Internet Service Providers in Bay Area, San Francisco

internet providers in san francisco bay area

There’s no limit to internet providers in San Francisco, Bay area. So if you are out searching for internet service providers in Bay area for your home or business, then you have a lot of choices. The city is investing $1.5 Billion to build fiber-optic connectivity that reaches to all the homes. Once the infrastructure is complete, San Francisco will be the largest city in the country to own and operate it’s own fiber internet network. If you are new or if you are just moving into the city then it is obvious you will need to find the best Internet Provider in SF Bay area. Your choice for an internet provider will depend on how much you can spend and what kind of speed you require. Let’s go in-depth and find out the best internet service in San Francisco that you can indulge on.

Top 4 Internet Providers in San Francisco, Bay Area

  1. Xfinity: Best known for Coverage area
  2. Viasat: Best known for Satellite internet in Remote areas
  3. AT&T Fiber: Best Fiber Internet Connectivity
  4. Sonic: Best for High speeds
 XfinityViasatAT&T FiberSonic
Best Known ForCoverage AreaSatellite internetFiber ConnectivityIncredible Speeds
Connection TypeCable InternetSatellite InternetFiber InternetFiber Copper & Fiber Hybrid
Download Speeds25-1000 MBPS12-100 MBPS300-1000 MBPSFiber: 1 GBPSCopper & Fiber Hybrid: 75 MBPS
Price Starting$29.99/mo$35/mo$40/mo$40/mo
Contract Period12 Months24 Months12 Months12 Months
Data Cap1 TB12GB for starter plan1 TB or UnlimitedNone

This is a basic breakdown of what the best internet services in San Francisco offer to consumers, let’s cover all the bases by exploring every single provider on our list.

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1. Xfinity: Best Coverage Area In SF

The largest internet service provider in the USA is Xfinity as it serves over 40 cities and delivers lightning fast internet to millions of users. Xfinity is on top of our list of best Internet providers in Bay Area, SF solely because of its coverage area. In terms of numbers, Xfinity offers almost 100% internet connectivity in San Francisco.

Xfinity Internet packages don’t just offer home internet connectivity but free access to a huge network of Xfinity’s nationwide hotspots. That means you can stay connected to Xfinity’s High-speed internet while you are on the go.

  • Price: Internet price for Xfinity internet packages in San Francisco starts @ just $29.99/mo, the plan offers 25 MBPS download speed. If you want the top-end plan then you’ll have to spend $59.99/mo for a plan named “Performance Plus” which offers a download speed of 1 GBPS.
  • Speed & Data: Xfinity offers a wide variety in speeds so that users of all kinds can choose a plan that suits them. The speeds that you get are 25 MBPS, 100-200 MBPS, 300 MBPS, 600 MBPS & 1000 MBPS. All plan except the top tier plan comes with a data cap of 1 TB. 

2. Viasat: Best For Satellite Connectivity

While providers like Xfinity offer internet connectivity all throughout the city, still if you want a private network or if you want a plan that isn’t wired throughout your home then you can choose Viasat. Satellite internet service is perfect for those who live in remote corners without many internet options. Viasat is one such option if you are looking for Satellite internet connectivity in San Francisco.

  • Price: Viasat’s Internet price starts @ $35/mo for the first year and the plan also includes DIRECTV service with 15 channels. The basic Internet package that starts from $30 is only available for the first 3 months before Viasat bumps up the price and you have to pay $50/mo.
  • Speed & Data: The entry-level internet plan provides you with 12 MBPS download speed and the top-level plan offers 100 MBPS speed and a data cap of 12 GB. If you want more data then higher data caps plans are available and you’ll have to pay extra money for them.
  • Plans & Packages: There are multiple packages available for internet users, all the plans offer a range of speed and data limit. You can also bundle internet services with Voice services if you require a Landline connection.
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3. AT&T Fiber

As mentioned above, San Francisco is building a complete fiber-optic network that will be managed by the city itself. That’s why we have placed AT&T Fiber on the third number on our list of Best internet providers in San Francisco, Bay Area. Fiber internet is much faster than Cable and much more reliable. Fiber internet uses Fiber optic glass mesh cables to provide a connection that delivers lightning-fast speed even in the most peak hours. AT&T’s San Francisco internet packages and good enough customer service is what makes it one of the best internet service in San Francisco.

  • Price: AT&T Fiber internet packages start from $40/mo for 300 MBPS when you choose bundle services with the internet. If you pick an Internet-only package the price increases by $10/mo.
  • Speed & Data: AT&T Fiber is available in San Francisco at two speeds: the first one is 300 MBPS that offers 1 TB data limit per month. The second plan comes with 1 GBPS speed and unlimited data per month.
  • Plans & Packages: You can choose to bundle AT&T Fiber with TV or Phone service. Prices may change based on what kind of plan you choose but on average you pay around $80 per month for 300 MBPS speed and 155 DIRECTV Channels.
  • Contract Options: To avail the AT&T Fiber internet services you have to sign up for a 12-month contract.

4. Sonic: Best Speeds in San Francisco

If the highest speed is your only preference while choosing a high-speed internet provider then Sonic might be the best internet provider in SF, Bay Area. According to user reviews, with Sonic, you can easily Video chat in 4K, do large backup activities in Minutes and download 30 GB worth of games in 5-7 minutes while using their 1 GBPS plan. Here’s everything that Sonic has to offer:

  • Price: Sonic’s internet packages start from just $40 for 1000 MBPS speed for the first year. The price increases up to $50 per month after the promotional period ends. Sonic offers consumers free installation and it even offers to buy the remaining part of your contract, they provide up to $200 if you switch to Sonic.
  • Speed & Data: Sonic’s San Francisco internet package comes with a 1 GBPS download speed and the best part is that it has no data cap.
  • Plans & Packages: If you Bundle phone services with your Sonic internet package then you get unlimited calling facility to over 60 countries, your own VPN, Personal Web hosting, and a brand new domain for free. Sonic has the best bundle services in the country.
  • Contract Duration: You can try Sonic’s services for 30 days if you want with no contract. If you like the services then you will have to sign up for 12 months for their services.
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Final Take

Now that you know about top-rated internet service providers in Bay Area San Francisco, you can choose ideal internet service. This concludes our list of internet providers in bay area, San Francisco, let us know in the comment box if we missed out anything.

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