How to Do it Yourself? AT&T Internet Installation Process

AT&T internet Installation

Switching to a brand new internet service provider and thinking of choosing AT&T? The only thing that you have to do after choosing an awesome AT&T internet plan is to go through with AT&T Internet Installation. Have questions about how to install your brand new internet services?

In, this guide, we will discuss all the small things that pain people the most during installation. Whether to buy equipment or rent them. Read on ahead and follow these simple tricks to go through the installation effortlessly.

Professional Installation vs. Self Installation

When you’ll buy a brand new AT&T plan, you’ll be given the option of choosing between professional installation and installing your AT&T internet yourself. If you opt for professional installation, then you just have to provide your contact no. to your local internet service provider to schedule an appointment. Whatever day and time you choose the technician will come to your place and will go through your AT&T internet Installation.

When you decide to go through the installation yourself, then your ISP will deliver the self-installation kit to your home. The Self – installation kit will contain everything you need to install your AT&T internet.

Pros and Cons: Professional Installation vs. Self Installation

If you like to take things in your hands, then doing your AT&T Internet Installation is probably the best thing you can do to yourself. With a professional, all you have to do is sit and watch him go about his daily routine. However, both ways pose some pros and cons:

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Professional Installation

Trained technician does all the workYou must pay extra fees
No Need for technical knowledgeYou must adjust your schedule for Installation
 Can take a lot of time

Self Installation

Can install as per your choiceTroubleshooting all problems by yourself
No extra feesBasic technical knowledge needed
Gains Experience for future work 

Deciding which way to go is simple. If you are okay with doing all our chores yourself, then self-installation is the right path to take. But, if you can spend money but not time, then professional installation is the way to go.

AT&T Internet Installation: How to Do it Yourself?

AT&T internet Installation is fairly easily. The first step is ordering a home installation kit. You can complete this process while buying your plan and AT&T will ship that kit to your residence. The self Installation kit will include the following:

  • AT&T Wi-Fi Gateway (AT&T Modem & Router as one device)
  • Green Colored Data Cable
  • Yellow Colored Ethernet cable
  • Grey Colored cable for AT&T phone service
  • Power cord
  • Instruction manual

Once you have gone through the contents of the self-install kit, it’s time to move onto the next step. Despite the common belief installing your AT&T internet is a piece of cake. Follow these steps:

  • Connect one end of the green data cable to the green part of your AT&T Wi-Fi Gateway.
  • Attach the other end of the green cable into the broadband jack in your wall.
  • Connect the black power cable into the back of your gateway and the other end into an electrical socket.
  • Wait for the Wi-Fi gateway to power up. This can take 10 minutes. You’ll know when the process is done as the lights on your gateway will turn solid green.
  • To set up your AT&T internet Wi-Fi router, log into your computer and connect to the new internet connection by typing the name and password on the back of your Gateway.
  • For Ethernet Access, Connect the yellow Ethernet cable into the yellow jack on the gateway and connect the other end into your computer.
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That’s all there is to installing your AT&T internet connection. If you face any trouble after nailing all these steps you can contact AT&T customer support.

Activating Your AT&T Internet Service

Activating your AT&T internet connection is as easy as setting it up. Once you are connected to the Internet open your browser, and it will directly take you to the activation page. If the activation page doesn’t open on itself, then type in your browser and go to the activation page.

What to Expect with Professional Installation

If you choose professional installation, then, you will have a couple of advantages. But you must pay a hefty amount of money for it. $99 for letting a technician set up your internet service for you. You can schedule an appointment as per your preference, but you have to keep a booking window of at least 48 hours. Keep in mind that even a professional technician can take up to 4-5 hours depending on the work. Here’s how you can prepare for it:

  • Someone over the age of 18 needs to be present
  • Free up your schedule for at least 4 hours
  • Clear the area for the technician to work
  • Make sure you know which payment method to use during payment.

Whether you choose self-installation or let the professionals handle it. The process of AT&T internet installation is more than easy. However, we would suggest you go through with self-installation as you have more flexibility that way. Plus, you get the needed experience for the future ordeals of installing your internet services.

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