Amazon Prime Video Review: Is It Worth the Money?

amazon prime streaming

Amazon prime is a brilliant perk offered by Amazon, but if you are only using it for free deliveries, discounts and sales then you are not taking full advantage of it. Amazon Prime Video is a benefit that comes included with Amazon Prime membership. Amazon Prime streaming service is great, it offers movies, exclusive series and you can stream everything in 4K ultra HD without having to pay any extra charges.

Amazon Video app doesn’t have its own discounts so that means you can’t expect any additional perks. Amazon prime, however, has a lot of offers for its consumers. Amazon Prime offers amazing discounts for students and people who have Medicaid cards. Check out deals below that way you can decide for yourself whether the deals are awesome or not.

Prime Student plan$6.49/mo3
Prime With EBT or Medicaid Plan$6.49/mo3

Amazon Prime Monthly & Yearly Subscriptions

If you’ve got additional money lying around then getting Amazon Prime membership isn’t a bad choice. Prime Monthly and Prime Annual come with everything that means you get all benefits of Prime, whether you pay for a monthly subscription or annual.

  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Unlimited music streaming
  • Unlimited photo storage
  • Unlimited reading
  • Free two-day shipping
  • Free one-day delivery

You get free of everything and you also get access to exclusive shopping benefits whenever you shop from Amazon. If you aren’t so crazy about shopping benefits then you can also get Amazon Instant Video as a standalone service which costs somewhere between Netflix’s standard and premium plus plans that cost $12.99 and $15.99/mo.

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In terms of money, Amazon Prime Video is great but in terms of content, not so much. We believe that Amazon Prime video has older content than Netflix and Hulu. 

Prime Annual$119/year3
Prime Monthly$12.99/mo3
Prime Video$8.99/mo3

When you opt for a yearly plan, you save $36 yearly. So if you are satisfied with what Amazon prime has to offer you can go for the yearly plan.

Amazon Prime Shows

Prime Video has a lot of content but new content comes very slowly. Amazon displays all the shows you could be watching if you pay a little extra. If you love premium channels and premium content then Amazon Prime Video is a great option for buying premium channel subscriptions. Amazon Prime costs much lesser than other streaming services out there, if you are looking for a place to binge on old movies then Amazon instant video app is a great option. 

Amazon Prime Video Features

If you love streaming but miss the extra features you used to get in the old days with DVD and Blu-Ray then Prime video’s exclusive X-Ray feature is awesome. You get access to deleted scenes, trivia, information about cast and more.

Amazon Prime video also allows you to download videos in case you need to watch them offline. You can also stream content on 3 devices at the same time. Considering the price range, these features are impressive for a streaming service.

Video Download Feature on Prime

If you are on a road trip and worried about internet connectivity, then Amazon prime video is your best friend. Prime Video lets you download 15 videos maximum. There are few places you can even download 25 videos on one stream. Amazon isn’t transparent when it comes to the location but still, 15 videos at one time is more than enough to fulfill anyone’s binge-watching needs. If you purchase videos through prime video then you can keep them for as long as you want but for normal videos, there is a time limit.

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Multiple Stream Feature

All Prime Video plans come equipped with 3 streams, unlike Netflix you won’t have to pay extra if you want a plan with multiple streams. So you can calmly watch Jack Ryan while your kids are watching some cartoons in the other room. There’s one more benefit that you won’t get in any other streaming platform. You can watch the same video in up to two devices.

Compatible Streaming Devices

Amazon prime video is available on a wide range of devices, you won’t find it’s an app on Chromecast. Amazon and Google have been having a feud for years. Make sure you know about their feud when you build your streaming service. Although you don’t have to worry if you stream content from a Chromecast. You can still use your chrome browser or some older version of Android phones.

  • Amazon Fire phone
  • Amazon Fire tablets
  • Amazon Fire TV stick
  • Android devices
  • Apple TV
  • Selected Blu Ray players
  • Google TV
  • iOS devices
  • Roku Stick

Amazon Prime Video Quality

Unlike most streaming services, Prime video offers all videos in 4K HD. Which is definitely higher than HD. Not all devices can play 4K and you’ll need to have an internet download speed of at least 15 Mbps. This uses a lot more data than ordinary streaming as well, so make sure you don’t go over your internet data limit. 

Final Take

Amazon prime video may be awesome for the price range it offers. But there isn’t a lot of content you can watch. There isn’t a wide range of original content available like Netflix but it has a wide range of content for old movie junkies. 

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