What Channel is CBS Sports on DirecTV?

What Channel is CBS Sports on DirecTV

CBS Sports Networks is a prominent channel for sports lovers particularly during college football sessions. CBS Sports on DirecTV is not included in all plans. You require either a Premier or Ultimate package to view it. To ensure you don’t drop any of the interesting sports streamed on CBS Sports on DirecTV Channel, it’s significant to identify the channel number on various major TV providers like Time Warner, Comcast, DirecTV, and more.

What Channel is CBS Sports Network on DirecTV?

  • DirecTV Channel Number – 221
  • U-Verse Channel Number – 643
  • Comcast/Xfinity Cahnel Number – Examine for regional channel
  • Spectrum (Time Warner) Channel Number – Examine for your regional channel
  • DISH Network Channel Number – 158

CBS Sports on DirecTV provides multiple college football sports throughout the season beginning from the first game. Whether you’re a lover of Colorado State, Oregon State, or any other college team, the CBS Sports Network delivers multiple matchups to keep you cherished.

Watching All Action On CBS Sports Network

Cherish with your college football games from the start of the season to thrill the season with CBS Sports Network on Direct. These sports may not be in high rank but they bring adventure thrills and enjoyment to sports enthusiasts. By playing the perfect channel on your TV provider, go through your desired teams and cherish the excitement of college football.

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How to Find Your CBS Channel Number?

Whether you have a satellite or cable internet provider, the CBS channel number differs by location. More than 200 regional CBS TV stations are available across the nation with at least one in every state including Guam, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands. Location-wise CBS channel numbers are available nationwide.

CityLocal Affiliate ChannelDirecTV Channel DISH ChannelSpectrum Channel
Atlanta, GA46464646
Austin, TX42424242
Albuquerque, NM131313
Bakersfield, CA292929
Baltimore, MD131313
Bronx, NY2222
Brooklyn, NY2222
Buffalo, NY4444
Charlotte, NC3333
Chicago, IL2222
Cincinnati, OH12121212
Cleveland, OH19191919
Colorado Springs, OH111111
Columbus, OH10101010
Dallas, TX11111111
Denver, CO444
Detroit, MI626262
El Pasco, TX4444
Fort Lauderdale, FL444
Fort Worth, TX11111111
Fresno, CA474747
Houston, TX11111111
Indianapolis, IN4444
Jacksonville, FL474747
Las Vegas, NV888
Los Angeles, CA2222
Louisville, KY32323232
Memphis, TN333
Miami, FL444
Milwaukee, WI58585858
Minneapolis, MN444
New York, NY2222
Oklahoma City, OK999
Orlando, FL6666
Philadelphia, PA333
Phoenix, AZ555
Pittsburgh, PA222
Portland, OR666
Sacramento, CA131313
Saint Louis, MO4444
Saint Paul, MN4444
Salt Lake City, UT222
San Antonio, TX5555
San Diego, CA8888
San Francisco, CA555

What Do You Get With CBS Sports Network?

CBS Sports on Direct covers pro and college football, golf tennis, soccer, bull riding, and a small thing is recognized as NCAA basketball. CBS Sports shares the streaming schedule with regular CBS programming associated with weekends. If you wish 24/7 sports, CBS cable and CBS Sports Network will be present on most satellite, cable, and live TV streaming services.

  • World Team Tennis
  • Davis Cup Tennis
  • Professional Bull Riders
  • WNBA Basketball
  • NWSL Soccer
  • UEFA Soccer
  • NCAA Tournament
  • Road to the Final Four
  • NFL on CBS
  • Super Bowl
  • College Football
  • PGA Tour Golf


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Now, you know the CBS Sports on DirecTV channel, there is no reason to drop the college football action. Stay connected to channel 221 on DirecTV and engage yourself in a network of college football with the CBS Sports network. To know more about DIRECTV deals, connect with Club HDTV customer care number – +1(855)-352-5313.

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