Difference Between DSL and Satellite Internet: Which one is better?

dsl vs satellite internet

Satellite internet is perfect for all those who reside in the corners of the USA. Rural areas cause problems for internet service providers. High-speed satellite internet is the only option of getting internet connectivity in remote areas. Since it is hard to get internet connectivity in the backwoods of the USA, satellite internet is highly expensive. You’ll have to suffer through slow internet speeds at higher prices. The major difference between DSL and Satellite internet is the speed. It is DSL Internet speeds that are not much faster than satellite internet but it still holds an edge over satellite internet in terms of speed and price. Let’s end the debate once and for all Satellite internet vs DSL, which one should you choose?

Satellite Internet Connection

This internet is offered to consumers who reside in rural parts of America. Satellite Internet’s biggest strength is its availability. The most internet connection can not provide internet connectivity in the backwoods of America. Satellite internet, however, can offer internet connectivity anywhere throughout the USA. The reason is that all the internet connections including Cable, DSL & Fiber use underground cables to deliver internet connectivity whereas satellite internet connections use a satellite dish to receive and a clear view of the sky to send and receive the internet signals. Cables can go till a certain distance, if the cables are laid past their limit they start dropping internet connections frequently. That’s why Satellite internet is suggested to all those who live too far from any land-based internet service providers.

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Satellite Internet Providers and Plans

There are only two major High-speed satellite internet providers in the USA: HughesNet & Viasat. All the satellite internet users throughout the USA are divided among these two providers. The reason is simple, Satellite internet is expensive to set up! And not a lot of people use satellite internet connection. Let’s breakdown the providers and see what plans and services they offer.

HughesNet Internet Plans

In the internet industry, HughesNet is the biggest satellite internet providers in terms of consumers. HughesNet serves over 1.2 million people throughout the USA. The reason why users prefer HughesNet over Viasat is that it offers better budget plans with no price hikes. Let’s have a look at what you’ll get with HughesNet Internet Plans.

PlanPriceDownload SpeedData Cap
10 GB$59.99mo25 MBPS10 GB
20 GB$69.99/mo25 MBPS20 GB
30 GB$99.99/mo25 MBPS30 GB
50 GB$150/mo25 MBPS50 GB

Viasat Internet Plans

Viasat offers better speed options than HughesNet and that’s why Viasat is more expensive. Over 7, 00, 000 use internet connectivity offered by Viasat. Viasat Internet plans tend to get more expensive with time. The biggest drawback of using Viasat as your satellite internet provider is that you’ll be vulnerable to surprise plan hikes.

PlansPriceDownload SpeedData Cap
Unlimited Bronze 12$50/mo12 MBPS35 GB
Unlimited Silver 25$70/mo25 MBPS60 GB
Unlimited Gold 50$100/mo50 MBPS100 GB
Unlimited Platinum 100$150/mo100 MBPS150 GB

Why Choose Satellite Internet?

Satellite internet connectivity is generally suited for those who reside in rural areas. Land-based internet connections fail to reach these places and that’s the only reason satellite high-speed satellite internet is still available in the market. It can offer speeds up to 100 MBPS which is enough for streaming online videos but not enough for Online competitive gaming as the connection is full of high ping and lag. Let’s continue with finding out the difference between DSL & Satellite internet and which one is better?

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DSL Internet Connection

Direct Subscriber Line is the full form of DSL. This is one of the older versions of internet technology. After the Dial-up connection, DSL was supposed to be the fastest internet connection. DSL is also one of the land-based internet connections, DSL uses phone lines to connect to the internet, don’t confuse the connection with Dial-up as you can use both the services at the same time. It is also much faster than satellite internet but the connectivity is reserved for cities and towns only!

DSL Internet Providers

There are a lot of DSL Internet Providers and almost all of them offer better internet speed than Satellite internet. DSL internet wins the debate of “Satellite internet vs DSL” if speed is the only factor. Almost all the major ISP in the nation has some sort of internet connectivity. If we are to choose the best DSL internet providers then the list has to comprise of AT&T and CenturyLink. 

Both of these providers offer the best DSL internet packages, let’s break down these providers and see what DSL internet plans they offer to consumers. 

AT&T DSL Internet

This is one of the most renowned names when it comes to internet connectivity. AT&T internet deals in only two types of connections, DSL and Fiber internet. They have only one plan for DSL internet and to be honest, the plan is a bit confusing. The name of the plan is “AT&T 5-100 MBPS”. The plan is named this way because it offers speed based on your location. Your plan may max out at 20 MBPS or may go all the way to 100 MBPS. Speed is usually varied in location. The plan costs about $50 per month and it is great for all those who don’t want to suffer from a satellite internet connection. AT&T serves a few remote locations with their DSL plan, so if you happen to live in these locations then you are lucky!

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CenturyLink Internet Plans

CenturyLink is the largest DSL internet provider in terms of consumers. They offer the best DSL internet plans for all kinds of users. Let’s have a look at CenturyLink’s DSL plans and find out what they offer.

PlanPriceDownload SpeedConnection Type
Price for Life 15$4915 MBPSDSL
Price for Life 20$4920 MBPSDSL
Price for Life 40$4940 MBPSDSL
Price for Life 80$4980 MBPSDSL
Price for Life 100$49100 MBPSDSL

One thing that puts CenturyLink above all the other providers is the price for life Guarantee. This means you won’t have to face any price hikes as long as you use the connection.

Why Choose DSL Internet?

DSL internet is a great choice for those who don’t want an internet connection that is as slow and laggy as high-speed satellite internet. The plans are often affordable and you can use as much data as you want with high data or no data caps. Although if you are looking for faster speeds then you should look for cable or Fiber internet connections. DSL internet can work as a replacement for satellite internet in some rural areas.

Difference Between DSL and Satellite Internet

If DSL is available in your area then choose DSL internet instead of Satellite internet service. DSL can fulfill your needs for high-speed internet, you can easily surf and download any data you want with DSL connectivity. Overall DSL internet is the better choice in the areas it is available, if satellite internet is the only connection available in your area then you have no choice other than choosing high-speed satellite internet.

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