How Much Do you Know About Fiber Internet Connection?

fiber optic internet

A fiber internet connection is the best choice for an internet connection. Everyone has heard of fiber internet, the availability of fiber internet is limited but the fiber optic WiFi is faster than any other internet connection. Fiber optic broadband providers are the next big thing in the internet industry. Best Fiber broadband deals can offer you internet speed as much as 2 GBPS. All of us know what is fiber internet but do you know how fiber internet connection works?

Unlike cable or DSL internet connection, Fiber optic broadband delivers the internet to your home or business via high-speed glass fiber cables. While Cable and DSL connections send the internet to you in form of electricity via copper cables. Fiber optic WiFi sends the internet in the form of light. That is the sole reason, why best fiber broadband deals offer you such high speeds with reliability.

What Makes Fiber Internet So Fast

Your internet speed is directly proportional to the amount of data and speeds your infrastructure can handle. Cable internet and DSL internet use copper cables which were used for voice communication, that is what restricts them to a limited amount of internet speed. Most fiber broadband in my are can deliver speeds up to 1 GBPS. That’s why business fiber internet is so fast because fiber internet connection can handle the simultaneous download and upload activity on multiple devices. All the gamers and streamers prefer to get fiber internet as the chances of connection drop is minimal. 

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Fiber internet travels in the form of modulated light which is much faster than any form of travel. But setting up the infrastructure is so costly, the availability is limited.

Breakdown of Fiber Optic Cables

The plastic and glass fiber cables are surrounded by multiple layers of strengthening material that stops the light from leaking out. A single connection laid out by one fiber internet optic provider has strands for fiber internet connection which can transmit lightning-fast internet very quickly.

Fiber Internet Vs Cable Internet vs DSL Internet

If you are choosing a new internet connection, then you should know what all connections have to offer. Apart from high internet speeds, Fiber optic broadband has a lot of things that are better than Cable and DSL internet.

Fiber Optics Connection

Fiber Internet connections are steadfast and can carry the internet over long distances. Cable internet speed starts to drop if the connection is laid over more than 328 feet. Fiber internet connection, on the other hand, can hold the same connection speed over 20 Miles. This is why most people prefer to get a Fiber internet connection. Business fiber internet is also famous for no connection drops as the fiber internet can hold the signal over long distances, which is what is suitable for enterprises spread over a huge distance.

High-speed internet connectionLimited availability
Reliable internet connectivityNot the most affordable option available
Symmetrical Upload and Download speed

Cable Internet Connection

A Cable Internet connection is definitely slower than a fiber internet connection. If you don’t have a fiber internet connection then cable internet connection is the next best option. Cable internet connection is widely available but the connection drop is inevitable with your cable wireless connection. There are lots of cable internet service provider and most of them advertise speeds that you won’t ever get. A lot of factors can affect your cable internet speeds and cause sudden network drops.

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DSL Internet Connection

DSL internet connection offers internet connections to homes via telephone lines. Most people confuse DSL internet with a Dial-up connection but a DSL Wireless broadband is much faster than a dial-up connection. With a dial-up connection, you could either use the telephone or internet at one time. With DSL you can use both the services with ease at the same time.

DSL internet connection is the slowest out of all broadband connections. It can offer you the max speed of up to 100 MBPS. Which is not fast enough for a big family or to operate a business on it. DSL internet is also widely available but the speed is much slower than its cable and fiber counterparts.

Easily availableSlower internet speeds than cable and Fiber internet
Fast enough for normal internet usageHuge Connections drops

Is Fiber Internet the Right Choice for You?

If you use too much internet daily then you definitely need the fiber internet connection as your choice for internet connection. If you are a casual internet user then there is no point in paying for a fiber internet connection, why pay extra when cable or DSL internet can fulfill your needs.

Although choosing for fiber optics WiFi is tricky as the location is the biggest factor for choosing the internet connection. If you are not certain whether you have fiber internet availability in your area then the simplest thing to find out is to search “fiber broadband in my area” in your browser and you’ll find the list of all the providers that offer fiber internet connection in your area.

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There’s another advantage of choosing Fiber optic broadband, you get a price advantage with most plans. Where cable providers charge you $50-60 for 25-50 MBPS download speed, under the same price you can get more speed and the reliability of fiber optic connection as Google Fiber and Verizon offer you better speeds at a similar price. However, the availability is limited so most people can’t get access to fiber connectivity. So, if you are one of the few lucky ones who can get fiber internet, you should choose it without hesitation.

Best Fiber Broadband Deals

We have compiled a list of best fiber broadband deals so that you have a little knowledge about the plans and prices before you go ahead to a provider in your area. Instead of paying too much, you can do a little research and save yourself from getting conned.

ProviderPriceDownload Speed
AT&T Internet$49.99Up to 1000 MBPS
CenturyLink$65.00Up to 1000 MBPS
Cox Communications$119.99Up to 1000 MBPS
Frontier FiOS$29.99Up to 500 MBPS

Now that you know the basic price most providers offer for fiber internet, you can go ahead without having to worry about spending too much. Keep Surfing!

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