Xfinity Affordable Connectivity Program

Xfinity Affordable Connectivity Program

Xfinity Affordable Connectivity Program offers a deducted rate of high-speed internet for eligible families who meet certain eligibility criteria. More than 10 million families enrolled for the Xfinity ACP program till 2021, which assists low-income individuals to be online.

As we have entered 2024, what modifications and updates can internet users expect from the Xfinity Affordable Connectivity Program?  Explore and select the perfect internet packages with one of the best internet providers i.e., Club HDTV. This thorough guide provides an in-depth overview of the Xfinity ACP program in 2024, detailing eligibility criteria, available discounts, application procedures, and additional pertinent information.

ACP Program Xfinity Overview

The Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP), a pivotal initiative launched by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) as part of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, aims to alleviate the financial burden of high-speed internet for qualifying households across the United States.

Central to the ACP is a monthly discount of up to $30 on internet services, making access to reliable connectivity more affordable for eligible families. Additionally, households have the opportunity to receive a one-time discount of up to $100 towards the purchase of a computer or tablet, further empowering individuals to engage in the digital world.

One of the program’s notable aspects is its nationwide scope, extending assistance to eligible households in all 50 states. Major internet service providers such as Xfinity, AT&T, Spectrum, among others, participate in the program, ensuring widespread accessibility to discounted services.

Xfinity, for instance, offers its version of the ACP, enabling low-income subscribers to benefit from reduced rates on Xfinity Internet, mobile phone plans, or bundled services, contingent upon eligibility criteria.

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Overall, the Affordable Connectivity Program represents a crucial step towards bridging the digital divide by making essential internet services more accessible and affordable for underserved communities nationwide.

How to Check Eligibility for Xfinity Affordable Program 2024?

In 2024, eligibility for the ACP Program Xfinity hinges on meeting specific criteria. Household income must not exceed 200% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines, varying by state and household size. For instance, a family of 4 earning $111,000 or less likely qualifies. Alternatively, participation in select government assistance programs such as SNAP, Medicaid, SSI, WIC, and Lifeline can also confer eligibility, even if income surpasses the threshold. These criteria ensure that individuals facing financial constraints or benefiting from government assistance can access discounted Xfinity Internet and related services, fostering greater digital inclusion. From February 8, 2024, the US Federal government stopped accepting new Affordable Connectivity Program enrollments of internet users. But don’t worry Xfinity has affordable plans for its customers. Check out Xfinity’s affordable internet plans below.

Key Benefits of the Xfinity ACP Program

The Xfinity Affordable Connectivity Program offers discounted internet service and devices to eligible low-income households. Benefits include a $30/month discount on Xfinity Internet, with speeds up to 50 Mbps for $29.99/month, and a one-time $100 discount for a computer or tablet. Discounted bundles are available with Xfinity Mobile, TV, or phone. Qualification requires meeting income criteria or receiving certain government assistance. Apply through the program website, Xfinity site, by phone, or mail. Maintain benefits by confirming eligibility annually, updating household details, and paying discounted bills on time. The initiative aims to enhance accessibility to high-speed internet and devices for financially challenged families. Contact Xfinity customer support for further inquiries.

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Xfinity Internet Plans With Affordable Connectivity Program in 2024

Enroll in the Affordable Connectivity Program to access eligible Xfinity Internet plans with a $30 monthly discount in 2024.

Xfinity ACP Plans 2024

PlanSpeedMonthly CostCost With Affordable Connectivity Program
Internet Essentials75 Mbps$9.95/month
Internet Essentials Plus100 Mbps$29.95/month
Connect More200 Mbps$39.99/month$9.99/month
Fast300 Mbps$69.99/month$39.99/month
Superfast600 Mbps$89.99/month$59.99/month
Gigabit Pro6 Gbps$299.99/month$269.99/month

Internet Essentials Plus offers free broadband connectivity after applying the ACP $30 discount. Other plans offer reduced prices, allowing upgrades to faster speeds at lower monthly costs. Additional charges such as taxes, equipment rentals, and regional sports fees are not included and vary by location.

Xfinity ACP Discounts

In 2024, eligible households enrolled in the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) can unlock a range of advantageous discounts from Xfinity, ensuring enhanced accessibility to essential digital services.

Firstly, Xfinity ACP Program participants can enjoy a substantial monthly discount of up to $30 on Xfinity Internet, regardless of the selected plan’s speed. This discount extends to all Internet plans offered by Xfinity, with the possibility of obtaining Internet for free if the monthly bill falls below $30.

Moreover, ACP subscribers are entitled to a one-time $100 discount on the purchase of a computer, laptop, or tablet from participating retailers. This incentive is designed to equip low-income households with the necessary devices to facilitate their engagement with home Internet services.

In addition to discounted Internet, ACP subscribers can leverage reduced rates on Xfinity Mobile phone plans, enabling significant savings compared to standard pricing. For instance, the Unlimited plan is available for just $45/month for ACP customers, a notable decrease from the regular price of $65/month.

Furthermore, ACP participants can benefit from bundled service discounts, allowing them to combine Internet with TV, home phone, and mobile services at discounted rates. While the exact discount percentage varies, subscribers can typically expect discounts ranging from 20% to 50% off their total bill.

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Overall, these discounts provided by Xfinity through the ACP play a crucial role in promoting digital inclusion by making essential services more affordable for low-income households.

How to Fill Xfinity ACP Program Application?

Online Apply

  • Visit the official website and click on Apply Now to fill Xfinity ACP Program application.
  • Provide household income or government subsidy program participation details.
  • Contact Xfinity to set up discounted services with your ACP application ID.

Apply Through Xfinity Website

  • Visit Xfinity’s official website and click on Check My Eligibility.
  • Answer qualification questions and submit your application.
  • Xfinity will process enrollment directly upon verification.

Apply by Phone

  • Call Xfinity ACP Enrollment Phone Number.
  • Speak with an ACP representative for application assistance or issue resolution.

Mail-In Application

  • Request an ACP mail-in application form from Xfinity customer support.
  • Fill out the form with the necessary details.
  • Mail back the completed form to finalize enrollment.

How to Complete Xfinity ACP Enrollment?

Following these steps facilitates completion Xfinity ACP enrollment with benefits.

  • Confirm eligibility for Xfinity Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) discounts.
  • Gather necessary documents (e.g., social security numbers, proof of government assistance enrollment).
  • Apply via the Xfinity website, ACPBenefit portal, phone, or mail.
  • Await approval confirmation.
  • Contact Xfinity Support to enroll for discounted services.
  • Select additional equipment such as routers or Mesh WiFi extenders.
  • Schedule installation and activation.
  • Ensure timely monthly bill payments to maintain discounted services.


So, the ACP Program Xfinity continues to bridge the digital divide by offering discounted internet services and devices to eligible households in 2024. Through streamlined application processes and significant monthly discounts, it promotes accessibility, empowering underserved communities to thrive in the digital age. To know more about Xfinity internet deals or any other query, call Club HDTV customer care number – +1(855)-352-5313.

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