Best AT&T Family Plan Unlimited for 2020

at&t family plan 5 lines unlimited data

When you buy a new phone, the first question that pops into your mind is which network carrier you should choose and what kind of wireless plan should you choose for yourself. The most preferred option among the users is to sign up on an unlimited plan but almost all the providers have more than one unlimited data plan option. Unlimited texts, calling and data are included in the plan but you get different perks with the plans based on provider and the type of plan you choose. AT&T Family plan unlimited is one such example. You get perks like international calling, additional mobile hotspot data, and soft data caps.

The days where you had to commit to a single wireless service provider are long gone and if you don’t like the services you are getting then it is easy to switch. Still, a lot of thought goes into choosing the right unlimited family plan for yourself. We’ve done thorough research on wireless providers who offer unlimited family plans and AT&T is one of the best ones according to us. ATT family data plans have everything that a user can ask for. Don’t believe us? Read till the end and see for yourself if AT&T prepaid family plans are suitable for you or not.

Are ATT Family Cell Phone Plans Really Unlimited?

Yes, AT&T does offer unlimited family plans, but the same as every other wireless carrier out there, AT&T also has some conditions included in their unlimited plans. With AT&T wireless unlimited data family plans you won’t have to worry about running out of data before the month ends. The best part about a wireless plan is not to worry about overage fees. However, AT&T does impose soft data caps from time to time. AT&T family plans unlimited offer you incredible speeds but you may experience a network slow down during peak hours.

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AT&T has 3 unlimited plans, the Unlimited Starter package, Unlimited Extra, and Unlimited Elite. All three packages have different variants of soft caps, that means somewhere along the line you will have to deal with slower internet speeds. With the Unlimited Extra Package, the soft data cap kicks in after 50 GB. 100 GB with the Unlimited Elite, as for the Unlimited starter package, the data cap can kick in at any particular moment.

  • AT&T Unlimited Starter: AT&T can slow down network speeds temporarily if the network is busy.
  • AT&T Unlimited Extra: Once you cross 50 GB, AT&T can reduce network speed temporarily.
  • AT&T Unlimited Elite: AT&T will slow down your network speed temporarily once you go over 100 GB.

One thing you should remember about AT&T internet plans for low-income families is that you can get slow speeds suddenly if the network is busy. The soft cap that comes with all the plans simply means that AT&T will temporarily slow down your speed during a time of network overload or network congestion.

How Costly Are AT&T Prepaid Family Plans?

AT&T has three Wireless family plans. The ATT family cell phone plans are available from users with a single line to multiple lines. You can either get a single line for yourself or you can get AT&T family plan 6 lines unlimited plan. As you increase the lines on your plans, you will start seeing a certain discount on your plan. Here’s a complete breakdown of the packages and prices as per lines.

AT&T Unlimited Starter

  • 2 Lines: $120/mo ($60 per month per line)
  • 3 Lines: $135/mo ($45 per month per line)
  • 4 Lines: $140/mo ($35 per month per line)
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AT&T Unlimited Extra

  • 2 Lines: $130/mo ($65 per month per line)
  • 3 Lines: $150/mo ($50 per month per line)
  • 4 Lines: $160/mo ($40 per month per line)

AT&T Unlimited Elite

  • 2 Lines: $150/mo ($75 per month per line)
  • 3 Lines: $180/mo ($60 per month per line)
  • 4 Lines: $200/mo ($50 per month per line)

All the prices for AT&T wireless unlimited data family plan are without taxes, your real bill will be a bit higher than the base price.

AT&T Prepaid Family Plans Features

 AT&T Unlimited StarterAT&T Unlimited ExtraAT&T Unlimited Elite
Unlimited Text & TalkYesYesYes
Unlimited DataYes (Data Speed may get slow during congestion)Yes (Temporary slower data speeds after 50 GB)Yes (Temporary slower data speeds after 100 GB)
5G Data AccessNoYesYes
Mobile HotspotNoYesYes
Video StreamingSD StreamingSD StreamingHD Streaming
International TextingUnlimited from the US to 120+ countriesUnlimited from the US to 120+ countriesUnlimited from the US to 120+ countries
Unlimited Text, Talk & Data in Mexico & CanadaYes (Data Speed may get slow during congestion)Yes (Temporary slower data speeds after 50 GB) Yes (Temporary slower data speeds after 50 GB)
Automatic Fraud Booking and Spam AlertsYesYesYes
HBO MaxNoNoYes

Looking to Buy an AT&T Phone?

If you have finally decided that AT&T is your provider then the next thing you have to do is to make sure you have a compatible phone for the AT&T family plan 5 lines unlimited data. You can get a new phone with AT&T itself under discounted prices. Let us know in the comment box if we’ve missed out on any AT&T Family plan unlimited data.

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