How to Stop Buffering When Streaming on Your Smartphone?

stop buffering on android

Nothing annoys a person more than buffering or interruption or encountering other internet related problems. So how to fix buffering the internet? Video buffering is inevitable when streaming online shows and movies. If you have a slow or laggy internet connection, then you’d surely come across buffering. Even watching a normal YouTube video can fall prey to buffering issues. In this guide, we will tell you how to stop buffering when streaming Movies and online shows.

How to Stop Buffering During Streaming?

If you’re wondering how to stop buffering on android, then you are lucky! There are a lot of things that could mess with your internet connection. To stop streaming buffering problems, you first need to fix internet buffering. If your internet connectivity is not as great as you desire then you would keep on facing streaming buffering problems.

Here are a few things you can try if you are looking for how to stop buffering during streaming.

Close Additional Applications and Programs

If your Operating system is performing a lot of other tasks or programs while you are streaming online movies and shows, then the chances of buffering increase exponentially. Your operating system may not be capable to stream videos without buffer. Even if your applications are minimized they still consume a significant amount of system resources, let’s say a messenger app is running in the background, it’ll keep on running a ping to send notifications.

You can experience this with multiple tabs opened in the browser. Certain video games can also drain your internet bandwidth. To fix buffering problem streaming video you should close additional tabs that are opened in the browser and get end the process of applications that are running in the background. If they automatically start again as soon as you restart your device, then you can go into the settings and restrict the permission of applications that allow them to keep running in the background.

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Pause the Stream

When you are streaming videos and are continuously facing streaming buffering problems, then it is a sign that you should take a break from the streaming. If you are tired of asking yourself how to stop buffering when streaming movies? Then the best thing you can do is pause the video for a few minutes. Pausing the video will allow the video to build up a bigger buffer and you’ll be able to watch the whole video with limited interruptions.

Reduce Video Quality

How to stop buffering during streaming? Just lower your video quality. If you are watching content on a small screen (smartphone) then there is no reason to watch everything in 1080P. Your eyes can’t tell the difference between 720P & 1080P, anyway! So either you can wait for the video to resume or you can watch whatever it is that you wish to watch in a lower resolution. All the huge streaming platforms offer you various streaming quality options to choose from. Go to the video settings and change the video resolution to stream the video seamlessly.

Give Your Internet Connection a Boost

First, you need to fix internet buffering for seamless video streaming. Internet service providers offer various internet speeds at different price ranges. Most of us try to get as much speed as we can to support the needs of multiple devices and users. You can find out if the speed you are getting is the speed you are paying for. There are a lot of online tools available to check the speed you are getting.

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If the internet speed test does not satisfy you with your internet speed, then you can get more speed. More speed doesn’t mean you have to pay more to your ISP. There area lot of ways which can answer your question on how to fix buffering the internet? Follow the steps listed below.

  • Power cycling your modem and router can increase your internet speed. Unplug your modem and router, count to ten and then plug them back in. That’s all you need to do! You should do this once every week.
  • Switch to a 5Ghz network band instead of 2.4 GHz band. A lot of devices operate on a 2.4 GHz band and they can cause network interference so switching to a different band will mean better connectivity.
  • Run a Virus/ Malware scan on your device. Malware can suck up a lot of bandwidths, removing them from your device will help you save your precious bandwidth.
  • Make sure you haven’t consumed your monthly data. Some ISPs throttle your internet speed after you have consumed a certain amount of data.
Remove the Devices Connected to Your Network

Stop internet consumption whenever you can. If you have 8 devices connected to the internet connection and 5 of them are not in use. Wi-Fi connected devices constantly use ping from your wireless router. That small pinging can add up to a lot of if a lot of devices are not in use. Disconnect your Wi-Fi from all the devices that are not in use and you’ll fix buffering problem streaming video.

Try a Wired Ethernet Connection

Without a doubt, it is more convenient to use Wi-Fi when you are at home or in a hotel room. No matter how fast the Wi-Fi connection is when it comes to internet speed it can’t beat wired internet connection.

If you have a high-speed plan and you still face streaming buffering problems, then you should try to use an Ethernet cord for internet connectivity. However, this tip is if you are using a laptop for streaming video, an Ethernet cord can give your brilliant internet connectivity up to 50 feet. If you are looking forward to stop buffering on android devices, then you can use any of the above tips on how to stop buffering when streaming movies.

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Clear Your Browser

Sometimes your internet connection can work as smoothly as it is supposed to work, but the problem might be in your browser. Browsers maintain a local history and cache for sites you visited previously. When you revisit a site, your browser loads it from the previous cache instead of downloading it. This constant cache buildup can cause your browser to slow down and load all the information slowly.

The best way to increase the speed and fix video streaming problems is to clean your browser. Go to the settings of your browser and delete all the history, Cookies and Cache files. You can also use an auto cleaning tool that can clean your browser at regular intervals.

Reset and Upgrade your Wi-Fi Device

Keep your Router maintained to fix internet buffering. Most people forget to maintain their routers after they fix it up for the first time. Check with your manufacturer for firmware updates and you can even reset the router every once in a while. Unplug everything, wait for a few moments and plug it back in again.

How to Stop Buffering?

You can follow all the steps that are mentioned above to stop your video from buffering. Why should your entertainment stop because of slow internet issues? These tips will surely help you answer your question on how to stop buffering when streaming movies and shows. Enjoy streaming!

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