Hulu Review 2020: Hulu Streaming Plans and Packages

hulu review 2020

Hulu is one of the best movies and TV streaming service. Hulu Streaming plans are considered best because they are offer TV shows and movies as soon as they air. This streaming service as Hulu is considered a counterpart to Netflix as it offers a wide range of TV shows and movies you can indulge on. You get familiar channels like ABC, FOX, and NBC and you can watch the TV shows as soon as they air. If you can spare $6 every month then you can buy a Hulu Streaming plans, that is if you don’t mind the ads. In this Hulu review 2020 you’ll learn everything there is to learn about Hulu subscription plans. 

When your Compare Hulu vs Other streaming services, you’ll see why so many people love Hulu services. Netflix has loads of shows and movies but Hulu has certain Advantages over Netflix. 

  • The low $6 price is the basic plan and it offers almost everything that Netflix does in half the price.
  • Shows and movies are available on Hulu as soon as they air. On Netflix, you have to wait months for a movie.
  • Users can choose between just a streaming service and Hulu Plus Live TV packages.

Compare Hulu vs Other Streaming Services

The best way to know what you are getting is to compare Hulu plans with competitors like Netflix and Amazon Prime. Here’s the full Hulu review comparison of Hulu vs Other streaming services.

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 HuluNetflixAmazon PrimeDisney Plus
Monthly PriceBasic $6 PlanStarting at $9$9$7
Mobile DownloadsYes (Ad-Free Plan)YesYesYes
4K availableYesYes (Premium Plan)YesYes
HDR AvailableNoYes (Premium Plan)YesYes
Number of Streams2 (Unlimited with Live TV)1 (2 for Standard plan, 4 for Premium)24

What is Hulu Streaming Service?

Hulu was launched in 2007 and it was a joint venture between NBC Universal and News Corporation. came a year later as a place where you can watch shows for free. Ever since the launch, Hulu has launched a subscription-based service named as Hulu Plus, a commercial-free plan, and a Live TV Service as well.

Hulu started offering original TV shows and movies in 2011, since then Hulu released several original shows. Eventually one of the original shows earned them an Emmy award for “Outstanding Drama Series”, the show that earned them the award was “The Handmaid’s Tale”. 

The platform is now owned by Disney and as of January 2020, Hulu had 30.7 million paid subscribers. You can access Hulu on Android, iOS, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Apple TV. Hulu is only available in the USA right now but according to sources, Disney is planning an International rollout in 2021.

Hulu’s Extremely Wide Library

Hulu has an exceptionally huge content library, but it is still not as wide as Netflix content library. Hulu’s best thing is thousands of shows and movies that come on the streaming platform as soon as they air on TV. While Hulu will offer you all the latest episodes, it won’t offer you all the past seasons of the shows you love to watch. For instance, ABC’s famous show Grey’s Anatomy only has the current season available on Hulu. 

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Some shows on the other hand have full seasons. Shows like “Killing Eve” have full seasons available. All things considered, Hulu streaming plans are pretty good for the price they ask.

Is Ad-Free Plan Worth It?

If you are not sure whether you should or should not pay for Hulu subscription plans that offer Ad-free content. If Ads don’t bother you that much then you shouldn’t pay double the amount of your Hulu streaming plans. 

The shows and movies are the same and there’s nothing extra that you are getting, just content without Ads. You will run across a 15-second ad once in every episode, if 15 seconds don’t bother you, then you don’t have to pay $12 for AD free Hulu Subscription Plans. 

Hulu Review Conclusion: Should You Get Hulu?

Depending on the plan you choose, Hulu costs between $6 – $12 per month. There are a lot of streaming services out there but they cost more than Hulu streaming plans. If you are a cord cutter and are looking forward to getting a Live TV streaming service then Hulu Live TV cost and plans will be perfect for you! Hulu Live TV Cost and packages offer you almost all the channels, if you think some channels are missing Hulu streaming service can fill that gap. Hulu Plus Live TV costs $55 per month.

All things considered, Hulu is a good enough Streaming service and a great replacement for Traditional TV service. Choose the plan that suits you and Enjoy Hulu Subscription plans.

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