YouTube TV vs DirecTV Stream 2024 – Which Is Better?

YouTube TV vs DirecTV Stream

Your favorite content can be interesting in the recent age of digitalization. YouTube and DIRECTV platforms have evolved among multiple TV choices as two furious competitors in the global market of live streaming. Both streaming TV services provide plenty of TV features, channels, and pricing packages designed to fulfill customer liking. In this blog, we will provide a detailed comparison of YouTube TV vs DIRECTV Stream based on its, plans, prices, and channel lists.

YouTube TV vs DIRECTV Overview

In the debate of YouTube TV vs DirecTV, both floating TV services have their pros and cons. DirecTV Stream offers access to 75+ channels in its base plan. The user can also extend the channel list up to 140+ with a premium package plan. YouTube TV provides users with one plan that includes 100+ channels. The major difference is the availability of channels on both streaming platforms. For instance, there are some big networks like Big Ten Network, NHL Network, and Discover Life which are available on the ultimate package with DirecTV but these channels are not available on YouTube TV. But when it comes to accessing premium channels, there is no competition like DirecTV vs YouTube TV as you can have access to premium channels by providing a subscription fee.

YouTube TV vs DIRECTV Satellite – Plans and Pricing

YouTube TV provides a straightforward pricing structure with a single plan. If you are a new user, you can avail of the YouTube TV base plan at  $57.99/month for your first 3 months. Thereafter, you need to pay $72.99/month subscription fee to get access to a diverse range of channels, including local, network, sports, news, and entertainment.

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On the other hand, DirecTV Stream offers four distinct packages – Entertainment, Choice, Ultimate, and Premier. The cost begins at $69.99 per month for the Entertainment plan and rises to $159.99 per month for the Premier plan. Such TV packages include premium channels like Cinemax, Showtime, STARZ, and HBO Max.

DirecTV StreamYoutube TV
Price$69.99/month to 159.99$/month$72.99/month
Add on ChannelsAvailableAvailable
On-Demand LibraryYesYes
Number of Live Channels75+100+
DVR hoursUnlimitedUnlimited
Free Trial Duration5 days 7days
DetailsCheck plansCheck plan

Major Difference

While discussing costs, YouTube TV grabs a little impact over DirecTV Stream, providing a minimum subscription cost. However, DirecTV Stream offers maximum versatility with its tiered packages, permitting subscribers to select packages featured to their specific liking and budget barriers.

DIRECTV vs YouTube TV Channel Lineups

YouTube TV

YouTube TV includes top channel lineups covering multiple categories that are news, sports, entertainment, etc. Some of the most appropriate channels listed on YouTube TV are ESPN, CNN, HGTV, TNT, ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, and AMC. Moreover, YouTube TV provides access to regional network affiliates in most markets. This enhances its quality for viewers exploring regional content.


DIRECTV deals provide multiple channels for various packages that serve different interests. The Entertainment plan contains familiar channels such as CNN, TNT, TBS, FX, ESPN, and AMC. As subscribers explore packages, they achieve access to extra channels that include premium networks like Cinemax, Showtime and HBO Max based on the selected package.

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Major Difference

Both YouTube TV vs DIRECTV Satellite provide a strong lineup of channels that assure something for everyone related to news, sports and entertainment. Despite YouTube TV offering various channels in its single package, DIRECTV Stream’s combined approach permits subscribers to access a wide range of exclusive content. It includes premium networks with higher costs.

YouTube TV and DIRECTV NOW – Features and User Experience

YouTube TV

YouTube TV provides a top-notch interface designed to smoothen the watching experience. Users can sense pleasure with features such as unlimited cloud DVR storage. This permits them to record their favourite shows and movies without storage limitations. Moreover, However, YouTube TV supports continuous streaming on multiple devices. It seems easy for families with multiple viewers.


DIRECTV Stream also prefers user insight, providing characteristics targeted at boosting convenience and flexibility. Subscribers can access multiple on-demand content that includes movies, TV shows and live TV offerings. In addition, DIRECTV Stream offers a cloud DVR feature though with limited storage capacity compared to YouTube TV.

Major Difference

These TV streaming services provide user-friendly interfaces and crucial characteristics like cloud DVR functionality. Moreover, the unlimited DVR storage of YouTube TV organizes it differently from DIRECTV Stream. It also provides more flexibility for recording and storing content. On the other hand, the on-demand library at DirecTV attaches value to its service. This serves subscribers with varying viewing preferences.


YouTube TV vs DIRECTV develops the top-rated competition in the live TV streaming market. However, YouTube TV offers a straightforward pricing structure with an excellent channel lineup. DIRECTV Stream brings versatility through its tiered plans, serving to a wide range of choices. These TV services prefer user insight with intuitive interfaces and crucial features like cloud DVR functionality. So, the selection between YouTube TV and DIRECTV results in personal choices regarding cost, channel selection, and additional characteristics. For  YouTube TV and DIRECTV internet packages, connect with Club HDTV customer care number – +1(855)-352-5313.

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