Best High-Speed Internet Options for Rural Areas

Best Rural internet providers near me

Finding Best rural internet options in your area are one of the most tricky tasks you’ll ever come across. There are not many internet options for rural area as laying down the infrastructure is very costly and not worth the effort. Even if there is the best WiFi for rural areas, you won’t get a speed of over 10 MBPS. It is better to invest in a high-speed satellite internet connection. Rural satellite internet providers offer you the internet speed of up to 100 MBPS of internet speed.

The debate between the best internet services has been going on for years. Some people say that DSL is the best internet option while others say that cable internet is the best internet option available for everyday use! Best Wireless internet rural areas are satellite internet connections as they help you get access to internet connection wherever you are. If a fixed wireless internet connection isn’t available in your area then you should definitely search for DSL Internet providers for rural areas. If you live somewhere where you can’t get access to a DSL internet provider then rural satellite internet providers are your only option of getting internet connectivity.

To save you from the hassle of searching Internet providers for rural areas, we have come up with a list of best High-Speed internet options for rural areas.

Best Internet Provider for Rural Areas

Satellite internet connections are slow as they rely on stationary satellites in the orbit for internet connectivity. As the network travels such a huge distance, it is full of ping and latency. The connection speed is optimal for everyday internet usage but not ideal for online interactive games. In some areas, you get options other than a satellite internet connection. Here’s a list of all the best Internet Providers for Rural areas.

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If you are talking about the best rural satellite internet provides so Hughesnet is one of them. HughesNet offers its service to more than 1 Million users across the USA. All of the HughesNet plans offer a max speed of 25 MBPS download and 3 MBPS upload.

HughesNet’s satellite internet plans are expensive but they are available everywhere, wherever you are in the USA, you’ll find a HughesNet internet provider offering you internet connection. The worst part about HughesNet internet connectivity is that you get limited data to consume every month. You do get the option of consuming additional data during the late-night bonus zone. So if you wish to do some heavy downloading, night time is the right time.

Wide AvailabilityOnly one-speed option available
No unexpected price hikesLow data Caps
Clear and transparent pricing


There are only two best rural satellite internet providers and Viasat is the second one. HughesNet & Viasat share all satellite internet connection using household among them. Viasat is one step behind in terms of the customer base. Viasat serves 700,000 households across the USA. It is the right solution for your streaming needs, if high-speed cable internet connection seems like a dream, then Viasat has got you covered. Viasat offers a top download speed of 100 Mbps on most plans.

The company has better plan choice, speed options, and lower prices than its counterpart. While all seems good it really isn’t, you have to sign a minimum of 24 months contract to get access to the service and you will have to bear a lot of additional expenses like taxes and unexpected fees hike.

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More than one-speed optionThree-month price hike
Lower price per MBPS per month compared to HughesNetLow data caps compared to Cable and Fiber internet connection.
Can purchase data tokens at low cost


You can also opt to get a DSL service if you live in a rural area. CenturyLink is one of the best DSL internet providers for rural areas. CenturyLink is also the biggest DSL Internet service provider as it serves almost 7 million people all throughout the USA. DSL connection is definitely better in terms of speed and connectivity. A DSL internet connection relies on telephone lines to deliver high-speed internet connection.

With DSL internet connection you don’t have to worry about extra prices and data caps. CenturyLink DSL internet connection offers 1 TB data on almost all the plans. So, if you can get CenturyLink in a remote area then it is one of the Best internet options for rural areas.

No sudden price hikeDifficult customer service
No contractual obligationsDownload speeds are not accurate
Gigabit fiber option available in selected areas

AT&T DSL Internet

AT&T is another great DSL internet provider for rural areas offering speeds up to 100 MBPS in remote locations. Just like CenturyLink, AT&T also offers a lot of data (1 TB per month). When you compare AT&T DSL service with satellite internet options for rural areas, you get a lot more at lesser prices. AT&T rural internet is widely available and can be a brilliant replacement for rural satellite internet providers.

If you love streaming and playing games then AT&T offers the Best WIFI for rural areas. It can easily handle your need for high-speed internet. 

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Well-priced DSL plansData caps for speed under 1000 Mbps
Widely availableInternet speeds are affected by weather conditions

Rural Internet Providers Near Me 

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