Dish vs DIRECTV: Choosing the Best Satellite TV Providers

dish vs directv

Dish is a brilliant Satellite TV provider and it offers affordable and wide-ranging choices that are combined with a very powerful Hopper 3 DVR box. Dish packages are great for anyone who’s looking for a great TV provider. DIRECTV, on the other hand, is brilliant when it comes to the sports area. DIRECTV packages come equipped with premium channels like NFL Sunday Ticket and much more premium sports channels. Although DIRECTV isn’t such a good option for DVR service and channel lineup. In this article, we thoroughly compare Dish vs DIRECTV to help you find the best satellite TV packages.

Dish Satellite vs DIRECTV: Price and Plans

If you are willing to get a satellite TV connection, then there are plenty of options to choose from. But, if you really want the best satellite TV packages then you should choose between Dish vs DIRECTV. 

Overall Dish offers a simple and affordable selection with a lot of value. You get a better channel selection with Dish. DIRECTV offers both cheap and premium packages. Here’s all you get with Dish and DIRECTV packages. Compare Dish vs DIRECTV packages and choose the best one for yourself. 

Dish Packages

America’s Top 120$59.99/mo190
America’s Top 120+$69.99/mo190+
America’s Top 200$79.99/mo240+
America’s Top 250$89.99/mo290+

Dish has simple plans, and the price is pretty affordable. Even if you go for a top tier plan chances are that you will be able to afford it easily. The only plan that is a little weird is America’s Top 120+ the plan is identical to America’s Top 120 but it adds a local list of sports channels. If you think about getting this plan then you should thin once more before making this offer. For just $10 you can get America’s Top 200 in which you’ll get all the local and regional sports channels.

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The biggest perk about Dish packages is that you won’t have to deal with a sudden price hike. Whatever plan you choose, you get a guarantee of a price lock. With DIRECTV the advertised price is locked for a year, if you still continue with your services, then you might have to face a sudden price hike.

DIRECTV Packages

DIRECTV SELECT All Included$35.00/mo155+
DIRECTV ENTERTAINMENT All Included$40.00/mo160+
DIRECTV CHOICE All Included$45.00/mo185+
DIRECTV XTRA All Included$55.00/mo235+
DIRECTV ULTIMATE All Included$60.00/mo250+
DIRECTV PREMIER All Included$110.00/mo330+

You don’t get the same transparent channel count as you get with Dish, you won’t be sure ever what channels you get with DIRECTV packages. However, there are more channels to choose from than Dish. That’s the best difference between Dish satellite vs DIRECTV packages. When you talk about price, you get a huge jump from Ultimate to Premier because Premier includes premium channels like HBO, Cinemax, Showtime & STARZ.

If you are a sports geek then get a DIRECTV NFL package, you get an NFL ticket for every game and the perk is exclusive to DIRECTV packages. So if you are a Dish user you are a little unlucky.

Equipment Cost

All the satellite TV packages come with equipment costs. No matter which provider or package you choose, you have to pay for some equipment. Another option to save yourself from renting equipment cost is ton buy the equipment.

DVR ModelEquipment PriceRecordingsStorage CapacityRecording Capacity
DISH Hopper 3$5.00/mo162 TBUp to 500 hrs HD
DIRECTV GenieIncluded in price51 TBUp to 200 hrs HD

If you compare Dish vs DIRECTV DVR boxes, Dish wins clearly! The Hopper 3 and Genie are both great DVR but the Hopper 3 is so powerful that it there is no comparison of other devices with the Hopper 3. If you love recording shows and movies then Hopper 3 can be the sole reason you choose Dish over DIRECTV. Here’s a list of things you need to consider about the Equipment.

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Equipment Price

 is the only section where DIRECTV takes the lead as the price for the Genie is already included in the price. Dish packages charge you $5 extra to get the DVR box. While the price is not too much for the DVR box as great as Hopper 3. But if you compare that with the price DIRECTV, Hopper 3 is more expensive. If you can’t afford to pay extra money on equipment, then you have the answer to Dish satellite vs DIRECTV.

If you compare Dish vs DIRECTV DVR boxes, Dish wins clearly! The Hopper 3 and Genie are both great DVR but the Hopper 3 is so powerful that it there is no comparison of other devices with the Hopper 3. If you love recording shows and movies then Hopper 3 can be the sole reason you choose Dish over DIRECTV. Here’s a list of things you need to consider about the Equipment.

Simultaneous Recordings

Hopper 3 gives you the perk of 16 simultaneous recordings. That means you can record everything you want to watch at the same time. You won’t have to fight with anyone on what you want to record. Plus you get a 500 hours HD recording limit. With DIRECTV you just get 200 hours worth of HD recording and 5 simultaneous recordings. While the chances are slim but you still may end up in a recording conflict with your family.

Customer Experience: Dish vs DIRECTV

This is possibly the most important factor while choosing a satellite TV service provider. As satellite TV is prone to more interference and connection issues. You need a provider who can help you with your problems as soon as they occur. You need to pick a provider that cares about your entertainment and helps you to maintain the entertainment level. Here are all the things you should look for in a Satellite TV service provider.

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Installation: Installation for satellite TV is definitely different than traditional cable TV. The reason is simple, you require a satellite dish to receive the signal. To catch the TV signals your satellite dish requires a clear view of the sky! That is why most dishes are installed on your roof. That’s dangerous and you’d prefer it if a trained professional would do it for you! If you are choosing between Dish satellite vs DIRECTV packages then you are lucky. Neither of the two companies asks for an installation charge. DIRECTV, however, adds a $19.95 activation fee on your first bill. That’s cheaper than what other providers ask for out there.

Mobile Apps: Both the providers have their satellite TV app, which means you can even watch your favorite shows while you heading towards work. Both the apps are pretty similar in terms of functionality, but Dish’s app doesn’t offer a remote control facility, so you can’t use your phone to control your DVR while you are watching TV.

Dish Bundles vs DIRECTV Bundles

If you are willing to save more money on your satellite TV packages then you should consider bundling with the TV service. Dish bundles vs DIRECTV bundles, if that’s on your mind then you should know that you will be bundled with a satellite internet connection. HughesNet and Viasat are your two options for a satellite internet bundle.

If you are not in a rural area, then the frontier offers bundle services with Dish satellite TV. You can either get a local DSL internet connection or a Fiber internet with your Dish packages. 

DIRECTV mostly partners with its host company “AT&T” to offer internet connectivity. CenturyLink also offers internet and TV bundles with DIRECTV. But if you live in a rural area then satellite internet is your only option for Bundling with satellite TV. 

Final Verdict: Dish vs DIRECTV

Choosing between Dish and DIRECTV is whether you are a sports fan or not! If you love sports, choose DIRECTV regardless of the few downfalls. Plus you get a free Sunday NFL ticket and that perk is unparalleled. Dish offers cheaper options and it offers almost the same channel lineup as DIRECTV. Plus if you love recording your shows and movies then Hopper 3 DVR box is the best option. 

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