What Channel is FOX on DirecTV?

What Channel is FOX on DirecTV?

Exploring your favorite channel can sometimes make you feel like searching for a puzzle in a big galaxy of television. Whether you’re a lover of catching up on live sports, dramas, or recent news, FOX has something for every viewer. If you are a DirecTV consumer, you might be surprised, by “Fox Channel on DirecTV?” Prepare because we are close enough to begin a journey to explore the magical moment of FOX channel and exactly where you can get it. 

What is FOX Channel on DirecTV?

The DirecTV channel lineup is present with all FOX channels that you and your family love to watch. The DirecTV channel lineup through satellite and internet varies with each other. So you must confirm that channel is involved in your subscription. DirecTV is that channel numbers are equal in every region and destination. Follow the below given FOX channel numbers.

FOX Channel DirecTV

Channel NameChannel NumberSubscription Needed
FOX Sports 1219Entertainment and More
FOX Sports 2618Ultimate and More
FOX Weather363 (present with DirecTV through Internet only)Entertainment and More
FOX Business Network359Entertainment and More
FOX News Channel360Entertainment and More
FOX Soul4401 (present with DirecTV through Internet only)Entertainment and More
FOX Deportes465Mas Latino and More

How to View FOX on DirecTV?

It doesn’t matter which DirecTV plan you choose, whether it’s a DIRECTV Entertainment Package or a prominent DirecTV Choice plan, entertain with a group of networks such as AMC, Disney, CNN, ABC and more.

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DirecTV channel lineup differs from 1 plan to another, and it’s significant to ensure that the plan you select has your favourite promising FOX networks. Once you subscribe to your favorite plan, you will be enabled to view the most famous American TV content.

View FOX With DirecTV Plans

Despite FOX Sports 2, you will get all FOX on DirecTV channels on DirecTV deals from Entertainment and more. Moreover, every FOX channel has a separate channel number mentioned in the table above. To entertain with FOX on DirecTV, choose one of its plans given below by connecting with one of the leading internet and TV providers, Club HDTV customer care number – +1(855)-352-5313.

TV PlansCostChannel Count
Entertainment$69.99 per month75+ channels
Ultimate$84.99 per month105+ channels
Choice$114.99 per month140+ channels
Premier$159.99 per month150+ channels

View FOX With the DirecTV App

A little issue with scheduled TV programming is that users with busy timelines can often lose the most trending content. To be with busy timelines and not lose even a small TV entertainment with FOX DirecTV channel, utilize the DirecTV app.

The mobile application easily needs you to sign in with your DirecTV credentials, and move into the world of live TV  with 90,000 plus on-demand topics. The app is housed with user-friendly characteristics to finish up complete dominance over your DVR service. The DirecTV app is the premier one-stop solution.

What to View on Fox On DirecTV?

Fox Channel on DirecTV involves various content you can view through. A few of the most popular FOX channels on DirecTV are given below.

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FOX Business Network on DirecTV

FOX Business Network is a pay TV channel that is a part of FOX family networks and is run by the FOX News Media Division of the FOX Corporation. The network primarily concentrates on including news associated with finance and business. 

FOX Business is present on all DirecTV plans and channel lineups. Its channel number is 359. It never matters which DirecTV plan you opt-in or which region you living in. 

FOX News Channel on DirecTV

FOX News Channel is the United States multinational cable news network, run by FOX News Media, and owned by the FOX Corporation, FOX News has been a prominent news source across the United States. DirecTV users can view FOX News with all TV packages like Choice, Ultimate, Entertainment and Premier. Go to channel number 360 and watch the recent news across the United States with FOX channel DirecTV.

FOX Sports 1 on DirecTV

FOX Sports 1 or FS 1 on DirecTV is another pay TV channel owned by the FOX Corporation and run by the FOX Sports Media Group. For sports fans, FS1 provides an excellent streaming lineup. US Golf Association championships, motorsports, combat sports, Live Major Baseball and Soccer League, FS! Offers your everything. You can watch expert analysis, sports-associated reality programs, sports news and documentaries on FOX Sports too. FOX Sports 1 is also present on all DirecTV plans. All you have to perform is tune into channel number 219 and begin entertaining with the adrenaline rush.

FOX Sports 2 on DirecTV

FOX Sports 2 is not more different from FS1. Run by the same agency, it performs as a surplus channel for FOX Sports 1. FS1 programming lineup is developed across the replays of news & analysis and sports shows primarily streamed on FS1. So, if you forget to watch live game shows aired on FS1, it’s ok. Because with FS2, you can simply enjoy shows and events missed out on during a tough work schedule. To view FOX Sports 2 on DirecTV, utilize your remote control to tune into channel number 618. FOX Sports 2 is listed in the Premier and Ultimate Plans.

Accessibility of FOX on DirecTV Location-Wise

To obtain the appropriate FOX channel number for your area, you can examine the DirecTV channel lineup suggestion or utilize the lookup device available on DirecTV. A few locations where FOX channel numbers are accessible across the United States cities are detailed below.

  • Colorado Springs, CO – Channel 21
  • EI Paso, TX – Channel 14
  • Houston, TX – Channel 26
  • Las Vegas, NV – Channel 11
  • Boise, ID – Channel 9
  • Los Angeles, CA – Channel 11
  • Miami, FL – Channel 7
  • San Antonio, TX – Channel 29
  • Tucson, AZ – Channel 11
  • Tulsa, OK – Channel 23


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Exploring the FOX DirecTV channel is a simple procedure, but the perfect channel number may differ based on your region. By utilizing the DirecTV channel lineup book and online devices, you can simply find the FOX channel and activate several programming it delivers, involving news, sports and entertainment. With DirecTV’s modification choices, you can further analyze your watching experience to fulfill your priorities. To know more about internet packages, connect with Club HDTV customer care number – +1(855)-352-5313.

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