Spectrum vs AT&T TV: Which Offers Better TV Service?

spectrum vs at&t tv

Spectrum and AT&T are both well-known internet service providers but both of these providers also offer brilliant TV service. Consumers have been debating between Spectrum vs AT&T DIRECTV. More than hundreds of thousands of people have been asking themselves which is better AT&T Uverse or Spectrum? Both Spectrum and AT&T TV are compared in terms of TV availability, bundle options, add-on features, user-friendliness, and customer service efficiency. Spectrum is the good old cable TV service, while AT&T TV uses the new and fancy Fiber-optic internet cables. The price of the fiber internet-based TV service from AT&T is priced accordingly.

If you are looking towards saving a few bucks on your monthly bill, Spectrum is the choice for you. If money is no issue but you just want the best TV service and performance then AT&T TV is the deal for you. In this article, we will compare AT&T or Spectrum TV Packages to help you find the best service.

Free Trials: Spectrum Vs AT&T TV

It’s obvious that you would want to use the services before you bind yourself up in a contract. To understand the main difference between AT&T u verse vs Spectrum TV you need to try these services on by yourself. Both Spectrum and AT&T TV offer features that make them ideal to leave your current TV provider. 

Spectrum offers a buy-out service to buy potential customers out of their current contracts. Spectrum TV Service offers $500 as a contract buyout. There’s one even better thing, Spectrum itself doesn’t require an annual contract for its services. Be it lightning-fast Spectrum internet service or the Spectrum TV packages. 

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AT&T TV doesn’t offer any free trials but they do offer free 12 month HBO Plan. The free HBO Max service comes along with selected &T TV plans online.

Difference Between Spectrum & AT&T TV?

Customer Rating3.50/ 53.40/ 5
Price$44.99 – $89.99/mo$59.99 –  $79.99/mo
Live Channels125-200+ channels65-125+ channels
Max. DVR50 hrs. (Hard Drive based)500 hrs (Cloud based)
Compatible Devices87
Max. Multiple Streams43

AT&T vs Spectrum TV and the internet are quite similar in multiple ways. The prices of AT&T TV service & AT&T TV packages seem really close. Although AT&T does require a two-year contract and the cost almost double’s up after just one year. The cost increases by about $25 per month but it still is too much for those who can’t afford to spend too much on TV services. As stated above, AT&T TV plans are all about the money. 

One other major difference between AT&T TV and Spectrum TV is cloud storage. AT&T offers cloud-based storage, while Spectrum offers a Hard drive-based service. AT&T offers 500 GB of storage which is quite a lot.

Spectrum vs AT&T TV Prices & Plans

To understand, which is better AT&T Uverse or Spectrum, you need to know about the basic difference between AT&T TV vs Spectrum TV prices and plans. Here’s how you compare AT&T or Spectrum TV packages.

Spectrum Plans & Prices
PlanPriceLive ChannelsDVRMultiple TVs
Spectrum Select$49.99/mo125+50 hrs.4
Spectrum Silver$69.99/mo175+50 hrs.4
Spectrum Gold$89.99/mo200+50 hrs.4

Spectrum is known for its brilliant services and their Spectrum TV packages are quite the same. There is something worth noting: Spectrum’s Silver & Gold plans include SHOWTIME, NFL Network, and access to HBO’s all-inclusive streaming platform named HBO Max. If you’re not into premium TV shows and programming then the Spectrum Select TV program is the one you should choose.

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There’s also an ultra-skinny option on Spectrum TV Choice that offers just a handful of local TV channels for just $24.99 per month. But if that doesn’t seem fair, you can get any other live TV streaming platform for the same price.

AT&T TV Plans & Prices
PlanPriceLive ChannelsDVRMultiple TVs
AT&T Entertainment$59.99/mo65+500 hrs3
AT&T Choice$64.99/mo85+500 hrs3
AT&T XTRA$74.99/mo105+500 hrs3
AT&T ULTIMATE$79.99/mo125+500 hrs3

The channel counts aren’t as great as Spectrum, but what makes AT&T TV plans impressive is the 500-hour cloud DVR feature that is offered by them. You can record tons of movies and episodes of your favorite shows. The AT&T Choice plan is the one that offers the most value for money as it offers a solid lineup with multiple popular channels.

Also, AT&T TV needs internet to function, you don’t necessarily have to use the AT&T high-speed internet service but it would make more sense that you get AT&T TV & Internet Bundle. Using the AT&T TV bundle will allow you to save approx $30 per month on TV & Internet service included.

Spectrum vs AT&T TV Specs & Features

You can’t decide which is better AT&T Uverse or Spectrum if you don’t know what specs and features are offered by both the TV service providers. Let’s compare AT&T or Spectrum TV packages and features offered by cable TV providers. 

1. DVR Comparison: AT&T TV vs Spectrum

DVR is one of the first things you should look into before buying. Without a doubt, AT&T TV wins this race, as AT&T TV service offers 500-hour cloud DVR service. This is enough to store every single season of Friends, Modern Family, and much more simultaneously. In other words, cloud storage is obviously more than you can need. 

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Spectrum’s hard drive-based 50 GB storage is generous but it’s nothing in comparison to AT&T TV. If you are not someone who likes recording TV shows and movies then Spectrum’s 50 GB DVR storage will be more than enough for you.

2. Multiple Streams Comparison: Spectrum vs AT&T TV

While AT&T TV may seem like an ordinary TV service, it is mostly an OTT Streaming service. Like most streaming platforms, AT&T TV allows multiple streaming at the same time. As for Spectrum TV Service, it is just a standard cable TV service. As per Spectrum, you can get four streams for a total of $9.99 per month.

3. Compatible Devices

Almost all the devices are compatible with the AT&T & Spectrum TV services. Spectrum & AT&T TV both have their streaming apps for mobile on the go watching or viewing on select home streaming TV and mobile devices. If you have a common streaming service then there is an easy way to get around renting or buying extra physical receivers. 

4. Video Resolution Comparison: AT&T u verse vs Spectrum TV

The standard resolution for live cable and streaming TV pictures is 720P. Both Spectrum and AT&T TV Deliver the 720P quality level on all their packages. It’s not quite the same as the 1080P of satellite such as DIRECTV or DISH or on-demand streaming services like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video, although it still looks sharp in a flat-screen TV.

Final Take: Spectrum vs AT&T TV

While the result is purely subjective, there isn’t much difference between Spectrum and Internet-based AT&T TV service. The thing is that either you’ll get all your favorite channels or you will have to compromise. Based on our review, we believe:

  • Spectrum is much cheaper than AT&T TV and is ideal for homes that can’t spend as much. It also doesn’t require an annual contract and the availability is so much greater than AT&T, as a matter of fact, it’s almost double.
  • AT&T TV’s best feature is its bundling feature of Fiber optic internet service. Although bundle services also bump up the price. As stated in multiple types above, AT&T TV is all about money. 

Whatever you decide, Club HDTV can help you get any of these plans near you live. We make sure that you get nothing but the most affordable packages with exciting discounts. As for us, we suggest you choose Spectrum over AT&T TV.

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