MiFi Hotspot: Uses, Benefits, and Difference Between WiFi & MiFi

advantages of using mifi hotspot

The need for the internet is something that is growing day by day. We have a need to stay connected to a lightning-fast internet connection at all times. A MiFi hotspot or a mobile hotspot is a type of portable, pocket based device that can be used to provide internet connectivity on several devices if you’re on the go and in need of internet connectivity. You can connect smartphones, tablets, laptops, e-book, readers, portable gaming devices, mp3 players and so much more with the MiFi hotspot devices.

The functionality of the MiFi Hotspot is the same as WiFi Modems. They can’t replicate the connectivity of WiFi as they operate on 3G, 4G, or any sort of cellular data to provide internet access to all your devices. MiFi hotspots are also known as WiFi Hotspots, Portable Hotspots and Mobile Hotspots so don’t get confused whenever you go to buy a MiFi hotspot the next time. 

Types of MiFi Devices

There are countless types of MiFi hotspots available in the market. Some of them are tiny, portable devices that spread your cellular data in order to create a portable WiFi connection. Some MiFi hotspots are also plug and play devices, you may also know them as WiFi Dongles. MiFi hotspots or mobile hotspots allow the users to easily connect multiple devices like iPhones, iPads, PCs, and other devices in need of other devices. These MiFi hotspots are so much easier to use than the USB Dongles or Smartphone mobile hotspot features and the best part is that they don’t require software support or additional application to turn mobile data into WiFi connections. 

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You may ask yourself “why do I need MiFi hotspot?” when you can use your smartphone’s hotspot feature to connect to the internet. The thing is, the smartphone hotspot feature isn’t as fast as MiFi hotspot devices, and they also tend to have a limit on how many devices you can connect with your smartphone hotspot feature.

Advantages of Using MiFi Hotspot

Imagine not being bound by your home or office WiFi connection to use the internet or even finish up your work. More than that, the MiFi hotspot allows you to connect to multiple devices on one go so you can simultaneously connect to multiple devices. Which allows you and your colleagues to finish up work or for your kids to finish their online classes whenever you can’t access a WiFi connection. 

 According to a lot of users, the greatest advantage of MiFi hotspot is the dedicated internet connectivity for their devices no matter where they are. Based on your internet usage and the location you’re traveling to, you may need a MiFi hotspot device for connecting your devices to the internet. According to research conducted by a telecom provider, almost 60% of people can’t go without having WiFi Connectivity. Here are all the major advantages of the MiFi Hotspot device.

  • Don’t need cellphone data
  • Allows you to save your cellphone battery
  • Allows secure tethering with more than one device
  • Works for long periods of time without losing internet connectivity
  • You can use your cellphone while the MiFi hotspot allows you to access the internet on your laptop.
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What Are The Limitations of MiFi Hotspots

MiFi internet connectivity is one of the best devices you can use for a portable internet connection. There’s only one limitation of MiFi hotspot. That limitation of MiFi hotspot is that the speed of your internet connection depends on the cell signal strength. Portable hotspot devices such as MiFi hotspot require a battery to operate, based on how many devices you’ve connected and the overall usage, the battery of your MiFi hotspot may get reduced rapidly.

MiFi vs Dongles

There are two main differences between the MiFi and the traditional mobile broadband dongles. The first major difference is that a dongle can only connect to one device at a time while the MiFi can connect with multiple devices at the same time. The second difference is that you have to plug your dongle into the device you wish to connect to the internet. This may be an issue if you need an instant portable internet connection on your mobile phones and tablets. If you’re using a MiFi device, then all you need to do is to keep it someplace where you will get a good enough signal and you can connect your devices to the network. 

Which is Better WiFi or MiFi?

Among the different forms of online communication, one of the most popular ones today you can find is WiFi. Till now if you haven’t understood what MiFi is, then maybe this comparison between WiFi vs MiFi will help you understand everything. 

The difference between WiFi and MiFi connection is simple. Your WiFi connection is provided through a router that has a fixed cable connection. In the case of MiFi, the device itself works as a router that works through a mobile connection (Most of the time it is a router).

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How Can You Boost Your MiFi Connection?

MiFi is supposed to be an emergency based device that can provide you with fast internet connectivity whenever you are on the go and in need of WiFi connectivity. There are various ways you can optimize the mobile signals on your MiFi device. The ideal option is for you to purchase a cell phone signal booster. A signal booster takes existing weak signals from your device and amplifies them up to 32X for any phone. Cell phone signal booster helps you with:

  • Improves 4G, 4G LTE & 3G for any phone, tablet, MiFi device, etc on any carrier.
  • Amplifies cell phone signal to and from a cellphone tower.
  • One time investment with best results. 
  • No need to be connected to the internet or WiFi to work

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