Frontier vs Mediacom: Who’s The Better Internet Service Provider?

frontier vs mediacom internet

Both Frontier and Mediacom have seen their fair share of problems. The good thing is that both the providers have started building a reputation for themselves. Both Frontier and Mediacom are popular internet service providers in the USA. Frontier offers both DSL and Fiber internet all the while Mediacom cable only offers cable internet service. If your need for internet plans with unlimited data and fiber coverage, then users can opt for Frontier Communications. If you don’t have fiber internet connectivity in your area, then choosing Mediacom’s affordable cable plans should be your next choice. Frontier and Mediacom offers plenty of internet plans to choose from, here are all the major difference between the providers.

Frontier Vs. Mediacom Performance Overview

Frontier Communication is the 5th largest DSL provider in the USA and it offers fast and reliable internet connectivity to approx. 30.5 million users in 26 states. Fiber internet is available through Frontier Fiber Optic but coverage but it mostly varies by location. Frontier makes sure to provide TV and Phone services, which can be bundled with one of their fiber internet plans.

Mediacom Cable provides cable internet to almost 7.6 million people in 22 states. They are the 5th largest cable internet provider in the country. Mediacom provides TV, Phone and home security services along with internet services. You get to choose from a variety of bundles to choose from.

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Frontier vs Mediacom Installation Overview

Let’s say you have decided to choose between the two brands. Before you choose any of the plan, you will need to find about the installation cost that comes along with the plans. Here’s the comparison between Frontier vs Mediacom.

Frontier communication offers choice between professional installation and self-installation. If you decide to choose professional installation cost, then you will have to pay one time installation fee of $75. If you’re tech savvy, then you can install your internet service by yourself. Although we would suggest that you pick professional technician for installing your internet service. Frontier also asks for a one time activation fee of $85. Someone over the age of 18 also need to be in the home for the technician to install the service.

Same is the case with Mediacom as users can choose between professional installation and self-installation. Professional installation has a one-time cost of $99 and Mediacom also has a one-time activation cost of $10. Mediacom customers can schedule an appointment with a 30 minute window for a professional technician to install the service.

Frontier Vs Mediacom Additional Fee Comparison

No internet provider comes without additional cost on their internet plans. Here is the Frontier vs Mediacom additional fee comparison.

Frontier Communication usually needs a 2 year agreement for their FiberOptic internet plans, but their DSL plans have a contact free options. If for some reason you’ll have to cancel your agreement early, you may have to pay early termination fee for up to $400. For equipment rental fee, you will have to pay $10 per month for modem. There is also a $10 broadband processing fee that you’ll have to pay whenever you cancel your service.

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Mediacom doesn’t binds you into an annual contract. Mediacom Cable internet plan require only a monthly contract. Due to this, there are no contract-free plans but customers can cancel their plan any time they want to. Mediacom also doesn’t have an early termination fee but the company does asks for a 7 day prior notice before you decide to cancel your service. As for equipment rental, Mediacom will ask you to pay $12 per month.

Frontier Vs Mediacom Data Cap

Almost all the Internet service providers in USA have a data limit imposed on their plans. Here is a comparison between Frontier Internet Data Cap and Mediacom Internet Data caps. 

Frontier communication internet plans have no data caps for both DSL & Fiber internet deals. If you’re worried about going over your data limit, Frontier unlimited internet plans are sure to offer you what you need.

Mediacom on the other hand doesn’t offers unlimited data but it does offers generous data limits. Mediacom internet plans data cap range between 400GB – 6TB. If you do somehow manage to go over you data limit, Mediacom will charge you $10 for every additional 50 GB that you use.

Frontier Vs Mediacom: Pros & Cons

Frontier CommunicationsFast fiber optic connectivityNo contract plansAffordable plansLimited Fiber availabilityNot completely reliableBelow average customer ratings
MediacomAffordable plansWidely availableFast internet speeds2-year contract requiredBelow average customer satisfaction ratingLots of additional costs

Frontier Vs Mediacom: Internet Plans Comparison

Prices for Frontier’s Fiber Optic plans are very low, but you can find better deals if we’re taking about DSL plans. If you’re in a location where Frontier Fiber optic internet deals are accessible then you should get it without thinking twice. Fiber internet connection is faster and more reliable than DSL internet plans.

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PlanPriceDownload SpeedData Cap
Simply FiberOptic 50/50$29.99/mo50 MbpsUnlimited
Simply FiberOptic 500/500$39.99/mo500 MbpsUnlimited
Simply FiberOptic Gig Service$74.99/mo1000 MbpsUnlimited

The fastest Frontier fiber internet plan offers 1000 Mbps speed and it costs around $75. That’s one of the best prices for gig speeds. If you want the fastest speeds under affordable prices then 1 Gig speeds will do the trick.

Now let’s talk about Mediacom Internet deals:

PlanPriceDownload SpeedData Cap
Internet 60$39.99/mo60 Mbps400 GB
Internet 100$49.99/mo100 Mbps1 TB
Internet 200$59.99/mo200 Mbps2 TB
Internet 500$69.99/mo500 Mbps4 TB
1 Gig$79.99/mo1000 Mbps6 TB

All these plans offer extremely low prices but the plans come with an issue. Mediacom ups your monthly bill $30 every year till you’re paying the standard rate.

Final Take: Frontier Vs Mediacom

Both Frontier and Mediacom offer great plans and prices. Choosing any one provider out of the two is a difficult task. Which provider is better solely based on what your need is. Although Mediacom does has more additional costs. So if you wish to avoid additional costs then Frontier would be your better option.

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