Know Your Internet: Compare Cable vs DSL vs Fiber

fiber optic internet vs cable vs dsl

While searching for a High-speed internet connection, you are most likely to find 3 types of internet connection: Digital Subscriber Line (DSL), Cable Internet & Fiber Optic Internet. All these three services are faster than the old age Dial-Up internet service. Understanding the difference between DSL, Cable and Fiber is crucial if you want an internet service that can meet your needs. Let’s go through every single internet provider and compare Cable vs DSL vs Fiber Optic internet connection and help you find the ideal connection for your home and business.

DSL Internet Service

DSL services use a local phone line to deliver high-speed internet for your home. Unlike Dial-Up internet, you can use separate services at the same time. Out of the 3 best internet service options, DSL is the slowest internet service but in some areas, you can still provide incredible services.

The speed range starts from 1 MBPS and tops out at 100 MBPS. This kind of speed is good enough for streaming video, music, and even play some games on multiple devices.

The difference between cable and DSL is that Cable internet is much faster than DSL internet and some of the top cable internet providers can even offer speeds close to fiber internet speeds. Here are all the pros and cons of DSL internet service that may help you decide whether you want the service or not.

Widely AvailableSlower speeds than cable and Fiber internet
Affordable plans in comparison to Cable and Fiber InternetActual speeds are usually slower than the Up-To speeds that are advertised. That is not the case with Cable and Fiber Optic.

Cable Internet Service

The difference between Cable DSL and Fiber optic is simple, DSL is the slowest, Cable is a little faster and Fiber is the fastest. The download speed for cable internet ranges from 100 to 500 MBPS. When you compare that speed with DSL connection top speed then you can see a clear difference. Cable Internet fastest speeds can easily cope up with your high-speed internet demands, you can do multiple high-speed activities over multiple devices without a drop in speed.

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Cable internet service is more reliable than DSL internet. A report from FCC found that most of the cable internet consumers get faster than the advertised speeds while DSL providers fall short of their advertised speeds.

Faster than DSL and Fiber Optic Internet based on your packagesCable Internet may not be available everywhere in the US but in the area, it is available there may be just one provider.
More reliable than DSL internetMore Expensive than DSL and Other Options

Fiber Optic Internet Service

If you are wondering which is better DSL or fiber optic? Then let us tell you that Fiber internet is superior to DSL in every way. Speed, Reliability, and Value for Money are all better if you pick Fiber over DSL. Fiber internet is the fastest service out there but the advancement in Cable technology is mending the gap between services.

The best thing about Fiber Optic internet service is the symmetrical Upload/Download speeds. Most providers boast about their download speeds but no provider advertises about Upload speeds. With fiber internet, you get a brilliant video calling facility, upload large files and almost everything that includes upload speed gets done smoothly.

The difference between Cable, DSL, and Fiber optic is also available. Fiber internet is not available in most of the states but if it is available where you live then you should opt for it. Fiber has limited availability because they have to install fiber mesh cables for an area to have fiber internet. These cables are light and tiny made with glass fibers to send and receives the data.

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Base Plans can be pocket friendlyNot as Widely available as Cable or DSL
Top tier plans can handle business’s needs for internet
Faster download speeds than DSL, Faster Upload & Download Speeds about Cable

Choosing The Best Internet Service Options

To find yourself the ideal Internet service provider you first have to understand the basic difference between fiber optic internet vs cable vs DSL. Now that you understand all the best internet service options. There are two main factors while choosing an internet service, where you live and what speed you need are the biggest factors.

Unfortunately, you don’t have a choice about internet providers where you live. But you will mostly have 2 or 3 tiers for speed. Determine how much speed you actually need based on your activities and you will know how to compare cable vs DSL vs Fiber.

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