel CountPrice
Hulu + Live TV69$54.99/mo
Hulu (No Ads) + Live TV69$60.99/mo

AT&T TV Now Price and Packages

Unlike Hulu Live + TV, AT&T TV Now has multiple packages options. The packages are differentiated on the basis of channel count and price. Based on your viewing needs, you can choose from the packages listed below! Hulu TV vs AT&T now on the basis of Price and packages!

PackageChannel CountPrice
Optimo Mas90+$86/mo

AT&T Now has 7 packages that customers can choose from. These packages are more than any other streaming option. Some channels include local and premium channels that are available only with selected packages.

Original Shows

In previous years, Hulu had a lot of nominations for Emmy Awards for their original shows. Nowadays everyone loves TV shows as they attract more audience. With over 60 Original shows, you’ll find most shows that you have wanted to watch for a long time.

Earlier AT&T TV Now didn’t use to have any Original shows, but now AT&T TV Now gives you access to original content, the content is less famous but it still is pretty good! The original content is less than it is available on Hulu. If original content matters to you then you should choose Hulu from the comparison between Hulu vs AT&T.

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Compatible Devices: Hulu Live TV vs AT&T TV Now

A lot of devices nowadays can be used to stream live TV content. Based on the devices you already have you can choose which service you will get! Here’s a list of devices that work with Hulu Live TV vs AT&T TV Now.

DeviceHulu + Live TVAT&T TV Now
Amazon Fire TVYesYes
Amazon Fire TabletYesNo
Android Mobile DevicesYesYes
Android TVYesNo
Apple TVYesYes
iOS Mobile DevicesYesYes
iPod TouchYesYes
Mac ComputersYesYes
Nintendo SwitchYesNo
PlayStation 3NoNo
PlayStation 4NoNo
Samsung Smart TVsYesYes
Wii UNoNo
Windows 10 ComputersYesYes
Xbox 360YesNo
Xbox OneYesNo
Roku DevicesYesYes
Conclusion: Compare Hulu Live & AT&T Now

The best thing about AT&T TV Now is that it includes premium channels in most premium packages. AT&T TV Now is great for sports Channels as well but all that is not enough to outshine Hulu Live. In almost all, it’s category Hulu Live TV offers everything that customers could ask from a Live TV streaming service. Great channels and affordable pricing makes it definitely better than AT&T TV Now.

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