The Best Live TV Streaming Services – Prices, Channels & Plans

Best Live TV Streaming

What’s The meaning of live TV streaming? It means the end of being cages to a cord. Cut loose from the cord s and take entertainment in your hands. Watch TV wherever you go via the internet and a smartphone. You get all the same channels and programs that you get on your traditional TV box.

You can get the live TV streaming service on you smart TV as well; it will work through an application as well like, Amazon fire Sick. The best part is you don’t have to tug any extra equipment with you.

Top 5 Live Streaming Services

Major players like Amazon Prime & Netflix have just only stepped in the vast playing ground of live TV streaming. The five services we have reviewed here have entirely replaced the cable model of the TV, all the while maintaining the comfort of streaming.

Live TV streaming services are also cheaper than cable or satellite TV.

Hulu + Live TV

The word Hulu make everyone think of Game of thrones, or Suits if you are into hotshot lawyers. Despite all the original TV line up, Hulu has also taken a swing at live TV streaming service known as Hulu + Live TV (Not a very out of the box title)

Like all things, it has its pros and cons, and the price is quite low as it starts from just $40/month. Another plus point is that it has almost 600 channels, which is a lot! The downfall, however, is that you won’t find any fan-favorite channels like Comedy Central, Nickelodeon, or Discovery, and to top it all, it doesn’t host any sports-related channels. You may find few college-level sports channels, but pro channels are not available at all.

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Sling TV

Sling TV is similar to Hulu live TV in many ways. The basic plans are cheaper than other alternatives, the packages are very confusing to some people, but you can enjoy a  lot of add-on channels. The plan names are Sling Orange (31 channels for $25/month) & Sling Blue ($25 for 44 channels). Sling is perfect for all casual  TV viewers, but those who regularly watch TV can opt for a higher basic package such as Sling Orange & Blue. The only thing that sets sling apart from Hulu is the availability of all primary sports channel.

Sling’s live TV streaming services aren’t a gold mine, but they are pretty okay for a novice in the streaming world.

YouTube TV

How significant is the fact that one of the biggest social media services has launched it’s very own live TV streaming service. The best part about the service is its commonly known user interface. With some changes, YouTube TV can also take over the live TV streaming industry.

As for the Pros and cons of YouTube TV, It offers just one package, so you don’t have to choose your favorite. The plan starts @ only $49.99/month for 70 channels. In this package, you can find almost all the networks, and you can also avail of an add-on benefit. For a sports geek, all the sports channels are present. The only downfall is that few of the necessary channels are missing from an add-on list. Other than that, it’s almost perfect.


AT&T has its roots spread everywhere, and just like any other field, AT&T’s Live TV streaming services are excellent. It has its own set of problems, but what doesn’t? AT&T TV NOW’s TV channel list is identical to its counterpart DirecTV, the basic packages aren’t that great, but yes, the high-end package comes with a big bang. You get 60 channels, including HBO and CINEMAX @ just $59.99.

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Just ditch your TV and get onto the live TV streaming if you wanna save some time or if you watch TV on the go.


No, no, don’t hop just right now! Netflix hasn’t launched a TV Streaming Service just now! The only reason Netflix is on this list is that it offers a wide variety of original and outside shows. You may already have a Netflix subscription or at least a password of the son of a far living relative.

Plans start from $8.99 and end on $15.99 a month, and its probably the best option out of all!

What is the most crucial part of Live TV Streaming?

Well, the only thing that holds everything together is Internet. You can’t watch Live TV if you don’t have Internet or a lousy internet connection. If you are looking for a great internet connection for seamless streaming, then head on down to ClubHDTV.

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