Sprint Vs T-Mobile: Is T-Mobile Better Than Sprint

sprint vs t mobile

If you’re living in the past, then let us inform you that Sprint and T-Mobile are basically the same company. Now that we’re living past the merger, there’s no point in fighting over Sprint vs T-Mobile. If you’re still wondering which is better Sprint or T-Mobile, then this guide will help you figure out an answer. T-Mobile versus Sprint is an old battle with a lot of fronts. There’s a lot of information hidden from us but as of now, AT&T & T-Mobile seem to be operating on the same old plans. We will discuss all the major difference between T-Mobile and Sprint. Here’s all you need to know about Sprint vs T-Mobile.

Sprint Vs T-Mobile Plans & Pricing

As we said above, all the brands are still rolling with the same plans. As for Sprint Vs T-Mobile plans, they’re offering the same prices, except for the premium data packages. Sprint Vs T-Mobile Plans are the same as they were before.

Sprint Vs. T-Mobile Pricing

The price for both Sprint and T-Mobile are basically the same. The prices are almost identical between both the providers, except for Sprint’s premium unlimited plan costing lesser than T-Mobile’s Magenta Plus plan. That’s basically the full difference between T-Mobile and Sprint. Unless you need a premium data plan from either of these providers, prices won’t matter much between the providers. Now that Sprint & T-Mobile have joined forces, the whole “is T-Mobile better than Sprint?” Debate is useless.

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In the Sprint vs T-Mobile service plan battle, the advantage goes to Sprint when it comes to premium unlimited data pricing. Plans and pricing will change as the merger continues to develop, and hopefully, we’ll get cheaper plans. Regardless of everything, Sprint takes advantage of the price.

T-Mobile vs Sprint Data

T-Mobile offers so much more with all its unlimited data options. There’s no competition when it comes to LTE data speeds between the providers. As a matter of fact, data speed is one of the primary difference between Sprint 5G Vs T-Mobile 5G. Basically, T-Mobile always wins with faster and better speeds along with better coverage options.

It’s obvious that everything will change now that both the companies have merged together. It’s much likely that Sprint’s data speeds will catch up with Sprint Mobile. As both companies are merging with each other, they will share the same networks and same service. So the debate Sprint vs T-Mobile service is useless.

To make the Sprint 5g vs T-Mobile 5g debate easier, here are the average speeds you’ll get with both service providers.

  • T-Mobile Average Download speed: 21.1 MBPS
  • Sprint’s Average Download Speed: 13.9 MBPS

Simply put, your internet experience will feel much smoother on T-Mobile’s network compared to Sprint’s internet service. So if you need speed, then go to T-Mobile, if you’re a gamer then you would need better speeds that usually offers lower ping and better response time.

Sprint Vs T-Mobile: Data Cap Comparison

If you’re wondering, is T-Mobile better than Sprint then you can’t find out the ideal answer without figuring out data caps. Both Sprint and T-Mobile cap their data at 50 GB on unlimited plans. Once you consume 50 GB of data in a month, your plans will start to slow down. Although we are sure you wouldn’t go over the data limit, if you do go over your data limit, you’ll experience slow speeds.

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Sprint Vs T-Mobile Coverage

T-Mobile has always offered better coverage, but that’s changing slowly. After the merging plans start, you’ll get a better range as you’ll be getting service coverage out of both plans. Sprint has always ranked last on our rankings for coverage, but now that both Sprint and T-Mobile are joined together, service coverage is supposed to grow.

Sprint’s Network Coverage:

Sprint hasn’t revealed the percentage increase of its coverage, but based on several tests Sprint may actually give Verizon tough competition. Hopefully, we’ll get a concrete number on the coverage area of Sprint. For now, it just looks like Sprint’s coverage is more than good.

T-Mobile Network Coverage

T-Mobile has always offered a pretty solid coverage, however, it looks like Sprint has made use of the T-Mobile network and is offering an impressive network. It’s hard to provide a concrete number on the difference between the networks.

Sprint vs T Mobile Perks: Which Is Better Sprint or T-Mobile

This is a tough category, T-Mobile’s perks may be better, but if you’re a Hulu fan, you’ll need to go for Sprint.

Both T-Mobile and Sprint offer extra perks in two main areas, streaming services, and international travel. Although T-Mobile offers both the perks in a better way. Here’s a list of all the perks offered by T-Mobile:

  • Netflix subscription with 2 or more T-Mobile Magenta lines.
  • Deals like trips and vouchers through the T-Mobile Tuesdays app.
  • One hour of in-flight GoGo WiFi on enabled flights (On unlimited with T-Mobile Magenta Plus)
  • Unlimited texting and data services in most countries.
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Sprint’s Perks:

  • Hulu Limited commercials subscription (restricted to streaming on Sprint devices)
  • Unlimited data and texting in most countries. 
  • Services from Tidal and Lookout (Mobile security app). Although these services are only available with Unlimited Plus and Unlimited Premium Plans. 

Conclusion: T-Mobile Versus Sprint

After everything, if you’re still confused then here’s a breakdown of the whole Sprint vs T-Mobile battle. Here’s a recap of everything offered by both providers.

  • Budgeters: If you want lower prices, choose Sprint. However, T-Mobile’s prices already include taxes, fees, and surcharges and it also offers cell phone deals. 
  • Travelers: If you’re constantly on the move, T-Mobile should be your choice. Both Sprint and T-Mobile give unlimited texting and data in most countries, but T-Mobile also offers free in-flight WiFi. 
  • Data Hogs: If you tend to consume a lot of data then we would suggest you choose T-Mobile as they offer 50 GB of data.
  • Speed Lovers: T-Mobile is constantly offering higher and better data speeds than Sprint. So if you need speed, choose T-Mobile over Sprint any day.

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