What Channel is ESPNU on Spectrum?

What Channel is ESPNU on Spectrum?

ESPNU, part of the ESPN family, hosts a range of sports content including gymnastics, high school football, and college games. Despite its popularity, many are unsure of its placement on cable providers like Spectrum. ESPNU Channel on Spectrum offers programs like College Football Live for up-to-date analysis and coverage. While most cable providers include it in basic packages, Spectrum requires the Entertainment View add-on. ESPNU On Spectrum is available on channel number 370.

Viewers can enjoy live games, competition highlights, and vintage tournaments. For sports enthusiasts, knowing how to access ESPNU on Spectrum or other providers ensures they can catch their favorite games and stay updated with the latest in college sports. Explore and select the perfect internet and TV plans with Club HDTV.

ESPNU on Spectrum TV Overview

Want to tune into the exciting world of college sports on ESPNU Spectrum? But hold on, channel surfers! ESPNU isn’t included in every Spectrum package. Don’t worry, though, here we’ll be your guide to explore the channel lineup and finding the perfect way to catch all the action. ESPNU is available on channel number channel number 370 but it also varies on location. So, hold tightly to your seats, settle in, and let’s unlock the secrets of ESPNU Channel on Spectrum!

What Channel On Spectrum TV is ESPNU?

Over 86 million households across the country get college sports news and shows from ESPN, which started in 2005. They have the right to cover events from the American Athletic Conference and the Pac-12 Conference. Imagine if you had lots of TV channels, but none of them showed sports. It’s hard to imagine because sports are such a big part of many people’s lives.

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Compared to other TV channels that show entertainment, sports channels often have more people watching them. When you get a new cable TV update or subscribe to a new TV network, it can be hard to find certain channels. Let’s focus on finding the Spectrum ESPNU channel.

Spectrum TV Packages

PlanCostsDownload SpeedChannel Count
Internet + Voice$64.98 per month for 12 monthsUp to 200 MbpsN/A
TV Select + Voice$64.98 per month for 12 monthsN/A125+ Channels
Internet + TV Select + Voice$114.97 per month for 12 monthsUp to 200 Mbps125+ Channels

Where Can I Watch ESPNU On Spectrum?

ESPNU Spectrum channel is typically on 370 and may vary in some locations. It covers college sports, including basketball, football, and more. Owned by ESPN, it airs live university events and high school competitions. ESPN’s NBA and MLB streaming services are more popular, but ESPNU focuses on collegiate athletics like football and gymnastics.

How to Access ESPNU on Spectrum?

Here’s what you must understand how to access ESPNU on Spectrum.

  • Check Your Current Package: First, re-examine your Spectrum TV package details. If you have a higher-tier package like Spectrum Select or above, ESPNU might already be included. You can find your channel lineup by contacting customer service.
  • Subscribe to the Entertainment View Add-on: If ESPNU is not added to your current package, you have to subscribe to the Entertainment View add-on package. This add-on involves various sports channels, including ESPNU, for an additional monthly fee.
  • Explore Alternative Streaming Options: Consider alternative streaming services like Sling TV, Hulu + Live TV, or YouTube TV that provide ESPNU in their channel selections. These services often come with free trials, allowing you to test them out before committing.
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Additional Suggestions

  • Make use of Spectrum’s Channel Search Function: Once you have access to the ESPNU channel, use the channel search function on your Spectrum remote to find its specific channel number. This number may vary depending on your location.

What Programs Can You Watch ESPNU on Spectrum?

Since it started in 2005, ESPNU has been a highly anticipated sports network in the US. It’s known for showing live college sports. Here’s a list of programs that ESPNU has shown on Spectrum.

  • ESPNU broadcasts live coverage of NCAA basketball tournaments and regular seasons.
  • Since 2005, ESPNU has aired men’s and women’s semifinals of NCAA D1 college soccer.
  • College baseball games have been covered on ESPNU since 2005.
  • ESPNU has showcased high school student performances since 2005.
  • Since 2018, ESPNU has been airing Formula One races, gaining popularity.

What are the Most Popular ESPNU Series?

If you don’t know about ESPNU, picking the right show might be hard with all the live games they have. Here are some of the best ESPNU live streams listed below.

  • Summer of Next – A major high school sports competition since 2013, happening in the summer of 2019.
  • College Football Live – This show on ESPN provides all the latest news, stats, and highlights of high school football.
  • Cheerleading – Tune in at 1:00 am for cheerleading dances and guides.
  • Vermont Basketball, Presented by Captain One – From 9:30 to 11:30 am, catch this top program for basketball fans.

ESPNU Channel As Per Location On Spectrum

Here is a list of ESPNU Channel numbers on Spectrum

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Los Angeles370
San Diego370
Bakersfield106, 1106
Long Beach415, 724
Corpus Christi370
Reno401, 802
San Antonio370
EI Paso370
Dallas287, 701
Birmingham89, 404
Montgomery302, 816
Lexington514, 922
Louisville514, 922
Indianapolis404, 1404
Milwaukee303, 1303
Kansas City370
Columbus514, 922
Cincinnati303, 1303
Cleveland303, 1303
New York370

Troubleshooting Methods for ESPNU on Spectrum Errors

  • Can’t find ESPNU on my Spectrum Channel Lineup

You can find the Spectrum ESPNU channel by looking at the channel lineup online or in the Spectrum app. You can also use the Spectrum channel search tool to locate ESPNU.

  • Suppose the Channel Number is Different in My Location

The channel number for Spectrum ESPNU can be different depending on where you live. You can find out the right channel number for ESPNU in your area by checking online or in the Spectrum app.

  • Not Subscribed to the Right Spectrum TV Package

Not all your Spectrum TV packages have ESPNU. To watch it, you need a package that includes ESPNU Live Stream.

  • My TV is Not Tuned to Correct Channel

Ensure your TV is set to the right channel for ESPNU. Look in your channel lineup to find the channel number for ESPNU.

  • A Problem With My Spectrum TV Service

If you’ve tried everything mentioned before and still can’t find ESPNU, there might be an issue with your Spectrum service. You can reach out to Spectrum customer support for assistance.


So, ESPNU on Spectrum, a vital hub for college sports enthusiasts, is typically found on Channel Number 370, though this may vary by location. With a diverse range of programs covering basketball, football, and more, ESPNU ensures viewers stay connected to the excitement of collegiate athletics. To know more about internet and TV deals, connect with Club HDTV customer care number – +1(855)-352-5313.

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