How Much Time Will 5G Internet Really Save You?

how fast is 5g internet

5G is finally out now, and for so long it almost felt like a dream that will never come true. One hundred times faster than 4G technology with next to almost none latency and the ability to connect to an unlimited number of devices makes it the best internet tech available. 5G internet is slowly crawling its way towards stores near you and almost every mobile device being launched nowadays offer 5G connectivity. But what exactly will change for users who take advantage of 5G internet? How fast will it be from 4G internet and is it going to save time in our day to day life? That depends on what kind of internet activities you enjoy and the number of users you’re planning to your network?

How Fast is 5G Internet?

5G (5th Generation) technology will max out at 10 Gbps while 4G tech used to go up to 100 Mbps. If the technology is at its best, then 5G is 10 times faster than 4G on devices with the capability. 5G also promises to deliver a fifth of the latency of 4G (4 ms vs. 20 ms). This simply means that every internet-connected device and every internet-related activity will take less and less time to load. Also, your devices will respond faster to your commands, which is time saved every day in your daily life.

How Much Time Will 5G Really Save You?

4G speeds used to be the best mobile internet technology but the arrival of 5G internet technology will change the landscape of the industry completely. Next time when you sit down to binge-watch your favorite movie saga or TV series, here’s how much time 5G will take to load everything. 

  • Music: Download the Taylor Swift Folklore album immediately with 5G internet and in 15 seconds with 4G internet. 
  • Movies: You can download the entire Lord of the Rings saga in 5 seconds vs 6 minutes 52 seconds with 4G internet. 
  • TV: Download the Breaking bad series in 2 minutes 46 seconds with 5G internet and in 3 Hrs 42 mins with 4G internet. That’s a lot of time saved.
  • Gaming: Download Grand Theft Auto immediately vs 15 secs with 4G internet.
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How Fast Can 5G Go?

The exact capabilities of 5G internet will mostly depend on your internet service provider. Downloading and uploading data with the speeds of 5G will theoretically consume all your data very quickly. Average data limits like 1.2TB per month is more than enough for families with multiple devices on 4G internet. 

That same data on 5G internet will be consumed in just under one week. This will benefit the providers that offer no data cap on their plans. Verizon also promised no data caps on 5G home internet service. 

To get the best speeds 5G internet have to offer, your devices like the WiFi router, smartphones, computers need to be equipped with 5G capabilities. You won’t be able to experience the full effects of 5G technology if your devices can’t handle everything that 5G internet has to offer.

How Does 5G Internet Work?

Most consumers don’t know this but 5G wasn’t invented from scratch. The 5G tech will actually take advantage of millimetre waves on a new band of the existing 4G radio spectrum. 5G will take advantage of millimetre waves that are being broadcast between 30 and 300 GHz, as opposed to 4G, which usually uses below 6 GHz. 

Millimetre waves don’t travel well through walls and windows and buildings, so 5G stations are required to provide better coverage. The tech in these “base 5G stations” will also be used in your 5G router to extend your network to each corner of your home.

Well Will 5G Come to My Nearest Locality?

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Major mobile internet providers such as AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon have already started rolling out 5G networks in selected areas of the country. To keep up with the growing trend, smartphone brands are also releasing phones that can handle 5G connectivity.

If you’re wondering whether you should or shouldn’t switch to 5G internet then we suggest you wait for a bit longer as the network will expand more with time. Without ideal infrastructure, you won’t be able to experience the speeds and features that 5G has to offer. 

Major 5G wave won’t be coming for few years, but if you’re looking for an ideal time to switch to a 5G network for optimum performance then according to reports, 50% of American phone connection will be 5G. Fortunately for you, the race for 5G internet expansion is speeding faster than expected, so we may be closer to 100% in 2025 than we know. 

Why Do I Need 5G?

The answer to your question depends on your monthly usage. If you live with your family and a lot of devices are connected to the internet daily, then switching to 5G internet can be a great choice. The speeds and latency that 5G internet service is supposed to deliver will boost your internet quality and experience. If you’re looking forward to boosting your internet connectivity then you may be well off switching to 5G internet. 

If 5G internet isn’t available in your area currently, then you can get a fiber internet connectivity. Fiber internet service is the fastest broadband service available. You can reach out to our internet experts as they will help you connect to fiber internet service in your area

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