AT&T Home Internet Review

AT&T Home Internet Review

AT&T is a primary player providing multiple internet services around the United States in the global market of telecommunications. AT&T has an exclusive network and offers various internet choices like high-speed broadband, DSL, fiber optic internet, and fixed internet service, as one of the biggest telecommunications agencies globally. Compare and choose the most appropriate internet plans with one of the top internet providers i.e., Club HDTV. In this article, we will provide the major objectives of AT&T Home Internet, assisting you to understand if it’s the perfect choice for your family.

AT&T Home Internet Overview

AT&T Internet located in Dallas, Texas tracks its base back to Alexander Graham Bell, the innovator of the telephone. Recently, AT&T has provided a big consumer platform and delivers different internet service choices to its users. However, it’s significant to remember that AT&T’s services are not present in all regions, so presence may differ depending on your destination.

Best AT&T Home Internet Plans

Internet PlanMaximum SpeedsMonthly Price RangeData CapInternet Type
AT&T Fixed WirelessDownload Speed – 25 Mbps
Upload Speed – 1 Mbps
$70 per month350 GBCable
AT&T 100Download Speed – 100 Mbps
Upload Speed – 20 Mbps
$55 per month1.5 TBDSL
AT&T 50Download Speed – 50 Mbps
Upload Speed – 10 Mbps
$55 per month1.5 TBDSL
AT&T 25Download Speed – 25 Mbps
Upload Speed – 5 Mbps
$55 per month1.5 TBDSL
AT&T Internet AirDownload Speed – 225 Mbps
Upload Speed – 30 Mbps
$55 per monthUnlimitedFixed Wireless/5G

Internet Speeds and Data

AT&T Internet offers various internet speeds and data services, based on your requirements and destination. A few AT&T plans are present with data choices and internet speeds.

  • Fiber 5 Gbps – No data cap, perfect for 12+ equipment
  • Fiber 1 Gbps – No data cap, perfect for 12+ equipment
  • Fiber 2 Gbps – No data cap, perfect for up to 12 equipment
  • Fiber 300 Mbps – No data cap, perfect for up to 10 equipment
  • Fiber 500 Mbps – No data cap, perfect for up to 11 equipment
  • Internet 50 Mbps – 350 GB data cap, perfect for 5 to 7 equipment
  • Internet 25 Mbps – 350 GB data cap, perfect for 3 to 4 equipment
  • Internet 10 Mbps – 150 GB data cap, perfect for 2 to 3 equipment
  • Internet 100 Mbps – No data cap, perfect for 5 to 7 equipment
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Consumers have AT&T internet plans to buy limitless data with data caps.

Set-Up Process

AT&T Home Internet needs accessible gateway equipment, which associates a modem and router into one unit. Consumers can either buy their accessible gateway or rent one from AT&T for a charge. The establishment procedure provides two choices.

Professional Installation – Consumers can select to pay for the professional establishment, which includes fixing a technical person to establish the gateway equipment. The technical person observes the complete establishment procedure.

Self-Installation – For those who recommend a DIY reach, AT&T offers a self-installation option. The methods are simple. 

  • Demand the gateway kit, which approaches in 3 days. 
  • Unload the kit and go through the color-coded wiring instructions.
  • Attach your equipment to the WiFi network.
  • Download the Smart Home Manager to modify your WiFi network.

Consumers who face any problems during the establishment procedure can contact AT&T Care for help.

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5G Home Internet

AT&T State Availability

AT&T Internet plans are present in 21 states involving South Carolina, North Carolina, Florida, Georgia, Ohio, Kentucky, Alabama, Tennessee, Indiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Illinois, Wisconsin, Missouri, Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma, Nevada, and California. However, ultra-fast internet services such as fiber-optic internet, 2 Gbps, 5Gbps, and 1 Gbps packages are only present in chosen cities. For remote regions, fixed internet with a maximum speed of 10 Mbps may be the only service present. 

It’s significant to know that AT&T internet plans are not present across the United States and multiple regions in the nation are not eligible for AT&T Internet. Even within AT&T service areas, only chosen cities have acceptance to the quickest internet speeds. Plus, the demand for “no extra equipment charges” may be somewhat deceptive, as AT&T includes device charges into the per-month bill, even for consumers who offer their equipment.

Other Benefits

AT&T Internet consumers can buy ActiveArmor for $7 monthly. This smartphone app improves internet protection, providing characteristics such as threat activity monitoring, ID monitoring, advanced content controls, and VPN setup. AT&T also offers a free charge package with in-built defence, personal data security, and attached device security. AT&T no longer accelerates internet speed after special data thresholds and limitless data for steadier speed packages at an extra charge. 

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AT&T does not need annual contracts, enabling consumers to remove their packages at any moment without charges. Plus, there are no additional device charges. To accept the wonderful prices, consumers can register for paperless billing and autopay. AT&T also provides bundling choices, enabling consumers to combine their internet with other AT&T services like AT&T wireless which can lead to price protection and magnified bill management.

AT&T Internet Pricing

AT&T provides various internet services at different per-month costs. A few plans and pricing of each internet service are detailed below. 

  • Fiber 5 Gbps – $225 monthly
  • Fiber 1 Gbps -$80 monthly
  • Fiber 2 Gbps – $125 monthly
  • Fiber 300 Mbps – $55 monthly
  • Fiber 500 Mbps – $65 monthly
  • Internet 100 – $55 monthly
  • Internet 25 – $55 monthly
  • Internet 50 – $55 monthly
  • Bundled AT&T Wireless – $59.99 monthly
  • Standalone Fixed Wireless Internet – $69.99 monthly

AT&T Comparison

It’s significant to differentiate AT&T’s home internet deals from those of other internet providers to offer a well-rounded point of view. The major differentiations between other two internet providers are given below.


  • Lowest Cost Present – Not Specified
  • Consumer Rating – Great
  • Countrywide Presence – Okay


  • Lowest Cost Present – Not Specified
  • Consumer Rating – Outstanding
  • Countrywide – Okay

AT&T Internet is known for its reasonable cost and robust consumer ratings. However, the presence may differ depending on your destination, and it’s significant to understand your special requirements and destination when differentiating internet providers.

Is AT&T Internet Right for You?

Though AT&T Internet is the perfect option for you, it mainly depends on your destination and special Internet requirements. As AT&T is a primary player in the telecommunications industry, its services are not globally present. If you are in a region where AT&T provides ultra-fast internet, it can be an outstanding option. The per-month costs are competitive, and the service is recognized for its speed and efficiency. Significantly, AT&T does not accelerate internet speeds and does not apply data caps on maximum packages.

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Moreover, it’s significant to examine if AT&T Internet is present in your region and what speeds are accepted. In a few areas, only slower internet choices may be present, which may not be perfect for heavy internet users. Before taking a decision, confirm that AT&T can fulfill your special necessities.


We have explained the major objectives of AT&T Internet packages from recent data and speed choices to present and cost. AT&T is the primary player in the telecommunications industry, providing reasonable cost and efficient service in regions where ultra-fast internet is acceptable. However, it’s significant to examine whether AT&T is present in your destination and which internet.

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