Difference Between Sprint and Verizon: Finding The Best Wireless Provider

difference between sprint and verizon

There’s not one customer in the USA who isn’t aware of Verizon and Sprint. Verizon and Sprint are two huge names in the US Wireless world, and the battle for Sprint Vs Verizon plans has been going on for long. Customers tend to choose either one of the providers for multiple reasons but it is time we found out which is the better provider. In this article, we will discuss the difference between Sprint and Verizon along with who has better coverage, Sprint or Verizon?

When someone asks you the question “Which is better, Sprint or Verizon?” what do you answer? Most importantly, do you answer based on your gut or are your answers based on research? Imagine you pick up your phone in a time of emergency and your phone shows the one message no one wants to see “NO SERVICE”, the only thing you can do is to curse your wireless provider. Verizon offers the best services out of all the providers and you’ll never see that message ever again. But if you’re willing to save money, then Sprint Plans will suit you more. Let’s start our comparison, Sprint plans Vs Verizon.

Verizon and Sprint Price Comparison

Sprint has the lowest prices out of all the four major cell phone providers, Verizon has the highest plans. Everyone can see that Sprint has lower pricing than Verizon, and affordability is one of the best things to choose Sprint. Regardless of the plans or service, Sprint’s unlimited phone plans are at least $10 cheaper than Verizon’s plan. 

Verizon’s plans and their price point starts to make sense once you take into account the stellar first-rate network performance and plan perks. So if you’re wondering is Verizon better than Sprint? You’ll have to compare their plans first to come to any conclusion. 

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Let’s be honest here, Sprint’s service used to be below horrible, but they’ve improved by a lot in recent years. Currently, if you live in a city or a suburb, Sprint will probably work great for you. If you’re in a rural area, Verizon’s premium network will be worth the extra cost.

Data Allotments With Unlimited Plans

Both Verizon and Sprint offer unlimited plan options, both their unlimited plans have great data allotments. 

 Sprint and Verizon have great data allotments, in almost every case both companies offer full-speed data at 50 GB. The data allotment is more than enough to stream video for almost three days straight, while it may be plenty for a lot of people, it may suck for those who love to stream heavily. The only difference between Sprint and Verizon unlimited plans is that Verizon offers more plans which will offer you a huge data cap of 75 GB. 

Additional Fees: Verizon Vs Sprint

Verizon and Sprint both charge the same activation fee device for each device you add to your family plan. These fees are one-time and Sprint waives off the fee if you purchase your plan and phone online. You can’t get rid of the Verizon activation fee unless you pick a prepaid plan and phone. If you are still confused as to which is a better sprint or Verizon then read on ahead. 


If you wish to save money and never worry about paying your bill again, then the good news is that Verizon and Sprint both offer discounts on autopay that too for the same amount. 

  • Verizon Autopay Discounts: $5 per line
  • Sprint Autopay Discounts: $5 per line
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However, there is one downfall of using Verizon’s autopay discount. You can’t use a credit card. Sprint has no restrictions, but Verizon’s restrictions suck for people who enjoy collecting credit card points or frequent flier miles from your bill payment points. 

Sprint Plans vs Verizon Plans

Verizon and Sprint have their own specific plan structures. Verizon offers customers a variety of plans both prepaid and postpaid plans. Meanwhile, Sprint offers only exclusively unlimited data plans and almost no prepaid plans.

Verizon & Sprint Speed and Coverage

There’s no denying the fact that Verizon has better speeds and wider coverage than Sprint or any other wireless carrier. If you want a plan/provider that offers fast and reliable coverage and incredibly fast speeds across the country then Verizon is an easy choice regardless of the cost offered. 

The answer to the question “who has better coverage Sprint or Verizon?” can be answered with every coverage study. Verizon always ranks on top of countrywide service and first for overall speed which means it doesn’t matter that you’re in your home or in the corner of some woods, you’ll get great service. 

Sprint coverage is absolutely the opposite, its service works best in densely packed areas such as cities. We wouldn’t recommend you going to the woods with the hope of getting perfect reception. Sprint’s internet speeds are also rated exceptionally lower than Verizon’s. 

Will Sprint/T-Mobile Merger Affect The Service?

You must know that Sprint and T-Mobile are merging. The year-old question “is sprint better than T-Mobile?” has lost meaning. The merger is still in the works and it might get held up by unnecessary legalities. Sprint and T-Mobile customers have no idea what will happen to their services, here are some ideas as to what will happen to both the providers. 

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Prices will most probably go up, not immediately but slowly. Telecommunication experts also believe that both Sprint and T-Mobile will get better coverage, better speeds, and faster 5G rollout. If you don’t want to be stuck in between all this, you can also switch to Verizon which already is offering all the above. This difference between Sprint and Verizon has a clear winner and it’s Verizon.

Sprint 5g vs Verizon5g: Special Features

Verizon offers bundles options, while Sprint offers a few extra perks along with its bang for buck service. Here are some great perks offered by Sprint in between their service plans. 

  • Sprint offers free access to Hulu Limited commercials on your phone. 
  • Sprint includes international data and texting in 100 countries. 
  • Sprint’s unlimited plus plan includes a subscription to Hulu and Tidal.
  • Sprint’s unlimited premium plan includes a subscription to Hulu, Tidal, and Lookout and an Amazon Prime membership. 

Conclusion: Verizon Is Our Best Overall Choice

There’s no question when it comes to speed and coverage, Verizon is the clear winner. With Verizon, you can go almost anywhere in the country and still get incredible phone services. Sprint really can’t beat that. 

But one place where Sprint can leave Verizon’s price and perks. If we’re talking about Sprint plans vs Verizon plans then Sprint wins easily. That’s not all, Sprint also throws in a free Hulu Limited commercials subscription, free international text, and data. Sprint has a variety of great perks but Verizon offers great bundle deals. If it were up to us, we would choose Verizon over Sprint while comparing Sprint vs Verizon customer satisfaction.

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